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Break the Cycle of Self-Sabotage

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Do you ever feel like you just keep getting blocked from moving forward? Like no matter what you do, there’s always something standing in your way? Or do you feel like there's more to life for you? That you were born for more? But you just haven’t been able to reach it quite yet? Are you tired of repeating the same old patterns over and over again?

Well, here’s the good news -- I've been where you are, and you're NOT alone. Actually, quite the opposite - we all go through these periods of self-doubt, overwhelm and anxiety. We all have to face what’s holding us back in order to move forward.

First, I see you for the courage it takes to be AWARE, and I appreciate your willingness to get totally honest & real with me - and yourself. That's called emotional maturity, and I’m into it.

It's time to uplevel your life....

I'm not talking about doing what you should do. What your parents and friends think is best. Or the version of you that you had to become in order to meet the needs and expectations of others. Or the version of you that doesn't believe it can be different. Or the version of you that believes she needs to be different than who she truly is to fit in, to feel safe and to be loved.

I'm talking about the real + raw, vibrantly ALIVE & honest YOU. The one who has a soul deep, inner-knowing that there's more to LIFE than playing small, holding back, pleasing others & hiding out.

Many of us are afraid to step into our true power, so we sabotage it. Are you craving to follow your soul’s calling? The part of you that wants to be seen, knows it deserves more and feels worthy of a big, beautiful life.

You’ve already begun the journey. That’s what brought you here. So relax, beauty - you are exactly where you need to be right now. There’s a part of you that’s ready to let go of everything that’s holding you back. To step out of the patterns of self-sabotage.

What is self-sabotage?

It’s the overwhelm, anxiety, lack of direction, procrastination, list of excuses, prioritizing what’s not important over what is, putting off our dreams until “one day”, and the thoughts in your head that tell you that you’re not enough and you aren’t worthy.

Love & Acceptance. That’s how we move past this. I know because I’ve done it. And self-sabotage is something that pops up for ALL of us.

Where do we sabotage ourselves?

1. relationships

2. family

3. work

4. health

6. money

7. happiness

We disconnect & sabotage in order to survive. We disassociate to avoid the overwhelm. To cope. We learned these skills when we didn't have any other option. This isn't something to shame or blame yourself for. This is an opportunity to thank these parts of you for doing what they needed to do in order to feel safe, and secure.

When our survival reflex is triggered -- you better believe that authenticity goes out the door, and we put our protective mechanisms in 4th gear. And while, this works up until a certain point - we reach a moment where we just can't keep growing because it doesn’t feel safe. The moment where it hurts too much to go into the unknown, even though it’s where we’re meant to be.

This is an invitation to the next level of your life. Where we turn towards the growth and away from the limiting beliefs and patterns that are holding you back. Where we allow ourselves to feel joy, abundance, and happiness.

Because, trust me on this one - you've got nothing to lose anymore...but yourself.

This workshop is for you, if you want to cultivate/experience/have:

- Increase in Self-Trust

- Build healthy levels of Self-Esteem to take you to the next level

- Deeper intimacy & connection with others & Self

- Tools to Grow through Life's transitions


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You can email me personally at :]

How will I access the workshop?

You will receive an email with a link to ZOOM after you sign up for your *FREE* ticket that will give you access to the webinar.

Will I be able to ask questions during the workshop?

Yes, I will do 30 min of Q&A at the end of the workshop

Will I receive access to the workshop recording?

Yes, after the workshop you will have 48 hours to access the content.

What do I need to bring?

A journal + pen, open mind & compassionate heart.

I acknowledge you, girlfriend - for leaning in, sharing your truth, and being brave enough to ask these questions and do this work.

Deep bows + unconditional love,


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