Call In Your Word for 2019!

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ACE Coworking

295 Robinson Street

Oakville, ON L6J 1G7


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Three years ago, I wanted to celebrate the end of a year with my closest girlfriends. A night filled with laughter, music, munchies, wine, juicy convos – y’know…all the usual goodness but I wanted the air to be laced with intentions, dreams and sparkles. I wanted us to hold each other in this magical space before the New Year so that we could co-create our lives and invite in the year ahead with our guiding words.

We haven’t looked back since.

Our “Call in Your Word” end-of-the-year party has become a favourite annual tradition. We look forward to check-ins, group chats, and reminders when we feel a bit less than enough through out the year. We’ve witnessed each other’s dreams come to fruition as we continue to gather, share and connect, reminding each other of how much power there is in setting our intentions in such a playful and fun manner.

Imagine attracting your best year with just ONE word?

Here is what my girlfriends and I experienced year after year:

  • Countless Synchronicities that have supported our dreams. We’ve all been blown away by the fact that our GUIDING WORDs have shown up everywhere and propelled us forward simply by being visible and audible.

  • Clarity and Purpose. We’ve come face to face with our biggest fears and our deepest desires. Having a safe space to share our vulnerabilities out loud has allowed us to un-layer and connect with our core to find what it is that will serve us most.

  • Deep Connection. I can’t even being to tell you how very supported we all feel by each other. You need a tribe of women to remind you of how far you’ve come along and to lift you up when those pesky challenges try to block your way.

  • Transformation. Without a doubt, when we reflect back to the year that was, each and every one of us has experienced a transformation. Sharing examples and highlights of how our words have served us along the way has lead to well-deserved celebrations and self-acknowledgement in the presence of those that want you to rise.

  • Excitement: As we closed off the past year by surrendering and releasing our words, we invited in the year ahead with much enthusiasm and excitement. We gave birth to new words with a deep knowing that everything is possible for the coming year.

As I continued to witness time and time again the beauty of this ritual, I just knew I had to put this out into the world so that others could also benefit from this creative process.

I am happy to announce that I have decided to host "Call in Your Word for 2019” to make space for more women to come together and celebrate the year that was and to invite in the best year ahead.

After the success of the parties and last year's workshop, how could I not??

In this party, you will:

  • Dedicate and carve out uninterrupted time in a beautiful setting with other like-minded women for self care and reflection. As you and I both know, while the intention is always there for “me time”, it doesn’t happen unless you make time for it. I want this step to be an easy one for you.

  • Engage in a proven process designed to help you unleash your inner desires, and dig deep into the year that was so that you can intentionally invite in the year ahead. You will be setting a solid foundation for 2019 and off to a great start.

  • Be guided and supported in choosing your unique WORD for 2019 in a step by step manner–a super fun process filled with journaling, shares, and creative exercises. You don’t have to do this alone!

  • Connect with other soulful women whom you can relate with and gain insight from as a result of their experiences. Because when women gather, the world changes! I have seen deep rich connections form every single time we’ve come together.

  • Learn tangible tips and tricks to ensure that your WORD supports you throughout the year so that you don’t stray off the path once you leave the workshop.

  • Leave with a GUIDING WORD which will be your compass for 2019 instead of starting yet another year, aimlessly navigating your way through life. Your WORD will keep you focused for the year ahead while allowing for the ups and downs that is life

  • Feel inspired and excited to start the year ahead knowing that there are so many ways in which your WORD will serve you. It’s a secret weapon! As many of the women whom engaged in this process say:

I’m still on such a high….

It’s been such a great way to kick-off the holiday season!

I started using my word right away….

I’m inspired to create a vision board around my word….

When I think about my word, I immediately transition into a state of calm and clarity…...

Imagine starting your year with enthusiasm and excitement as you lead with your shining WORD instead of engaging in time-old and quite frankly, boring tradition of setting resolutions that most of us break anyway?

Imagine looking back exactly one year from now and exclaiming in awe at all that has manifested for you simply because you kept your WORD at the forefront.

Imagine the course your life can take all because you chose to believe in you, your dreams, and gave yourself permission to carve out just a few hours to indulge in the company of other beautiful women. Truly, a priceless self-care gift!

Happiness is contagious and the best way to spread the cheer this season is through deep rich connections. Come join us!


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Date and Time


ACE Coworking

295 Robinson Street

Oakville, ON L6J 1G7


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