California EMP Addiction Executive Series Conferences

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Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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California Addiction Conferences EMP Series for Executives


California EMP Addiction Conferences Series is for established rehabs and new start-up facilities. It features 5 Executive thought leader panelists. They will educate Executives, CEO, and outreach professionals on proven strategies to survive the changes occurring in California for drug addiction treatment providers.

Note: Register today, our last conference on 1/22/19 had 175 attendees with 130 CEO and Executives. Early bird is $139 (ends 6/30/19), $159 after 6/30/19, and the cost at the door will be $199.00 due to venue surcharges over the final count.

California Addiction Conference Series Features Rehab Marketing Pros

This Executive conference features a special presentation by Rehab Marketing Pros. Their CEO, Shane Santacroce will be educating on proven ways for centers to get new clients. Some controlling organizations are trying to get small to medium sie centers to do Legit Script and PPC. This will cause them to waste a tremendous amount of marketing dollars. They simply can't compete against players spending over $500,000 per month. The presentation “Why are my beds empty?, How to navigate the landscape of today’s drug rehab marketing, Google, Legit Script, and NAATP" provides marketing solutions.

Our 15 conferences in the EMP (ethical marketing practices) Series events helped Florida rehabs where the new laws, restrictions, and regulations originated. California is now feeling the pain of operating and maintaining a healthy census. We are proud to bring our 2nd executive series to back to Costa Mesa, California. This event is Co-Chaired by Rehab Marketing Pros and features a special presentation on “Why are my beds empty?, How to navigate the landscape of today’s drug rehab marketing, Google, Legit Script, and NAATP. Check out the entire event on the official Executive Addiction Conferences EMP Series website.

What CEO’s, C-Suite Executives, Directors, and Outreach Can Expect from this California EMP Addiction Conferences Series


This conference will feature vital information on how to successfully market your treatment centers, sober living, and industry related sales/service organization. The conference will also educate on critical business areas needed to survive the difficult changes behavioral healthcare providers in California are experiencing;

  • “Why are my beds empty?”, How to navigate the landscape of today’s drug rehab marketing, Google, Legit Script, and NAATP.
  • Why Legit Script and PPC is wasting millions of addiction treatment centers marketing dollars
  • How to get on page one of Google
  • Drug Rehab SEO vs. Digital Darwinism, education on how to compete with the big players on a small budget
  • Why drug marketing has failed in the past
  • Why proper website structure is the #1 marketing mistake of treatment centers
  • Google update causing centers to lose rankings
  • How to effectively market on social media
  • How centers can perform SEO in house
  • How to use backend tracking with Google Analytics and Call Tracking.
  • C-Level networking

California EMP Addiction Conferences Series Provides Ethical and Proven Solutions

California EMP addiction conferences Series arms drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers with the tools and solutions to survive the difficult changes in our industry. There is a fight for survival going on with California drug rehabs vs. patient brokering. Only the smartest, most prepared and best educated will survive the changing landscape. This C-suite e executive event will provide treatment centers, detox facilities, sober home operators, and sales organizations what they need to know on the business and marketing sides of our industry. Check out our list of questions below that CEO’s, Executives and Directors should know.

This is a critical time for many California addiction treatment centers. Our 5 panelists will be educating on proper and proven, business and marketing strategies to survive the changes occurring in behavioral health. As we’ve experienced with drug rehabs in Florida, you will not survive just using a “boots on the ground” strategy or with Google AdWords and Legit Script. Some think PPC is what they need. There are players out there spending over $500,000 per month in PPC. A $5,000 to $20,000 per month budget gets eaten up fast and produces many Medicaid and Medicare Calls.

Centers need a proven and health marketing mix. Many centers do not have a clear understanding of what is a healthy marketing mix. Generating leads requires a mixture of proven strategies including;

  • drug rehab SEO
  • proper website development
  • social media marketing
  • organic marketing
  • boots on the ground relationship building outside of addiction
  • buying treatment calls
  • Google analytics
  • call tracking

California EMP addiction conferences series events connect addiction and behavioral health organizations. Executives will establish new and valuable relationships that not only make good business sense but solve the pain points of operating in the addiction treatment industry.

