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Melbourne, VIC 3004


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“Burn The Bullshit” Workshop

Saturday 28th April / 10am - 12noon

The excuses,

The procrastination,

The stories we keep telling ourselves,

The misconception between what we say we want and what we actually do,

The beliefs we have around how much potential we actually have,

The continual so called ‘fuck ups’ and ‘failures’,

The ongoing beating ourselves up because we should be doing more or we should have got it right by now,

The dissatisfaction of not being where we want to be,

The mentalness in our minds,

The stress all of this creates on top of our day to day stresses…

The list goes on…

I have spent my whole life experiencing all of the above and so much more, it’s kept me stuck, feeling like a failure, feeling hopeless and led me to believe that I couldn’t do all the things I wanted to, I couldn’t have the partner I wanted, the I couldn’t create the business I wanted, that I could live the life that when I closed my eyes was what I dreamt of.

Fast forward 5 years to turning this state around…

Owning my sh*t,

Understanding where I’ve been,

Taking stock of where I am and

Burning the bullsh*t to let go and move forward!

Not only to bigger and better things, but as a different woman.

A woman that now has control of her Mind & her Body to show up in my business as boss,

my relationship as a loving partner and my life - living it the way I choose to.

We can fold under the stress, the pressure and the bullsh*t that we feed ourselves…

OR we can pause the vicious cycle that keeps coming back time and time again, stop the rat race of doing more and truly assess what you want to create in all areas of your life!


I am excited to announce my newest upcoming workshop; BOSSWOMAN’S “Burn The Bullsh*t”

Not only have I been talking about this for far too long, I do this with my private coaching clients and is not only one of the most life changing things you can do, it’s also the most FUN!

We hold onto sh*t for far too long, in all areas of life…

We stay in that job because we’re too scared to take the leap to be challenged in something new, or because we’re scared we might fail

We stay in a body we don’t like for far too long because we’re not willing to fully commit to what is necessary and we keep giving ourselves an out (which in the end makes us feel 10 times worse!)

We stay in relationships because we feel we’re running out of time or we might not get any better than what we have, or in fact we’ve never even asked ourselves what we truly want so we go with who shows up (which IS bullsh*t by the way!)

We stay doing the same sh*t day in, day out because we lose touch with the limitless amount of opportunities and find ourselves in a bubble of ground hog day

We staying doing things ALL the time because it’s ‘comfortable’, because it’s ‘safe’, because it’s what we ‘know’.

Time to venture out from the norm,

Time to live life a little on the edge,

Time to do something different,

Time to shake things up,

Time to see what might happen if you changed a few things,

Time to see what BOSSWOMAN is about and how you too can turn your sh*t around!

FIRST we “Burn The Bullsh*t!”

I am holding the first of this workshop for 10 WOMEN ONLY.

I am going to bring you into my world and open your eyes to how YOU can start to take back control of your Mind & Body by spending a fun, intense & outrageous 2hrs with me.

My mission is to have you walking away feeling free, confident & ready for world domination!!!


Saturday 28th April / 10am-12noon


I am also inviting you to brunch for those who wish to spend some extra time with me after!

LIFE is about having FUN & building on you MUST be that way too!

PM me for a FB Video chat to learn more and see if it’s for you!

Go me for such an epic creation and I freaking cannot wait to deliver this!!!

Big love, BOSSWOMAN xx

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Melbourne, VIC 3004


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