Bright Business Discovery Class

Bright Business Discovery Class

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Bright Business Discovery Class – Learn how to build a purpose-driven business and generate growth beyond profit.

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Learn how to ideate, create, and validate bright business concepts around your purpose and connect the existing business model with the community and the new economic environment.

Get training on the bright business strategies to help design the process and the system to build a winning business bond profit. This unique learning experience will challenge your existing business paradigm, grow your skillset, and help you be a positive force of change in your community. Program facilitated by Florin Diumea, the creator of the Bright Business Model.

Bright Business - Discovery Class is an onboarding class packed with unique ideas and methods to approach your business. At the end of the class, you can enroll in the BRIGHT BUSINESS PROGRAM, a 4-Month Intensive learning program.

Bright Business Program Overview.

How we work

1. Highly Interactive, Hands-On Examples.

Not just theory, you'll go through real-world cases — your business.

2. We Brainstorm and build Accountable Action Plans

At the end of each class, you'll build an action plan to implement. At the beginning of the next class, we will examine each participant's GO-STOP CARD and EVALUATION CARD.

3. Network and Learn With Other Bright Entrepreneurs

Meet like-minded professionals, expand your network and join the community of bright entrepreneurs who care about community, nature, supply chain, workers, and customers.

Course Prospectus

Class 1 - Concept and Method

Validate if you are a bright entrepreneur and you are ready to find and position the purpose at the core of the business model.

Learn about the Program's metaphor "the Journey" and how to use the "2x2 Design Thinking Matrix" to move from the current to the final destination with minimum resources in a limited amount of time.

Class 2 - Purpose

Humanize your Business.

Learn how to explore and manage the bright business concept and pivot the existing business model from profit only to purpose.

Class 3 - Inner-Leadership

Businesses do not fail. Leaders do.

Connect with your Inner-Leader. Understand and control the Inner Matrix, the environment (External Matrix), and build your Personal Belief System (PBS).

Class 4 - Solution Matrix

Validate the root cause of the need/challenge.

Understand the job prospects are trying to accomplish and the root cause of the challenge.

Validate the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP)

Before investing in product development, validate the Ideal Customer Persona (ICP). Who are your user, buyer, and a banker?

Class 5 - Business Matrix

Craft Your Bright Business Model.

Business Matrix is a system and a method created to help you design your business model, set your Objectives and Key Results (OKRs), and build a SMART Action Plan.

Connect the Purpose with your Business Model. Control your business components (Static Analysis). Understand and control the dynamic of the components and what impact the decision chain makes (Dynamic Analysis). Connect your clients and your marketing strategy with your Business Model to build a scaling strategy that you understand and control.

Class 6 - Marketing-Sales Matrix

Build a Branding, Marketing, and Sales Strategy.

Branding, Marketing, and Sales are data. You capture, transform, and offer data according to the customer's persona's behavior during the buying journey. Branding is the process of humanizing the product. Marketing is the entire communication process (farming) that connects the brand with the customers at different journey points to generate interaction. The sales strategy is the process of harvesting the marketing strategy results.

Bright Business Program is a holistic, coherent, and comprehensive learning system that connects the concept, method, and process in an efficient action plan generator.

Host: Florin Diumea, creator of Bright Business Model,

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