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BREEAM UK: LCA Mat 01 and LCC Man 05 (online)

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What is this training about?

Life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle cost (LCC) are major credits in BREEAM UK (altogether worth up to 5 credits) and key frameworks (Life Cycle Thinking) for green building professionals to maneuver to boost both their contribution to the building project as well as the value of the building itself.

This concise training will provide participants with the understanding and skills required to earn the BREEAM UK Mat 01 LCA and Man 05 LCC credits as well as instruct the participants with basics of Life Cycle Thinking, so that you can feel able to venture into selling these services as part of your offering as an expert consultant. Learn how to get the LCA and LCC credits in practice ‒ get the facts, tips and practical examples from the LCA and LCC experts in this online training!

Why should I attend this training?

BREEAM UK New Construction includes two building life-cycle analysis based credits: Mat 01 Life cycle impacts and Man 05 Life cycle cost and service life planning, worth of total 5 credits. The same methodology for life-cycle assessment also applies for BREEAM UK NC 2011 Mat 01.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Life-Cycle Cost (LCC) are methodologies that allow evaluating the carbon and other environmental impacts and cost of building over the entire lifespan of a building. This course introduces the key concepts and methods required to understand the basics of LCA and LCC. Building on the acquired knowledge, the course explains the requirements for earning the LCA and LCC credits in BREEAM-UK projects, how to quantify required impacts and how to use existing design data and tools to earn these credits in an efficient manner.

After attending you will be able to:

1) understand the industry standards and whole building life-cycle assessment / life-cycle cost methodology relevant to BREEAM UK

2) use LCA to achieve Mat 01 building life-cycle assessment credit

3) use LCC to achieve Man 05 Life cycle cost and service life planning

4) employ day-to-day design software to enable automated and efficient whole-building life-cycle assessment

Attendees will also be granted an exclusive 30 days license for the revolutionary LCA and LCC software, One Click LCA.

Who is this training targeted for?

This training is intended for BREEAM experts, architects and engineers working with BREEAM projects who have limited or no experience on whole building LCA and LCC. The attendees are expected to be familiar with general concepts of the BREEAM rating system, as well as have an understanding of the typical construction methodologies for structure and envelope and be familiar with principal construction materials.

Who is the trainer?

Trainer Mrs. Tytti Bruce-Hyrkäs (MSc.) is a building LCA expert with personal experience from over 100 building and infrastructure LCAs. She is also the developer of One Click LCA —the highest rated LCA tool for BREEAM. Every year she teaches approx. 200 certification professionals and other building sustainability experts around Europe to use building LCA tools for companies and educational institutions.

How much do tickets cost?

Early bird tickets are available for just 106£ (130€) until June, 10th, 2017.

After June 20th, the price will increase to 154£ (180€) so hurry up and get yours now!

You will be billed in Euros but if you want to make sure of the exact conversion rate at the time of your purchase please use a currency converter, such as this:

Where can I contact the event organizer?

Any questions or concerns? Please write to tytti.bruce(at)

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