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WeWork Bishopsgate

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United Kingdom

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Join Us for A Real Conversation on the Work-Life Balance Myth

Do you experience stress and frustration, because you feel you do not have a grip on your work and personal life? If the answer is a categorical 'yes', then this is evening is for you. We remove the fluff and provide you with a cutting-edge, practical framework to create a better work-life balance.

"Framing the issue of work-life balance - as if the two were dramatically opposed - practically ensures work will lose out. Who would ever choose work over life?" - Sheryl Sandberg

This event is hosted and run by ABIGAIL BARNES

She is the Founder of Success by Design Training an award-winning entrepreneur, author, and global speaker on personal productivity. She is a qualified coach and creator of the renowned 888 Formula.

''Get inspired, motivated and redefine your relationship with time!"

You leave with:

Practical and simple changes that you can immediately apply to your life

• Inspired by what you are really capable off through the 888 Formula

• Meet like-minded people over food and drinks


6.00 pm - Doors open

6.00-6.45 pm - Networking, delicious food and drinks

6.45-8.00 pm - The framework and Q&A

8.00-8.30 pm - Networking and drinks

8.30 pm - Finish

But that is not all:

Your ticket also includes our September 5-Day Sleep Challenge 23-27 September (valued at £88)


We Work - Is the platform for creators. joinuslondon@wework.com


Drop us an email and let's chat enquiries@successbydesigntraining.com

We hang out on Instagram, say hi! @abarnesauthor @successbydesigntraining

By registering for this event, you accept our terms and conditions (including limitations and exclusions of liability & privacy) available on our website. www.successbydesigntraining.com


"Abigail is incredible! I have attended several of her events now and they are always so inspiring and informative. Abigail herself is such a great host, so bubbly and positive and always helping anyone she can - she has provided me with some fantastic advice whenever I have had any business blockages. The other guests are always lovely to meet and easy to mingle with!" Catherine

"She really knows her stuff and is a great motivator. Her book is full of useful tips and advice & her FB group is a great place to learn and network." Chrissy

"I went to this event and shortly after landed myself a great job. I swear it was my new mindset. I feel like a different person- you are what you do. Your quotes, posts, and teaching are very uplifting. Thank you, Abigail." Anna

"It was a lively and fun event packed full of useful tips and I got to meet some really interesting like-minded people. It was the second event of hers that I attended and I can't wait for the next." Angus

“This inspirational event and gave me the tools and motivation to make positive changes in my business and life. The format of the event was superb, with Abigail presenting her insights with great passion and clarity alongside a diverse panel of highly engaging speakers who had all achieved a great deal in their chosen businesses.

Finding people who have already achieved the results you want and learning from them is one of the key steps to creating success and the event provided a golden opportunity to do exactly that with all three members of the panel. I felt the value I got from the event was well in excess of what it cost to attend – Abigail could definitely charge a lot more! I highly recommend this event, make sure you attend the next one!" Richard

"Her events are always so good and this one was great.

Abigail and the panel really know their stuff so the content was gold, full of genuine practical advice and techniques.

All the experts were open, honest and vulnerable as well as funny, inspiring and motivating.
The whole event had such a positive vibe, so as well as all the learning, I had a lot of fun and met some really interesting people too.

Time spent on your own development is crucial to success, so if you missed this one, watch this space and make sure you're at the next one in Q4. You'll be glad you did!" Nicola

"The energy was really open, genuine and like everyone was ready to work, get it done and take the gold the speakers and Abi were sharing! The speakers - I mean, such wise business people with real experience and not afraid to be honest about what they’d been through to get where they are now.

HIGHLY recommend going to Abi’s events.. as well as working with her. She’s on top of her game and knows her shizzle!!!" Clee

"Abigail held an event recently which she facilitated in such a respectful and professional manner with excellent content. The speakers had some very enlightening and raw contributions which really made me rethink my positioning within my industry. Really enjoyed the venue, atmosphere and welcome." Pam

"What a fantastic evening tonight. It was inspiring and motivating, but most of all so nice to support and catch up with dear friends!" Daisy

"Love Abigail's 8/8/8 principle, been living to work and now I'm ready to live!" Rebekah

"Abigail Barnes you rock! Your events, your ability to connect the right people and the way you bring people together! Thank you. x" Annik

"Abigail's events have changed my life - 8 months ago I was existing day to day, going through the motions. In January I attended one of her events and it went from there. It was like a switch was turned on inside me and from that day EVERYTHING in my life has changed from relationships to work, health and happiness. I am SO grateful I attended her event and can not speak highly enough of how awesome she is. If you ever get the chance do yourself a favour attend one of her events!" Andrew

"I never thought I'd find the courage to quit my job and start my own business. It had been a dream for as long as I can remember, but after attending a couple of Abigail's events I decided it was now or never. You must attend one of her events if you can!" Juliana

"Having spent a day with Abigail I couldn't help but find myself driven, energised and more focused than I had been in years! Abigail's passion and energy is infectious, I found myself planning and dreaming about the possibilities for my life and business, not something I have done for years. After spending a day with Abigail, for the first time in a long time, I had some clear goals set, and now I can see how I can grow my business. I have a plan for the next 12 months that I can work on delivering! I can't thank Abigail enough for all her help!" Steve

"It’s impossible to overestimate the impact that proper planning and goal setting can have on life. In the weeks since the program, my professional and business life has taken off. Abby sets everything out in a clear and comprehensive manner. The content was well delivered and has impacted my decision making and time management on a day to day basis. I can’t thank Abby enough for creating a space where ambitious, enthusiastic entrepreneurs can not only dream, but also begin to make those dreams a reality!" Dominic

"Your events keep getting better, I love everything about them" Janetta

"Abigail comes highly recommended for business owners and entrepreneurs looking to make more effective use of their time, increase sales and improve productivity." Rick

"Thanks for the very informative lunch and learn today, I thought it was very well presented and thought-provoking, and it's always good to hone your own time-management techniques and get a little perspective." Eddie

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Date and Time


WeWork Bishopsgate

15 Bishopsgate



United Kingdom

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