BREAKING FREE: How to Live 2019 Without Fear, Anxiety and Depression

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Awaken to new possibilities and let 2019 be YOUR year to experience emotional freedom.

Are you consistently feeling overwhelmed trying to keep up with life and seeking more connection to the feelings of joy and ease?

Are you struggling to get what you need and want in your life?

Have you lost hope that you can feel happy and joyous again?

Are you feeling stuck battling with anxiety and depression?

Have you tried many different therapies and not experiencing relief?

In this workshop you will:

-Receive information on how to balance your hormones, improve your digestion, and incorporate healthy nutrition to improve your mental health

-Discover the REAL underlying causes of anxiety and depression (and why prescription medications and natural therapies don't really help long term)

-Identify the obstacles that keep you stuck from living a life of joy, ease, fun and freedom

-Learn effective tools that you can begin using immediately to transform your relationship with fear, anxiety, and depression

Attend this workshop if you:

- Yearn for ease, joy, and freedom in your life.

- Feel not in control of your emotions

- Are taking anti-depressants and still not feeling like yourself

- Are seeking alternative treatments and solutions to treating anxiety and depression

- Want to learn about how your hormones, diet, and digestion can be optimized to improve your mental health

- Feel ready to release old patterns that keep you feeling stuck, anxious, or depressed.

- Seek greater access to your emotions and the expression of your emotions.

What others are saying:

"The work I have been doing with Dr. Kimberly is nothing short of life-changing. It’s rapid, and each new “aha!” moment becomes a brick in the foundation we are laying for my brighter present and future. I have been watching myself transform daily, and it’s even more exciting when the people around me notice and reflect it back to me.

I came to Dr. Hoffman looking for a diagnosis on some physical symptoms I was experiencing, but quickly realized my body was just manifesting my current mental and emotional state. Through the coaching sessions with Doctor Kimberly I have been able to take my most unhealthy physical state, coupled with recent emotional trauma, and truly shift the entire focus of my life.

I was terrified that confronting my past and my present was going to be painful and scary - but its ended up being the total opposite. It does take work. But Kimberly is this compass for you, a confident, caring person to guide you through it. Because so much of what we discuss is directly related to removing that fear and shame, it really just opens you up to so many positive things you never could have imagined for yourself. Each time we have a session I can literally feel my thought patterns changing. Everything just feels lighter and the possibilities for me are endless.

I never could have imagined how easy it would be to... take true responsibility for all of my actions, stop drinking completely, learn how to remove shame and judgement from internal conversations, start dreaming about a future that I can almost feel the brightness of, make choices that are the best for me and my well-being, love myself.

I wish I could gift this transformation to every person who reads this. I still have work to do, and I’ll continue to rely on Kimberly to help me come full circle as I get to know my true self and let her thrive!" - Karin B.

Date: January 26-27

Time: 9:00am – 3:00pm (saturday and sunday)

Investment: $347

**Space is limited to 20 participants

After you register, you will receive a welcoming email with information on location and instructions for how to best prepare for our time together.

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