Bronx River Art Center - Saturday Art Workshops
Bronx River Art Center - Saturday Art Workshops

Bronx River Art Center - Saturday Art Workshops

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Rex Hall

602 East 187th Street

Bronx, NY 10458

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The Bronx River Art Center is excited to announce our upcoming series of Saturday Art Workshops, presented as part of our exhibition, "Work In Progress", which will be a Pop-Up exhibition opening at the newly transformed Rex Hall on Friday, October 28th.

As we approach the scheduled completion of our renovated building, BRAC is popping up once again at another venue in our Bronx community. Rex Hall, located on E. 187th ST near Arthur Ave, is being envisioned as a new cultural hub for Bronx residents, according to The Belmont Society of Arts & Culture. The hall boasts 4,000 square feet of space and original period detailing, with newly painted copper ceiling and dramatic lighting from classic chandeliers.

Our aim is to inspire local residents, particularly Bronx youth, by connecting them to artists at work. On Saturday afternoons during the run of the exhibition, we will be hosting community art workshops in the space, taught be talented local artists and educators.

Workshop Schedule

October 29

11 AM - 1 PM - RESCHEDULED to NOV 26 -- (Sylvia Vigliani, Mixed Media Collage)

2 PM - 4 PM - Steve Cas, How to Draw Warner Bros and Disney Cartoons, Ages 7-11

November 5

11 AM - 1 PM - Hyonok Kim, How to Film a Dance, Ages 14 - Adult

2 PM - 4 PM - RESCHEDULED to DEC 10 (Lance Johnson, Mixed Media Collage, Ages 11-14)

November 12

11 AM - 1 PM - Marielis Garcia, Creating a Dance, Ages 7-13

2 PM - 4 PM - Michele Brody, Paper-making with Autumn Leaves, Ages 11-17

November 19

11 AM - 1 PM - Christopher Willauer, Bodycasting, All Ages

November 26

11 AM - 1 PM - Sylvia Vigliani, Drawing and Collage, All Ages

December 3

11 AM - 1 PM - Charles George Esperanza, Painting Holiday Ornaments, Ages 5-14

2 PM - 4 PM - Charles George Esperanza, Making a Pop-Up Picture Book, Ages 5-14

December 10

11 AM - 1 PM - Steve Cas, How to Draw Warner Bros and Disney Cartoons, Ages 5-14

2 PM - 4 PM - Lance Johnson, Mixed Media Collage, All Ages

More Info:

Sylvia Vigliani, Drawing and Collage

Sylvia Vigliani is a mixed media artist and teacher living and working in the Bronx.

Workshop: Making a mixed media collage, upon a surface of gessoed newspaper. Combining images with mixed media materials to create a new image which has depth and ambigous space. Considering composition, texture and overall unity of the piece. Learning techniques of combining drawing with surfaces that are layered and stained.

Steve Cas, How to Draw Warner Bros and Disney Cartoons

Steve Cas is an award-winning artist , 3D modeler, and Warner Bros-licensed cartoonist.

Workshop: Lesson on drawing both Warner Bros and Disney cartoons/characters for children.

Hyonok Kim, How to Film a Dance

Hyonok Kim is a Dance Professor, Choreographer and Filmmaker.

Workshop: Dance film or Screen Dance is dance made specifically for the camera for presentation as a single screen film or video, a new art form to present dance. Workshop will consist of teaching how to film or photograph dance. She will give presentation on methodology to film a dance, camera angle, position, camera movement in connection to dance movement. She will also show simple movement of choreography in rehearsal and compare filmed dance to make understand participants how to construct the screen. It will include some movement exercises. Participants will shoot dance movement with their iPhone or Smartphone camera.

Lance Johnson, Mixed Media Collage

Lance Johnson is a Bronx-based graffiti and collage artist.

Workshop: Creating a mixed media collage, using magazines, newspapers, subway maps, markers, and more! Create a collage that celebrates the Bronx, or represents you, using collage!

Marielis Garcia, Creating a Dance

Marielis Garcia is a professional dancer, choreographer and performer.

Workshop: The focus of the class will be process and composition. The class will consist of a Aim: What is Process? A dance warm up lead by Marielis, with the workshop focus on developing a large group dance, and smaller group dances. Throughout the class we will examine: How do you put dance moves together? How do you choose a move? Throughout the investigation, students will have to acknowledge a sense of ownership to be able to do the moves. At the end of each workshop class, participants will “perform” their dances.

Michele Brody, Paper-making with Autumn Leaves

Michele Brody is a mixed-media installation and environmental artist.

Workshop: Creating handmade paper from found Autumn leaves and natural materials. Reinforcing ideas of creating sustainable art and the practice of reduce, reuse and recycle.

Christopher Willauer, Bodycasting

Christopher Willauer is an interdisciplinary performance and video artist.

Workshop: The process of the castings is to pour plaster directly onto the body and use the body as the mold, giving form to the space between your body and the surrounding environment, or when partnered up, the space between bodies. The casting process is about 15-20 mins depending on the size. The lesson will start with simple viewing and drawing exercises to understand negative space more. Then it could progress to simple castings and eventually lead to group or more collaborative and conceptual castings. Once the castings are complete, the participants are more than welcome to take their castings home.

Charles George Esperanza, Painting Holiday Ornaments

Charles George Esperanza is a Bronx artist, author and illustrator.

Workshop: Charles will present his original Picture Book about mixing colors, “Red, Yellow, Blue and a dash of white too” to the students. They will first focus on the theme of the story, which is learning how to mix the primary colors using Acrylic paints. Students will then use the lesson on color mixing to paint ceramic holiday ornaments!

Charles George Esperanza, Making a Pop-Up Picture Book

Charles George Esperanza is a Bronx artist, author and illustrator.

Workshop: In this workshop, Students will collaborate to create a pop up picture book. Each student is responsible for creating each part of the story. After the story has been created, each student is responsible for illustrating the part of the story they have contributed. all of the individual pages will then be combined into one pop-up book and will be read to the class.

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Date and Time


Rex Hall

602 East 187th Street

Bronx, NY 10458

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