Building Resilience through Breath

Building Resilience through Breath

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An Introduction to SKY breath & Meditation

About this event

Join us for an hour long session that delves into identifying the consequences of burnout and stress ,recognizing the sources of energy that can maximize personal well-being and learning the science behind breath nd the role it plays in building resilience.

What will you get out of the session:

  1. A calming breathing technique to relax the mind and prepare it to enter a meditative state, balancing the right and left hemispheres of the brain.
  2. A LIVE guided Panchakosha meditation that takes you through the five (pancha) layers (koshas) of our being.
  3. About the tendencies of the mindand how to overcome negative patterns using your breath.
  4. All about the SKY Breath Meditation -a powerful technique that works at a deeper level than regular meditation, for long lasting effects