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Bridging Cultures with Kate Berardo

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How do you translate knowledge of cultural differences into practice? What should you actually do differently, and how do you ensure that what you are doing is effective?

Join us in this 90-minute online learning event to explore how to:

  • Identify bridge builders and blockers of your success
  • Learn techniques for in-the-moment bridging of differences to ensure that conversations spiral upwards instead of down
  • Develop strategies to both prepare for and repair cross-cultural relationships
  • Develop high impact, creative resolutions that take into consideration interpersonal, intercultural and situational factors

During the webinar we will use Cultural Detective Bridging Cultures. In this practical package in our series, we share exercises and processes that help you navigate the differences you face. It is all about translating cultural savvy into action.

As you probably know, the Cultural Detective Series develops three core intercultural capacities: Subjective Culture, Cultural Literacy, and Cultural Bridging. While every packet in our series develops all three of these capacities, and culture-specific packages have a particular focus on Cultural Literacy, CD Self Discovery and CD Bridging Cultures focus more in-depth on the other two target capacities.

Cultural Detective Bridging Cultures is for everyone wanting to move from awareness to action, and it makes a great complement to any Cultural Detective culture-specific package.

Facilitator for this event will be Kate Berardo, co-author of Cultural Detective® Self Discovery and Cultural Detective® Bridging Cultures. In 2003, Kate founded the website to build awareness of cultural differences. She has been a partner with the Exetor Group since 2011. She holds a distinguished Masters in Intercultural Communication from the University of Bedfordshire, UK and is a summa cum laude graduate of Northwestern University in the USA. She has co-authored two books, Building Cultural Competence: Innovative Frameworks & Activities and Putting Diversity to Work: How to Successfully Lead a Diverse Workforce. Kate is certified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator®, ArgonautOnline™, Hogan Inventories, the Tilt 360 and the International Profiler™ and is a member of the Society for Intercultural Education, Training and Research and the International Coaching Federation.

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