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BRAVE Workshop for Women

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The Loft at F Street

600 F St NW

Washington, DC 20004

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How to Stop Hiding Out and Letting Fear Stop You... So You Can Live the Life You Want!


If you’re like so many women I’ve worked with (and know personally), perhaps you’re struggling with these things too:

  • Your life is really pretty 'good', - you've got a nice home, a good family - and it looks 'just fine' from the outside... but inside, you have this nagging feeling that something is missing
  • Maybe you have a vision of who you want to be and the changes you want to make, but your fear - maybe hiding behind your 'to do' list, or your kids, or your perfectionism - is holding you back
  • You find yourself frequently spinning your wheels, trying to work on the same thing (losing weight, creating more money, better relationships!)... and no matter how hard you seem to try or how much you want it, you often find yourself back at Square One - stuck
  • You want to enter into this next phase of your life feeling your best, looking your best, and being your best - you want to feel amazing in your life

You’re acutely aware that this is it, your one wild & precious life, and you’re not getting any younger. Maybe you know what you’re hiding, and maybe you have no idea what it is you’re truly “hungry” for – but the bottom line is, you’re ready to explore your edge.

It's time to WAKE UP... it's time to COME OUT OF HIDING. Are you ready?

BRAVE is not your average women's workshop that shares strategies on how to feel better / look better / make more money / be a better mom…

BRAVE is an experience that will open you up to a whole new possibility for your life. Not simply by giving you more “knowledge” but helping you embody – and create – the changes you’re looking for.

The BRAVE program has 2 fundamental intentions:

  1. To help you move through the fear so you can live with more purpose, excitement, playfulness & passion…without worrying what everyone else thinks
  2. To help you feel more alive in your body and emanate that radiance into the world

These are the keys that unlock your white picket fence so you can step outside of what you think is expected, appropriate or acceptable… and discover your true essence. This is where your beauty, your purpose, and your most fulfilled self lies.

Because if you’re at all like me, you’re not a white-picket-fence kind of girl. And you’re ready to stop pretending to be.

This inspiring 1-DAY workshop will cover 3 key areas:

  1. Your body
  2. Your purpose
  3. Your relationships

Here are some of the juicy details:

  • We’ll be meeting at this cool, urban loft in downtown DC, called (of course) The Loft at F Street. Gorgeous space… perfect for a mini-adventure and day of discovery. (There’s even a Speakeasy downstairs!)
  • The venue is Metro-accessible and parking is available right next door

Ticket Price: Super Early-Bird Price: $47
+ Bring a Friend For Free

Seats are limited so if you haven’t already claimed your ticket, then do it NOW!! What are you waiting for?


I’d love for you to join me for this intimate, but powerful, one-day workshop.

I’ll be sharing personal details about my journey that were keeping me small & stuck, as well as what I’ve done differently to create freedom – in my body & spirit.

If you’re ready to join a new generation of women, who are done fighting with their bodies, swallowing their voices, and hiding out… and are ready to claim the truth of who they are so they can create their fullest, best, true-to-self lives… then I’d love to see you on October 22nd.

Don’t hold back. Isn't it time to show up for yourself?

What women are saying about BRAVE:

"Karen is a gifted, inspirational leader of a transformational women's group (BRAVE) that I can't stop raving about. Working with Karen, and the phenomenal women she attracts, has had a truly profound impact on my life, and I almost feel as if it's my duty to share her with women I care about; and who I think might benefit from a dose of her pixie dust." - Rebecca

"Thank you Karen for what was for me a very inspiring, heart-centred and deeply emotional day. Thank you for sharing your gift of connection, passion and hope for those of us who have lost their compass to find their way home." - Michelle

"It really was an amazing day and while I didn't speak much, I truly was moved by the women who were there and what you had to say. It all made so much sense and I will need to read what I wrote down every day so it will stick with me so I won't let fear run my life so much. You obviously found your calling and think you did a fantastic job yesterday !!! Thank you again for the amazing workshop." - Susie

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Date and Time


The Loft at F Street

600 F St NW

Washington, DC 20004

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