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12.12.2016 Date of Camry cars new version was launched in Vietnam. A sudden change for the gia xe camry 2017 is starting from 1098 when only VND million you can own a Camry 2.0 E with 6-speed automatic transmission and the emergence of attractive appearance, interior luxury and superior features. Other than price 2016 Camry , Giá xe Camry 2017 decreased from 31 million to 24 million depending on the different versions. Go over every version of the new Camry on the market at the same price in 2017 Camry extremely incentives:

2017 camry car price details

Camry 2017 assessment by the exterior renovation

2017 camry car prices - exterior

Indeed, with cheaper prices, many customers will feel concern for quality interior and the engine of the vehicle parallel with the 2017 Camry prices .

However in terms of the exterior, the Giá xe Camry 2017 had new steps forwards healthier. Instead of using the previous 16-inch size, the wheels has been increased in size to 17 inches.

This change helps the car toyota Camry 2017 can move easily and smoothly on many roads.

For bends and narrow roads, size larger wheels help the vehicle has a high grip on the road surface and can move a lot more stable.

2 wheels of the Giá xe Camry 2.5 G version of the Camry 2.0E and changed the wheels with the new youthful style. Meanwhile, car Camry 2.5Q to use 5-spoke wheels car with sporty design and sustainability.

2017 Camry prices fell but the interior has been upgraded

Inner that- car prices camry 2017

Toyota Camry 2017 but without any remarkable changes in terms of interior space but inside the vehicle is upgraded modern and more suited affable entrepreneur class.

Most prominent was the cabin on the driver's seats are designed with trendy 6-speed automatic gear lever is wrapped premium leather with red stitching embroidery emerged to help the interior cavity becomes fascinated and luxurious than the old version.

Do not just pay attention to the exterior and interior, safety equipment on the 2017 Camry is also a top priority as customer expectations while using the brand of Toyota.

In the interior cavity 2.5Q Toyota Camry , 2.5G and 2.0E is equipped with 7 airbags, impact-resistant to ensure absolute safety for drivers and customers.

The air bags are distributed evenly throughout the interior space Toyota Camry include two airbags for driver and front passenger cars, 2 airbags car side layout, below the knee airbag attached under 2 curtain airbags.

The engines did not change compared to the 2017 Camry

Still using a 6-speed automatic transmission attached motor 4 cylinders in line, 16 valves, DOHC for both 3 the 2017 Camry . Almost motor of the new Toyota Camry with no changes.

According to many experts, Toyota has used this technology successfully and create loving and stable level for 4-seater sedan line their highest level. Unlike car lines in the market changed a lot in terms of the engine. Toyota Camry 2017 still holds what this inherent dangerous side clear 2.

2017-price motor car camry

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On the downside, the motives of the other car is more modern design, which has a quiet corner and pretty good for the first time use. Meanwhile almost all Toyota models without any significant changes. Yet the advantages of specifying vehicles Toyota is the Camry in 2017 compared to other cars is the durability and stability. The new technology means that the more difficult repairs, warranty costs and maintenance will increase by several times. Also the replacement car parts become difficult to impossible to find new alternative sources.

Meanwhile, durable Camry with easy maintenance and repairs will help save costs for the user. Besides, the Toyota Camry has the ability to keep prices high compared to other cars of the same type on the market suitable for business purposes.

Reduced price new 2017 Camry with attractive promotions

In this December, Ly Thuong Kiet Toyota dealers are pleased to offer price promotions for the 2017 Camry and Vios new car include:

  • 2 years material insurance
  • 4-year maintenance
  • Applies to 2017 Camry and Vios new car between now and the end of 12.31.2016
Prices 2017 Camry comes Deals

To find out more information and updated 2017 Camry price latest genuine Toyota dealers, please call the 24/7 hotline: 0901 818 818 or test drive experience at the showroom of Toyota Camry 2017 Toyota Ly Thuong masterpieces at the address: 151A Ly Thuong Kiet Street, Ward 7, Tan Binh District, HCMC. Thank you, and wish you health and success in the Christmas and New Year is coming!

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151A Lý Thường Kiệt

phường 6, Hồ Chí Minh


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