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  • If your business is struggling
  • If your business growth is declining for some time
  • If your customers are leaving your business & you are unable to retain them
  • If you are unable to get new customers on board
  • If your Sales & Revenue $$ is on constant decline or stuck
  • If the conversion rate in your business is too little to survive
  • If you want to know how to bring customers on board
  • If you want to know how to retain customers for a sustainable business
  • If you want to channelize your Sales & Marketing Strategies
  • If you want to go for Mergers & Acquisitions for the betterment of your business
  • If you want to know the strategies to get accelerated growth to your business ($$)
  • One of the biggest reasons of declining sales & business is when you forget what the market is, who the customers are, what the authority of the customer is
  • Find out why Market Research is a Key constituent of building a sustainable business and how to do it in order to achieve the maximum output
  • Learn the value of Market Segmentation and why it is necessary to do so in order to grow the business and what are the key methods of doing the market segmentation
  • Know the Market Penetration Strategies that will help you grow your sales, revenue $$ & business
  • Understand the value of Competitive Outlook and how it impacts your business if you do it (to grow) and if you don't (to fall)
  • Learn why you must have Market Expansion strategies and what all Market Expansion strategies are available for your business
  • Find out why companies use different products in the same or different segment as per the Market Diversification Strategy and how you should use it in your business to grow
  • Often businesses fail to understand the value of self introspect or audit and this creates a Bubble that ends up in business failure, losing customers, decling sales & revenue
  • Learn the value of SWOT analysis and how to do it in your business to find out where your business stands in the market, in actual
  • Know why the continous development of your product is necessary in order to retain the customers and learn the product development strategies for your business
  • Understand the value of Branding and achieving the same through Brand Differentiation strategies for your business
  • Learn the value of setting up the realistic growth goals and the realistic strategies to achieve them in your business
  • Do you really know the value of money $$, if so then how reliable are your financial resources and how have you planned to get the money whenever you want, wherever you want for your business
  • Know why setting up the Key Indicators or KPI's are very important to keep the business on track and what strategies are used to implement, analyze each indicator you set for your business


  • Find Out : The ideal customers or target audiance for your business
  • Find Out : What will motivate a customer to buy from your business
  • Learn : The authority, decision making capabilities of your customer
  • Find Out : What factors or events prevents a prospect customer from buying
  • Get to Know : What type of customer [behavior] you are going to deal with for your business
  • Get to Know : How to understand and convert an indecisive customer
  • Learn : The customer behavior modelling & corresponding strategies for your business
  • Learn : How to build initial connect with a Prospect Customer and how to bypass your Competitors to get the propect in your bucket
  • Learn : The Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) & the Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)
  • Understand : How to ensure the CAC is always much lesser than that of CLV
  • Learn : How to predict & analyze the MRR based on the forcasted CAC & CLV for a business
  • Learn : How to use CAC in correlation with CLV for recurring revenue & business growth
  • Learn : How to engage customers & how to perform the NPS for the betterment of the business
  • Learn : How to Analyze & use BANT for the Customer Acquistion and how to make the NEED part more predictable for your business


  • Learn : The basic strategies that are used for customer retention almost in every business whether its a business or a SME
  • Find out : The CRR (Customer Retention Rate/Ratio) for a type of business you are into or for the whole vertical to ensure your CRR is approchable.
  • Learn : How to diminish the CHURN rate as it always kills a business and learn the factors that increases the churn rate.
  • Learn : How to convert Feedbacks into Feedforwards to retain customers for your business
  • Learn : Why and how to make a customer feel more as a Partner and not as a Customer to offer great value propostion.
  • Get to know : How to improve customer experience across all channels to make sure he is not looking for any of your competitor
  • Learn : How to execute the Loyality Programs to enhance the value proposition & how to overcome "buyers remorse"
  • Understand : The demand of an existing customer & how to make sure your business get regular $$ from a customer
  • Find Out : The long lasting effect of a poor value propostion to an existing customer that will create heavy impact on your business


  • Find out : The needs of the market & what drives a customer's will to buy a product from your vertical
  • Figure out : what kind of Sales & Marketing Strategies you are going to use for your business
  • Whether you need only sales or only marketing strategies & how to polish them to yield good results
  • Learn : how to improve bottlenecks in your Sales Pipeline to get a good converstaion rate for your business
  • Learn : How to define & design a sales pipeline particularily for your business
  • Understand : The ways to assign values & predict a WSP (weighted sales pipeline)
  • Learn : The stages & essential event matrics that you need to track in your sales pipeline for your business
  • Learn : how to forecast for a few quarters in terms of prospective sales to make sure your business is on the vision you have created
  • Find Out : how to optimize the MQL (Marketing Qualified Leads) and the SQL (Sales Qualifying Leads) to get a good conversion
  • Understand : The challenges with MQL's that will affect your business for sure and how to overcome those challenges
  • Learn : How to get a good MRR with Low MQL's & SQL's for your business
  • Learn : The ways to enhance the MRR's & ARR's for your business
  • Understand : Why Adertorials, Growth Hacking Strategies, PR's are required to get ROI's with MRR/ARR's for a business
  • Find out : How to get earned media & PR for your business
  • Learn : How to make best use of Content & Inbound Marketing strategies for your business
  • Learn : The ways to do Cobranding, Affinity Marketing, Cause Marketing, P-O-P Marketing for your business
  • Learn : The ways to build a Brand that will impact the sales, marketing, customer acquisition & retention
  • Find out : The ways to optimize and use effectively the Digital Marketing Strategies (SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Affiliate, Email)
  • Get to know : How to predict CLV, how to work on historic & predictive CLV's and how to tackle a highly varying CLV for your business
  • Learn why Mergers & Acquisitions are the best shots to accelerate the business growth
  • Know how to value a business in order to merge or acquire and what should be considering when doing so
  • Learn why building partnership is good for the business growth
  • Learn how partnerships are to be done in order to keep the control over the business and to gain maximum from this partnership
  • Find out the strategies to build partners or alliances to safeguard the business and to keep the business growing
  • Learn the pros & cons of getting exponential business growth & how to convert the cons in your favor to maximize the profits


I am LAKSHMAN SINGH (Startups Mentor, Business Consultant & Coach, Angel Investor, Fund Management)

I have extensive experience in Business and help people in business through Consultations, Advices & by Auditing the Businesses. I also help startup businesses by investing in them, mentoring them and giving them exposure of my network.

Linkedin : https://linkedin.com/in/iamlakshmansingh

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/iamlakshmansingh

Email : Connect@LakshmanSingh.com

Web : https://www.lakshmansingh.com/

Blog : https://www.lakshmansingh.com/blog

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