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Bringing Out The Millionaire In You

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Boggus Ford Events Center

3000 N Cage

Pharr, TX 78577

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“Bringing Out the Millionaire in You” is a movement that Les Brown created to change people’s lives and fortunes. It is focused on helping spread the word of positivity and empowerment throughout the world. Our goal is to establish a creative collaboration that will enhance lives, create new relationships and develop leadership. This will be done through D I S C training, personal development, communications and education. We will provide valuable resources to help people improve their lives and their financial situation.

In 2017 “Bringing Out the Millionaire in You” has partnered with Chis’mere Mallard LLC to spread the word and expand this movement. Together we empower others to serve their communities as leaders and communicators of the important message that Les Brown has used to inspire millions. The Rio Grande Valley will now have such an opportunity.


Terrance “The Unstoppable Coach” Leftridge has had a desire to help people, empower people and entertain them his whole life. Terrance is at his best in front of an audience. His intent is to always leave people better off than before they met him.

Terrance is a Certified Life Accountability Coach. He is the founder of UNSTOPPABLE Coaching Services Inc. where the #1 Goal is to help his clients Live Life on the Next Level by partnering with them on their journey to creating, implementing and achieving their visions.

He has worked with men and women who are transitioning from working traditional jobs and helped them start successful careers in entrepreneurship. He teaches them how to be better marketers, better networkers and build stronger relationships that lead to greater exposure and more sales! Throughout his professional career as a coach, Terrance has had a passion for encouraging and motivating people to move to the Next Level of their Greatness.

He has spoken at Live and virtual seminars and training events across the country. He has been the emcee for events featuring Dr. Ruben West and the Legendary Les Brown. He utilizes his internet broadcast, “The Unstoppable Stories Show with Terrance Leftridge” as a platform to expose his guests to a larger audience and as a result increase their circle of influence and generate leads.

Traci Ward - Known as the Women’s Empowerment Expert coach Traci Ward hails from Topeka, Kansas. She is an Amazon Best Selling Author, Speaker, Coach and creator of the life transforming, "I Am ENOUGH" Movement. Traci, through the use of her "I Am ENOUGH" strategies continues to carry out her mission of helping women and young girls discover their priorities in life and how to structure their lives around these priorities. Through facilitating corporate workshops, training and speaking at events geared toward improving the lives of individuals personally and professionally, she uses accountability, personal goal setting and other methods to help clients realize their fullest potential and to take back or maintain control of their destiny. As a result they are able to set and achieve goals they never would have thought were possible! She is the co-author of the motivational/inspiration book titled Live Your BEST Life: Stories of Triumph and her newly released book, "I Am Enough and So Are You: 7 Principles to Breakthrough Life after Lies, Hurt, Guilt and Shame". Traci hosts her signature Women’s Conference, I Am Enough: "The Breakthrough Experience!"

She has more than 23 years of experience working with youth groups through church and the community. She is a founding member of the group Daddy’s Girls, Inc. created by Telisa Haggerty. Ward has gone into community based entities such as high schools, colleges and other organizations, empowering the young as well as the Baby Boomers to be all they can be, to never compromise their integrity and encouraging them to set a "a standard of excellence".

Traci has 22 years of service in state government having served as the personal assistant to at least 3 Governor appointed, cabinet level secretaries for the state of Kansas. She currently serves as the Equal Employment Opportunity Officer (EEO) and ADA Coordinator for the Kansas Department of Transportation.

Ms. Ward is committed to helping women navigate through life while discovering their many gifts, and talents. She gives them direction on how to get the most out of life pursuing those things that bring them the most satisfaction. She shares her amazing story of mental transformation and the incredible impact that changing your "mindset" can have on repositioning one for achieving personal greatness.

Traci is the mother of 3 adult children, one of which was chosen as one of the Top 20 under 40 Entrepreneurs in Topeka and a graduate of the Class of 2015 Chamber of Commerce Leadership Topeka.

Milton L. Gonzalez is a member of the John Maxwell Team and a TEDx presenter. He is a licensed life coach, motivational teacher and marital counselor. He has been an educator for over 20 years and possesses a strong background in clinical psychology. He is currently the Headmaster at a private Christian school in the Rio Grande Valley. He is committed to developing leaders of excellence and integrity by providing the finest resources and training for personal and professional growth. He is married to Elena and has two sons; David and Daniel and a grandson Ezra. He is a NYC, Chicago, Houston and San Antonio marathon runner.