California EMP Addiction Conferences Series Provides Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies

California addiction conferences EMP series educates ExecutivesThe California EMP addiction conferences series focuses on educating C-suite Executives, and Outreach on the drastic changes occurring. These changes are affecting their entire operation of drug rehabs and sales/service organizations. This conference will provide ethical business operating and marketing solutions. The event provides “real” business experience from panels of successful Executives and Business Thought Leaders in addiction and behavioral health. Our addiction conferences are fresh, new and exciting with a unique format.

Many changes occurred with Google restrictions, and the new California addiction treatment marketing laws. It is paramount for new or existing organizations to address these issues in their current infrastructure to generate revenue and increase return on investment. Some organizations in our industry are trying to get centers to use Legit Script and PPC marketing. The smaller players are going to waste a lot of marketing dollars to figure out that this will not produce results.

Our panelists are proven industry leaders, sharing proven drug rehab marketing, SEO and business knowledge. You will learn crucial intelligence that will help your organization survive and take it to the next level. Our California EMP addiction conferences Series events are must-attend events for CEO’s, COO’s, Directors, Executives, Marketing, and Outreach professionals.

  • Catered Breakfast (Sponsorship Available)
  • Catered Lunch (Sponsorship Available)
  • 5 Thought Leader Panelists
  • Prize giveaways: 40” Smart Flat Screen TV, and a Tablet

California Addiction EMP Conferences Series Provides Immediate Solutions to Survive Difficult Changes

As CEO’s, Executives and Directors it is your job to generate clients. It is also your job to provide your Outreach and Marketing staff tools to assist them in their jobs. Many websites are not equipped well enough to support foundation marketing requires. Not only are they not equipped to support marketing efforts, but there is also little chance the Google spiders will visit, or rank them. Outreach professionals and CEO’s need to get more referral sources. This starts with effective marketing and a solid marketing mix by the treatment centers.

Business people group.

Connect in these addiction professional groups

The Addiction Professional Referral group has 15,000 members and the California Addiction and Behavioral Health Connection group has over 500 pending requests to join. Here is a list of the top 60 addiction groups on social media with over 210,000 members.

Many are quick to say drug rehab marketing and SEO on the web doesn’t work. Many owners have been burned by the large drug rehab marketing agency cookie-cutter options. There alternative options are pay-per-click, call centers, TV, radio, and “boots on the ground”. Organic web marketing outperforms all of these combined if set-up and run correctly.

California EMP Addiction Conference Provides Proven Drug Rehab Marketing Strategies


While all the above are good parts of a marketing mix, treatment centers must start to have a long-term strategy to survive the difficult and on-going changes in our industry. Your company should be able to answers these questions:

  • What is our marketing plan? Is it formalized, and written down? Is it detailed and robust with a healthy marketing mix?
  • Is our website structurally correct with the proper hierarchy for Google Spiders to read and rank?
  • Is our website registered correctly with an SSL certificate?
  • Does our website incorporate schema in the proper areas for Google spiders?
  • Is our sitemap in the footer and have the correct information on it?
  • Does our website use Google maps in the correct areas?
  • Have we fixed our mobile website from the google speed update? Websites with a speed index of less than 80 won’t rank and they pay more for PPC.
  • What are the keywords for each of our websites main pages?
  • Do our url’s have the keyword we are trying to rank for in them?
  • Which website pages are generating the most calls?
  • When was the last time our company had an H Tag audit? How does this increase SEO?
  • Do we know how to build back-links?
  • How many citations have we built to increase your drug rehab marketing and SEO?
  • Is our GMB (Google My Business) filled out completely and updated every month with posts and pictures?
  • How many keywords does our website rank for? What keywords are we targeting?
  • What has our marketing company done in the last 90-days? What and how many keywords are we ranking for organically? How many PR7, PR8, and PR 9 backlinks have they built.
  • How many keywords do our website rank for in Google Maps?
  • Does our company understand and know how to use Google Analytics?
  • How many calls is our organic marketing producing?
  • Is Yoast installed on our website? Are we using it for SEO?
  • Are our pictures Geotagged with complete alt descriptions for SEO?
  • Do we have a blog?
  • Are we posting long-form content on our website?
  • Have we SEO’d our blog for keywords? If so, what are those keywords and how many pages are ranking on Google?
  • Does our blog attract and engage individuals seeking treatment? Check your Google Analytics.
  • Does our website have a staff page that is robust?
  • How many Google reviews does our website have? How many are we getting each month?
  • Are we emailing professionals outside of addiction treatment centers and sober livings? EAP’s, Labor Unions, Interventionists, attorneys, Private Clinicians, Treatment Centers, Detoxes and more…?
  • What message are our employees putting out on social media?
  • Does our company grow our social media audience of professionals and those seeking information on treatment? Are we using drug rehab marketing on Facebook and LinkedIn?
  • Does our company have a social media audience of at least 10,000?
  • Does our company utilize drug rehab marketing strategies on the World’s #1 business networking medium (LinkedIn with 500 million members)?
  • Does our company understand how to use the largest social media in the world (Facebook)?
  • Does our company get over 1,000 visitors from social media with our blog posts when we push it out?
  • Does our company understand why call tracking is needed?
  • Does our company use call tracking metrics?
  • Do we understand and use call tracking metrics?
  • How do we know if we have good drug rehab marketing using SEO, and our website pages have search engine optimization?
  • When was the last time we checked for inconsistencies with our NAP
  • Is our company electronic and print literature up to date?

