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Brexit Breakthrough Strategy

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Romford YMCA

Rush Green Rd, Dagenham



United Kingdom

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Why BREXIT Could Be The Greatest Gift Ever To Your Business.

This News Comes With a WARNING.

Dear Business Owner

Brace for impact, like it or not – BREXIT is coming.

This economic tsunami it will bring huge waves. Many businesses will be completely destroyed. Some will survive just above water, never to fully recover. But a ‘select few’ businesses will succeed. Which will you be?

What’s amazing about these ‘select few’ is they do not have a superior product. Most of them do not have a specific USP. Nor do they have highly qualified sales team.

What’s the significance – They prepared wisely – that is the difference!

They will prosper because they got smart, seen what’s coming and changed their strategies. In fact they will succeed because they will follow three critical secrets.

The 3 Critical Secrets You Need To Know Before BREXIT Arrives!

On April 15th 2017 for the first time I will be revealing the three big secrets of business success to thriving through BREXIT and beyond.

  1. MUST KNOW SECRET NO.1: The secret to generating high quality new peoples through your door – more feet – more interest – more sales!
  2. MUST KNOW SECRET NO.2: The secret to high quality adverting that creates genuine response leads at MINIMUM cost!
  3. MUST KNOW SECRET NO.3: The secret to attracting hoards of new sales without ‘cold calling’.

These 3-Secrets are the ‘only solution’ for a business to succeed BREXIT.
You can get access this for FREE

Book your free ticket and you will receive a voucher to receive gifts worth up to £500. The gifts are listed below.

Please note; some business owners have been using these techniques for decades. These are tried and tested processes that have produced millions of pounds. Why am I doing this?

The reason is quite simple – I want you to make money!

Let’s face it. You have spent blood sweat and tears on your business. You are a quality brand with quality product. Your business is an important contribution to the city.

No one has the right to take your business away from you.

You have the option to attend the event, take on board on a few important principles. Take ‘control of the reins’ and help steer the business smoothly out of danger, irrespective of any economic season.

You can get assess to this event at no cost to you!

At the event when you hand in your voucher, you will also get FREE GIFTS – No strings attached. These gifts will be available to you on the door of arrival. There are no conditions on the products, you will not need to return them back.

Business changing FREE gifts:

  • FREE GIFT NO.1: 20 Minute Skype Call – A powerful call designed to offer fast solutions to your business marketing problems you might be facing right now. PRICELESS!
  • FREE GIFT NO.2: Million Dollar Emails – Powerful eBook consisting of money making online messages for conversion. These are proven winners in the marketplace. You’ll be sure to find a model and idea starter to use for your own business. (Value £100.00)
  • FREE GIFT NO.3: 100 Greatest Sales Letter – Important book for all business users, written by ‘World Class Marketers’. Classic sales letters used within newspapers, magazines or direct mail. The letters have contributed to huge sums of money. This will help you to put you ahead of the game against your competitors. (Value £200.00)
  • FREE GIFT NO.4: 350 Headlines – Essential document to keep on your desk at all times. Tried and tested headlines that have given the greatest response. (Value £100.00)
  • FREE GIFT NO.5: 800 Power words – Powerful persuasive words used within ads or letters. Designed to pull emotional triggers within reader to take action. (Value £100.00)

Documents Total Value £500.00 + 20 Minute Skype Call (PRICELESS!)


I will be your host – your expert and select guests of local business hand picked by me. Note: Only one person in your industry will be invited so please be quick.

And of course there will be a Q&A session where you can ask any question you like.

I am positively certain you will get incredible insights from attending. You will have received invaluable information that could significantly change your business forever.

If you feel this is not for you after the presentation. I am happy for us to part ways. No questions asked. You will not need to return the FREE gifts. They are yours to keep, no obligations to send back.

Remember please book early before all tickets are filled.
To Your Success!

Ali Khan

PS: Get the ‘Insider Secrets’ to conversion. These principles apply to any economic season. They have been tried and tested for decades but only a select few business owners use them.

PPS: The voucher will give you five FREE gifts for attending. The combine value of the documents is £500. The Free 20 minute Skype is invaluable because it could save your business.

PPPS: Come and join the few key business players in your industry. You could possibly even become a market leader.

Date and Time


Romford YMCA

Rush Green Rd, Dagenham



United Kingdom

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