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Open Space in Organizations with Harrison Owen (moderated by Daniel Mezick)

Agile across the enterprise, so-called "business agility" is just about impossible without a wider distribution of decision rights. Top-down centralized decision-making is not Agile. Widening the distribution of decision rights is. To widen decision rights, executive leaders must embrace and then implement Open methods. Enter Open Space Technology.

Open Space Technology (OST) is a method for organizing and running an all-hands meeting, where participants have been invited in order to focus on a specific important task or purpose. OST is a participant-driven process whose agenda is created by the people attending. At the end of each OST meeting, a document is created summarizing the work of the group and this document becomes the basis for group action. The OST method is based upon work beginning in the 1980s by Harrison Owen. OST was one of the top ten organization development tools cited between 2004 and 2013. OST can handle meetings as large as 3000 people and OST can be delivered online using ZOOM video.

For modern-day "business agility" to stick, the use of Open principles and a widening of decision-making authorization is essential. Open Space Technology is *THE* key tool for achieving both of these aims, and therefore the achievement of business agility itself. In this session, Daniel Mezick opens the conversation and then introduces Harrison Owen, the formulator of the Open Space.

Harrison plans to provide his reflections on organizations, Agile, open systems, self-organization and Open Space, and then take your questions. This is a session you do not want to miss.

What you will learn:

1. Why Open Space in an organization is unlike any Open Space event in any Agile conference
2. Why a highly authorized Sponsor, a compelling Theme, Newsroom and full Proceedings are essential
3. How to introduce executive leaders to Open Space and prepare them for the experience
4. Why 'all systems are open' and 'all systems are self-organizing'
5. Sources for deeper study of Open Space, including planning and execution tools

About Daniel Mezick:

About Harrison Owen:

Harrison has worked on virtually every continent with organizations ranging from small villages to very large corporations and large non-goverment organizations. His major concern has been to assist organizations as they negotiate a transforming world. In some cases his role has been little more than holding the hands of the anxious. In other situations his function was more overt, assisting organizations in the sometimes painful process of self-understanding and renewal. In all situations the organizational mythology and culture was the focal point, and the power of self-organization the ultimate driver. Harrison Owen has written at least 8 books depending how you count. His first book "SPIRIT: Development and Transformation in Organizations" was written in 1985 and pre-dates the Agile Manifesto by some 16 years. You can see some of Harrison's many books here:

NOTE: Those interested in Open principles and business agility are best served by participating in the Open Leadership Symposium May 14-15 in Boston. Everyone attending this session on Coaching Agile Journeys will receive a substantial and valuable discount code for purchasing a ticket to the Symposium at the lowest possible price.

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