Breath of Life - Online Breathing Circle - fortnightly on Tuesdays 18-19hrs

Breath of Life - Online Breathing Circle - fortnightly on Tuesdays 18-19hrs

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We shall be using the breath to deepen into the body and connect with our essence. Let’s breathe together towards our inherent wholeness.

About this event

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You are invited to join me on a JOURNEY WITH THE BREATH - a journey towards ALIVENESS and connection with your PURPOSE; a journey of healing, growth, and TRANSFORMATION.

The breath is going to be our medium and companion as we enter into a dialogue with the inner self.

When we breathe with awareness we tend to feel more present; we increase blood flow and we get to cleanse the body from toxins and unhelpful emotions/patterns/beliefs so we can welcome the new into our life. I see this as an act of courage and devotion to oneself and humanity, AND it is an inspiring and liberating experience!

No previous experience required. All you need are a safe and comfortable space, curiosity, and an open heart.

The breathwork itself is about 30 mins and the full session is about 1 hour, including an intro and time for grounding and integration at the end.

I request that all breathers agree to honour confidentiality in this circle.

For the practice, you can be lying down or sitting. Please wear comfy clothes and have a blanket at hand if possible. Best not to be on a very full stomach but not on a very empty stomach either.

The session is free and donations are appreciated at

We'll be meeting on Zoom from 6 to 7 pm UK time and below is the link to register and receive the zoom link to attend:

The zoom room will be open from 10 minutes before for settling in.


Participation Waiver & Liability Release

I, the participant to the Breath of Life Online Breathing Circle, understand and acknowledge that the discussions, consultation, energy work, guidance and breathwork session(s), teaching, videos, correspondence are:

1. not intended to replace any relationship I have with my medical doctor and/or primary health care provider;

2. not intended to constitute medical advice or any substitution for medical care;

3. not intended to be relied upon for prescriptions, recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment in relation to any health problem or disease, physical or mental in nature;

I understand that if I am taking any medications or have any medical conditions such as, but not limited to cardiovascular condition, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, glaucoma, detached retina, brain or abdominal aneurysm, bi-polar, schizophrenia, or other psychotic episodes, uncontrolled diabetes or thyroid conditions, recent surgery, healing a broken bone or serious wound, or any stage of pregnancy, I must consult with my doctor or medical professional before participating in this event or session. I must also advise the event or session facilitator(s).

I also understand that even though I have been accepted as a participant, I am responsible for any consequences resulting from any and all sessions; the facilitator(s) cannot be held responsible for any physical, mental, or emotional challenges which may arise with this work.

I agree and understand that any and all sessions may be filmed, photographed and/or recorded and that Giulia Vaccari and any associated entities shall have all rights in and to such film, photographs and/or recording, including the copyright therein.

Thank you for taking care of your health and wellbeing by listening to your body and respecting these guidelines.

Please note that in most cases breathwork is an enjoyable, fun, and healing practice but it is essential that you are aware of the health info for your safety. If in doubt, please get in touch and if you have any of the health conditions listed above, please let me know as there are other breath patterns that may be more suitable for you, and you are always welcome in the circle.

With love and blessings,