EMP Addiction Conference Provides Outreach Tools

Also consider, centers need to provide enough tools for their marketing, and outreach staff, in addition to the above. Outreach professionals need some basic tools to generate new referral relationships, and These professionals rely upon the above, in addition to the following;

  • Resources to consistently grow a referral network as we have done with the California Addiction Professional Referral Group
  • Training on social media (LinkedIn, and Facebook) to consistently establish new relationships
  • Training for drug rehab marketing on social media to drive targeted visitors to the website
  • Training on social media to prevent damage to the brand of the center
  • A marketing strategy that gets the entire organization involved
  • Driving targeted visitors to a website
  • Detailed marketing plan
  • Understanding all the components of marketing to understand the brand and goals of the center

Addiction Conferences EMP Educates on Google Affecting Drug Rehab Marketing Efforts

California addiction conferences EMP series educating on Google restrictions and drug rehab SEO

How to rank organically and in maps on Google.

Some treatment centers are racing to get legit script certification due to Google’s healthcare and medicines policy. According to the policy, this certification is only needed if treatment centers, sober livings, lead generations, referral agencies, and crisis hotlines wish to do paid advertising.

In the United States, advertisers will need to be certified by Legit Script as addiction services providers before they can advertise through Google Ads. Google advertising policies.

Education-on-Google-Adwords-Click-through-rate at addiction conferencesThese centers are racing and fighting to get paid search ads on the first page of Google. These paid ads only account for 2% of Google’s page one click-throughs. The top 3 organic listings get a whopping 70% of the click-throughs. Also, consider that a majority of those calls will be for Medicaid and Medicare. The legit script certification is not needed to get on page one of Google organically or to rank in the 3 Google maps listings.

Centers need to be better educated on how to get on page one of Google organically. Many drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and opiate detox West Palm Beach centers need more education on proven drug rehab marketing practices to survive. Many are making fundamental mistakes in their drug rehab SEO and marketing. These mistakes are preventing them from ranking on page one organically and in the 3 coveted Google maps listings.

California EMP Addiction Conferences Series Provides Tools to Keep Your Center Open

Many treatment centers have gotten away with a poor drug rehab marketing strategy. 90% of addiction treatment centers have poor drug rehab SEO. The new marketing laws in place will affect ethical operators as we have seen in Florida. Only the smartest and best-educated will survive. Relying on old strategies puts your organization at great risk during this unprecedented time. Learning how to operates more effectively, internal restructuring and having a healthy marketing mix are paramount.

Web marketing outproduces all other marketing combined. However, our industry has done a poor job overall with web marketing. Poor website structure, SEO, social media, and content that is not attracting and engaging are just some of the areas that centers need to focus on. They also need better administrative, business and billing strategies.

The California Addiction Conferences EMP Series is an outstanding event for California treatment centers, sober homes, detox’s, private clinicians, and any sales/service-related organization. We are working on bringing these events to other cities and educating drug rehabs Indiana, Texas, and Atlanta to name a few. Contact us if you are interested in co-hosting an event. You can email Charles Davis: or call 561-235-6195.

We look forward to another great event and hope you will join us!

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Date and Time


Fete the Venue

3101 Red Hill Ave

Costa Mesa, CA 92626

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Refunds up to 30 days before event

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