Ona Brown has made her mark as an expert in personal and professional transformation throughout the world, inspiring and motivating audiences in hundreds of cities in the U.S. as well as numerous locations abroad including London, England; Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa and Stockholm, Sweden.

Along with her consulting, coaching and corporate training firm, World Impact Now (WIN), Ona continues to blaze a trail of transformation, empowerment and leadership development, breaking down perceived barriers and speaking to people of all walks of life.

For over 22 years, Ona has dedicated her life to facilitating exceptional results in the lives of people of all ages. She has spoken before crowds large and small, including hundreds of youth in Buffalo, New York and 15,000 jazzed up participants at the New Orleans Superdome. With a style steeped in a feminine expression of empowerment, she nurtures the dreams of her listeners, and motivates with an embracing and compelling energy that transforms.

Some of Ona’s more prominent clients include luminaries from Fortune 500 companies, leaders in academia, numerous faith-based organizations and giants of the multi-level marketing industry. A glimpse of her corporate roster includes American Airlines, British Petroleum, National Sales Network, Federal Reserve Bank, Miami Dade Airport, Deloitte, United Way Women Entrepreneurs…just to name a few.

For several years, Ona worked with her father, Les Brown, an international motivational speaker who has been named one of the top five speakers in the world. Ona rose in the ranks of his organization to top sales professional, customer relations specialist, top negotiator, and eventually served as the CEO of Les Brown Unlimited. Groomed for entrepreneurship, however, it was inevitable that Ona would branch out, launch her own business and share her powerful gifts with the world — honoring her desire to serve her highest purpose in her own unique way.

Ona has given birth to numerous CDs, books, and other bodies of work that have helped transform people’s lives, including ‘How To Fall In Love With Your Life,’ ‘Discovering the Greatest You Ever,’ ‘Answer the Call,’ and ‘When the Seasons Change.‘

Marie Cosgrove is an entrepreneur, investor, and international speaker. She serves as CEO of balanceback, the world’s leading manufacturer of diagnostic and treatment devices for dizziness, concussions, and traumatic brain injuries. She survived a difficult upbringing filled with violence and abuse, and singlehandedly raised four children and was at one time homeless. Her journey took her from becoming a number one national sales rep to being fired, to becoming CEO of the same company and taking it international.

She serves on the President’s Advisory Council of the International John Maxwell Team where she shares her guidance and experience to help other entrepreneurs succeed with their own ventures. Marie is a certified Behavioral Consultant and Certified Instructor Facilitator in the RoundTable Method –a successful method used while traveling Internationally with John Maxwell to transform nations. She has taught facilitators in various nations in both Government and Education spheres of influence, most recently, she spoke in Paraguay’s Ministerio de Educació y Cultura (Ministry of Education and Culture of Paraguay), The Professional Development Institute and GirlsTown in Kingston, Jamaica and in Panama City, Panama, at La Ciudad De Saber, "The City of Knowledge" impacting students, families, professors and administrators from surrounding Universities, Colleges and local schools, including Saint Michael's, Oxford International, Howard Academy, Universidad de Panama and Universidad de Santa Maria.

Marie also gives back to the community as the founder of The Virtue Project, a ministry-based organization dedicated to helping teen girls and single moms become financially self-sufficient, overcome depression, improve their self-confidence, and obtain entrepreneurship opportunities through education and value based principles.

Marie is married, has 5 children, 3 grandchildren and a golden doodle. She enjoys all things outdoors (i.e. beaches, hiking, camping and sledding).

John Garcia is a much sought after motivational speaker and author. John partnered with Les Brown in 2005 and has shared his stages nationally as a Platinum Speaker. In addition, John has also shared the stage with various other world renowned speakers including Zig Ziglar, Willie Jolley, Lance Armstrong, Mark Victor Hanson, Jack Canfield and Art Linkletter. John has been featured on FOX, PBS and UPN television as well as on International Web Radio stations.

Born into poverty, he labored under the hot sun in the farm fields for 45 cents an hour. However, he decided that he too could be successful, if he focused on education and learning English. He subsequently was educated in 6 universities and learned 6 languages.

In 1997, after retiring from a very successful, 22-year, US Air Force Civil Engineering military career, John joined corporate America where he quickly rose up the leadership ladder. After managing multi-million dollar operations in the Pacific Rim, he joined the corporate office as VP of Business Development, leading his company to win and execute 17 multi-billion dollar deals.

