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Bullseye Eye Pistol Competition

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Andover Sportsmens Club - Indoor Range

655 Middleton Rd

North Andover, MA 01845

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Bullseye Competitive Pistol Shooting: Open to individual Members and their Families

The objective is to provide a family-friendly learning environment to practice pistol marksmanship according to the NRA 50’ Indoor Range Rules. The focus is for individuals to learn, practice and improve week over week in a safe and fun setting; team completion is not held.

The program will operate Monday Nights, from 6PM – 9PM, starting the 4th Monday of March through the 4th Monday of September. Holidays such as Memorial Day and any cancellations will be posted on the web site.

This program has been organized under the Training Department and as such instructors will be present for each session. There will also be a Range Safety Officer present on the range at all times. Instruction will be provided, for those interested, followed by live fire.

This program is open the individual Members and their families subject the club rules. Each individual must be able to safely operate a .22 LR pistol. The club provides targets and can loan training pistols if required. Participants provide their own .22LR ammunition (50 round minimum per shooter).
There is no charge to participate.

Event Itinerary


6:00 PM Participants are organized in groups of up to 8 persons who then shoot on one firing line; after they fire their line, they may sign up for a second firing line if a spot is available. Sportsmen should yield to late comers before firing a second line.
6:00 PM – 9:00 PM Coffee, donuts or other contributions welcome upstairs. Scoring of targets.
9:00 PM - Scoring results verified by Instructors, kitchen closed.

Indoor Range

6:00 PM – 6:30 PM Cold Range. Dry fire instruction given as needed. At least one Instructor or ASC RSO present at all times.
6:30 PM - First line fires. Firing lines continue until the last line is called, or 8:30PM whichever is sooner.
9:00 PM Range reopened to general membership.

Annual Banquet and Recognition
The last Monday of the season the range will be closed and the club house reserved for a Banquet Meal and Celebration. Attendance is optional and the cost per person shall be calculated to defray cost of the meal.

NRA 50’ Indoor Range Rules

All Shooters will have eye and eye protection and will only load their gun when given the command by range officer.

You will take 3 targets and on the back of the targets near the top you will write your name and the course of fire you will be using it for, i.e. slow fire, timed or rapid. Before the match begins you will be given 5 minutes of preparation time to set up your shooting station.

Firing Position - Standing, gun held in one hand only, the other hand being used in no way to support the gun; all portions of the shooter’s clothing, body and gun clear of artificial support. Competitors will take their position at their numbered firing point in such manner as not to interfere with competitors on either side. No portion of the shooter’s body may rest upon or touch the ground in advance of the firing line.

There are three courses of fire for the National Gallery Matches

1) Slow Fire: You will have 2 magazines each loaded with 5 rounds. You will then have 10 minutes to shoot all 10 rounds. On direction from the range officer you will load your first magazine and then load the second magazine at will. If you have a misfire during this round you are allowed to clear it and reload at your discretion.

2) Timed Fire: During this round you will fire 5 rounds in 20 seconds, twice. You will have both magazines loaded with 5 rounds on the range officers command you will load the first magazine. If you have a misfire during this time you will put your gun down and raise your hand. After the round the range officer will examine your gun for the misfire, if allowed you will shoot and Alibi round (you are only allowed 1 Alibi round per competition) If the Alibi is allowed you will reload your magazine with 5 rounds and shoot all 5 rounds. Your target will be marked with how many extra rounds where shot. If for example you shot 2 extra rounds then your top 2 scores on your target are thrown out. You do not have to shoot an Alibi round if you choose not to.

3) Rapid Fire: During this round you will fire 5 rounds in 10 seconds, twice. The same rules apply as above for timed fire.

The following are the range commands and will be used during the three courses of fire

1) Caller will tell you which course of fire we are doing i.e. Slow Fire, Timed Fire or Rapid Fire and describe how the course is fired.
2) Caller will state shooters on the line with 5 rounds load.
3) Caller will ask is the line ready, if they see no issues will state The Line is Ready
4) Caller will state Ready on the Right
5) Caller will state Ready on the Left
6) Caller will state Ready on the Firing Line
7) There will always be 3 seconds between each command; also there will be 3 seconds after stating ready on the firing line. You will then hear a buzzer starting the beginning of the round and a buzzer at the end of the round. If you shoot before the buzzer sounds beginning the round or it sounds at the end you can be disqualified.


After each round your targets will be collected and brought to the scoring area. Each target will be scored by two individuals. Scorers are not allowed to turn over targets to see who’s target they are scoring. If a question arises as to scoring the scorers will notify the instructors who will then examine the target to determine if a round counts or not. The decision by the instructor is final. A shooter may appeal a score after is scored by notifying the instructor and request the instructor to review the score. Once again the instructor’s decision is final. Your score is the combined total of all 3 of your targets.


Andover Sportsmens Club - Indoor Range

655 Middleton Rd

North Andover, MA 01845

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