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Butchmanns ORV Cincinnati 2018

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The Power Exchange Event Centre

The Power Exchange Event Centre

Fairfield, Ohio 45014

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MAsT ORV Cincinnati and The Power Exchange Event Centre are proud to announce that they have entered into an agreement to host Butchmann’s on the Road here in Sincinnati again on August 3,4,5, 2018.

This is our 5th year in hosting this great event.

A general guideline of the Butchmann's experience might be to say that it is a cathartic experience of the mind and body. A pushing of limits and exploring experiences both mental and physical.

The cost for the weekend is based upon the ones we incur to bring in the Butchmann’s instructors from around the country and their support staff as well as the food and support we provide.

The fee is based upon costs only as this is a not for profit event.

Here are the answers to some of the questions that have been asked.

What and Who is Butchmann's?

Butchmanns is an organization steeped deeply in to tradition, honor, integrity, and in believing in self-actualization who aside from hosting current events believes in paying it forward on behalf of the entire lifestyle community. Butchmanns Inc. is a 501c3 educational organization that operates several entities such as The Leather Quilt Project, The Butchmanns Experience, and the Southwest Leather Contest and util recently MAsT.. You can find out more information on this great organiation by going here: http://www.butchmanns.com/

Who are going to be the Instructors ?

The presenters at each Butchmanns changes based upon several factors but most important based on who is capable of giving up 4 to 7 days of their personal life to come to a city and do this work for NO monetary compensation at all. Here is a list of the presenters from which we have an opportunity to have: http://www.butchmanns-experience.org/Instructors.aspx

We will know who are our specific presenters are as we get closer to the weekend and will post who they are then.

What happens at Butchmanns ?

Well it is hard to describe what the results are as they differ for everyone. An outline of what takes place would be that though a series of physical processes and conscious mental exchanges the Butchmanns instructors facilitate each attendees own work to enhance their personal power enabling an individual to find their own way to self-actualization.

What are the costs to attend?

For people who have already attended there is a discounted fee of $250.00 for those who are attending for the first time the fee is $300.00.

Because this seems like a lot, lets explain what makes up the cost. When you attend the event in Phoenix it is about the same amount but by attending it here you have saved most of the travel costs as there is no airline ticket and baggage fees, maybe even lodging cost if you live close enough to us or can stay with someone who is in our area, and some meal expenses.

We pay to bring in the staff of Butchmanns and pay for their travel and lodging expenses obviously, That said, NO Butchmann's staff receives any form of compensation, nor does Butchmann's itself. We have to pay for all of your meals, beverages, and snacks for the better part of 3 days. We also have to pay for the rent of the hosting facility as well as the support equipment used in the weekend as well.

Scholarships are a part of our giving back.

We give 6 full ride scholarships away. 2 of these couples are fixed. One of these goes to the Great Lakes Master and slave couple of the year who serve our community in their own way and one is awarded by a committee who reviews applications made by the Great Lakes MAsT Chapter leaders of deserving couples within their area. The last scholarship is awarded to a deserving couple that might be otherwise be unable to attend. These scholarships are for the registration fees only and do not include travel, lodging, or meals beyond what is provided by the program itself.

If you are interested in the scholarship opportunities please talk to your local MAsT Chapter leaders or apply directly to me privately at: wmmericle@aol.com

What not to Bring

This is not a place to show off that new corset, those stilettos heels, those really cool tight leather pants and vest. You’re going to look foolish, and be miserable. Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.

Do not bring your toy bag; there is no dungeon party or opportunity to play.

What do I need to Bring?

Items you need to bring are comfortable clothes. Bring some light comfort food like candy. Yes, that good stuff that you treat yourself with once a year. Bring your teddy bear or that special blankie, or both, seriously. Bring your special pillow, and that thing that you wrap yourself up in when the cruel world has it out for you. Bring your favorite flogger or 2. Bring any medication you need or anything dietary that is special to you.

What are the dates and times?

The next dates are August 3,4,5, 2018

Friday 6:00 PM to 11:00PM
Saturday 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Sunday 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

We strongly suggest that if you can you take the half the day off on Friday if you have to travel so that you are in the city by mid afternoon.

Check yourself into your hotel or place you are going to be staying. Have lunch then decompress. You need to be at the site between 5:00 and 6:00. There will be a dinner and a meet and great till 7:00 PM and after an introduction the Butchmann’s people will take over. If you are not here and ready to go by 7:00PM you will not be admitted to any part of the rest of the weekend forfeiting your registration fee.

At the end of the weekend it is fair to say that some will have high or drop issues. Plan for it and have your network available. Be careful what you plan for the next few days as you digest what you have experienced.

How do I register to attend?

Your register right here on Eventbrite!

You can let us and others know of your interest by RSVPing to the event on Fetlife and join the attendee’s page to be able to keep up on what is going on. We will from time to time update this page with information.

Our Refund Policy:

If you find you cannot attend please let us know in writing by email as soon as possible as all considerations are based on the timeliness of the notice to us. Please retain a copy for your records,

Verbal notices while they may be taken by a representative of the group should be followed up by Email as they are not considered formal notice until the written notice has been received by the group.

Our Event and Presentation registration fees consist of 2 components, a registration fee and an event fee. The Registration fee of $50.00 is non refundable or transferable under any circumstances.

The Event Fee is refundable or transferable as follows:

Option 1 Event Trade

At any time up to 168 hours before the beginning of an event you may take 100% of your Event Fee and apply it to a future event within the next year. (From the date of the original payment)

Option 2 Transfer

You may take your fully paid Event Fee and with the advanced consent of The Power Exchange Event Centre and transfer the registration to a new attendee. The group will retain final approval over this entire process for the purposes of the making sure that the transferee to meet the criteria set forth for an attendee to the event. This transfer must be completed at least 48 hours prior to the event to allow for all of the registration processes to be completed. If the transferring party is transferring the registration for cash or cash equivalents the amount charged for the transfer shall not exceed the amount that the original person paid for the registration.

Option 3 Refund

Prior to 60 or more days in advance of the event, 100% return of the event fee.

31-59 days in advance of the event, 75% refund of the event fee.

30 days or less in advance, no refund given but transfers allowed.

Underlying Concept of Fairness in Our Refund Policy

Our group produces events for the benefit of our attendees, our membership, and the regional community at large. We are by law, a not-for-profit organization and therefore not in the business of making money by producing events. Any money we might make on any particular event is re-invested in other events, except for federally defined retention of a “rainy day fund”.

The majority of the expenses of an event are expended in the initial days of the event planning cycle; therefore every reservation is important to the financial success of the event. As we go along in the production of an event we expend funds based on the reservations received as well as those we project to receive. The concept of refunding money for a registration received must be tempered with being fair to everyone, attendees as well as the interest of the group.

We feel our refund policy, with its various options is fair and certainly more liberal than any other in the industry.

Now lets go to Butchmanns and have a great time.

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The Power Exchange Event Centre

The Power Exchange Event Centre

Fairfield, Ohio 45014

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