In 2004, John was diagnosed with Stage 4, Terminal Renal Cell Cancer as well as a major blood clot in the main vein going to his heart. His prognosis was less than 2 months to live. At that time, Chemo and radiation were not options.

John was told to go home and get his affairs in order by three different hospitals. But John was not a quitter. Over the next 13 years, John would face 5 more stage 4, terminal cancer battles. Was it hard? Absolutely, but John knew that he must return to his warrior mentality and gear up to battle and win!

Six times, stage 4 Terminal... Yet John never gave up hope, nor did he quit living his normal life.

John travels the country, speaking to audiences on a variety of subjects, including leadership and business. But his favorite speaking theme is Inspiring audiences to face their MOUNTAINS or adversities and win each battle, regardless of the odds.

John is helping people and businesses “change” their world and win BIG!

Chis'mere (pronounced "Shimere") Mallard is a native born son of Texas. His life and his story is one of overcoming. Raised by his mother and grandmother in Houston, he faced a life of hardships. Without a father in the home, Chis'mere lacked the proper role model that every young man needs when they are growing up.

Life was hard growing up. The little family was forced to move many times to make ends meet. In school, he was labeled as a slow learner and forced into remedial classes. This impacted him greatly, the stigma causing low self-esteem and driving him to live up to the label. Believing that he would never be smart enough to attend college, succeed in life or make a positive impact on the world, he began to feel that he was useless... that his life served no purpose.

Vulnerable, Chis'mere was molested by an older woman. While many think this doesn't affect boys like it does girls, he knows differently. By his teens, he felt like a complete failure... he felt like the world would be better off without him... he considered suicide.

Fortunately, it was at this point that Chis'mere's life took a turn for the better. He became inspired by several different speakers. With the support of various mentors and coaches, he overcame his feeling of worthlessness and by the age of 18 had decided to pursue his college degree, regardless of what others thought about him. It was at about this time that he met the woman who became his wife.

Relocating to McAllen, Texas, Chis'mere and Veronica were married and had their first child. It was then that his life changed drastically, for the better, through an encounter with the love of Jesus Christ. This enabled him to rise above his self-defeating ways, and keep on rising. It is his faith in God, coupled with his love for his family that has driven him to excel.

After graduation from the University of Texas Pan-American with a BA is Sociology, Chis'mere managed a personal trainer business. It was there that he discovered the joy of empowering others to succeed. He became more than a fitness trainer; encouraging people to not only succeed in their fitness goals but in their personal goals for their lives. This passion has led him to seek out others and encourage them.

Today, Chis'mere owns and manages CLS Devices, LLC, representing several multi-million dollar companies, as well as his own life-coaching and inspirational speaking company, Chis’mere Mallard, LLC. His rise to this level was meteoric, due to his charismatic leadership and unstoppable ambition. As an inspirational speaker, Chis'mere shares his zest for life and positive attitude by motivating others. He loves to see others succeed.

Chis'mere's genuine compassion for others, energetic spirit and perseverance serve as an example of what it takes to not only overcome adversity, but thrive in the midst of it.

Les Brown - As one of the world’s most renowned motivational speakers, Les Brown is highly sought after for motivating the masses and expanding opportunity. For decades he’s strived to master the science of achievement by interviewing hundreds of leading authorities and collaborating with CEOs, non-profits, and businesses thus creating measurable results for clients.

Revered as an icon by his colleagues, Brown received the National Speakers Association coveted Council of Peers Award of Excellence (CPAE), and ultimately, its most prestigious Golden Gavel Award for achievement and leadership in communication. Toastmasters International also voted him one of the Top Five Outstanding Speakers. Worldwide.

In elementary school little Les Brown was mistakenly declared, "Educable mentally retarded." However, his tenacity and belief in his ability unleashed a course of amazing achievements from sanitation worker to broadcast station manager, political commentator and multi-term state representative in Ohio.

As a premier Keynote Speaker and leading authority on achievement for audiences as large as 80,000 from Denmark to Dubai, Canada to the Caribbean legions of admirers flock to stadiums to hear a man who never stops believing that with proper guidance and training you can begin achieving the things you desire now.

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Date and Time


Boggus Ford Events Center

3000 N Cage

Pharr, TX 78577

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