Brent’s 8th annual WEEDPOCALYPSE

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Brent’s 8th Annual WEEDPOCALYPSE

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Each year on the 20th of April we do a thing. At this thing the music and vibe are always proper. The art and environments are curated with both rambunctious laughter and posh relaxtation in mind. The diversity of the crowd always puts the spirit and grit of our city on full display. Old best friends are hugged. New best friends are made. Many many many smokes are passed around.

The WEEDPOCALYPSE started as a joke in 2012... and despite our best efforts to keep it a joke... it has grown and grown... like some sort of a wild plant that takes root each spring where it is not supposed to... pulled up only to come back again a year later.

Having accepted that this event must happen in order for us to continue to stave off the apocalypse we prevented 8 years ago... we have pulled out all the stops to ensure it is better than ever. Flying in new talent from afar (our emcee is the INCOMPARABLE Puscie Jones outta Los Angeles)... and bringing out some of our oldest favorites (Zionysus will be gracing the decks for the 8th year straight). Unicorn Candy Shop will be back too with their incredible rainbow treats. Coffeeshop Amsterdam will be onboard keeping us alert. You can expect 2melo and Team JunXion to bring the magick and surprises as always.

The cloud of smoke that is this party returns! Incredible secret back-alley location (seriously shhhhhh)... 3 floors, indoor/outdoor, multiple stages, secret rooms, 3D projection mapping, and a whole lot more in store. Tell your friends... QUIETLY ;)



🎩BK Gypsies(trio)






🎩DJ Kate


🎩Roland Ramos

🎩Entity Sam

🎩Mario Alexander Khoury


🎩The JunXion Allstars ;)

*****Purchase tickets or email: TheWEEDPOCALYPSE@GMAIL.COM to obtain the address*****

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