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Calling all bloggers, vloggers, podcasters!! Come get expert advice on how you can build your online media empire.

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Azizah Nubia Book Author, Motivational Speaker, and EIC of Natural Woman Magazine is an expert when it comes to building a media brand from scratch. Join her and the Beauty & Brains Academy for their first series of online workshops geared towards helping live your BEST LIFE!

This workshop will cover:

Finding Your Niche Market

Growing Your Following

Increase Advertisement Sales

Master Social Media

Creating Email List Funnel

Media Tools you can use

About the Beauty & Brains Academy

Discover the Secrets of Tapping into your Natural Woman

Every woman on this planet has what I like to call the "Natural Woman Power", this is a power that allows us women to create, handle, and manage everything in our life based on our terms. How many times have you heard people say "a woman's place is in the kitchen" or have you ever met women who put aside their careers and dreams for the sake of their family? Why can't we have it all? Beauty, great health, unlimited income, the career of our dreams, and of course a beautiful family and all the joy that come with that. I am here to tell you that you can have it all and then some. Learning how to tap into your Natural Woman power will give you all the solutions to your problems, and an unlimited pool of resources that will make you think you have a cheat sheet on life.

You see I am no different than you, I have had my share of setbacks and failures, but I never let that stop me from achieving my life purpose. At 16 I became a mother and I thought my life was over never would I have thought that I would be doing all of the wonderful things I am doing today from running Natural Woman Magazine, producing television shows, becoming a book author, modeling, starting my own media company, I even enrolled in film school. My life is everything I have ever imagined and did I forget to mention that I am a mother of 6 children and I homeschool them all even after having to get a divorce and have my world turned upside down. I have still managed to maintain and handle my business and it is all because I learned how to tap into my Natural Woman.

Finding my Inner Natural Woman was a journey I did not know I was on until recently. Running Natural Woman Magazine I am always in contact with amazing women who have accomplished so much from Grammy Nominated Artist Tamia, Natural Hair Legends like Isis Brantley and Malakia Tamu-Cooper and Multi- Millionaire CEO's like Miko Branch of Miss Jessie's, these are just a few names, but what they all have in common is that they are women who have it all career, family, love, happiness and how did they get? That is simple they learned how to tap into their Natural Woman. SINCE STARTING MY JOURNEY I HAVE STUDIED from the experiences of all the women I have interviewed through my work, along with my own personal experiences and through this I have discovered what I like to call "the Natural Woman". We all have it and we can all use it, you just need to know how to access your power and I guarantee with this new program you will.

The 6 Natural Woman Circuits

Now getting to your Natural Woman Power takes some time because in order to access your power you have align your 6

Natural Woman Circuits. These circuits are:


Becoming spiritually grounded and understanding your purpose in this life.


Natural Woman have to be healthy. In order to use your NW (natural woman) power to its fullest potential, you have to have a healthy body and mind. Remember you are a spiritual being here having a human experience.


Natural Women know we can do it all, but having a strong support system and positive relationships to keep you grounded is essential to awakening your inner Natural Woman.


Natural Women know the secrets to use their beauty as a tool to help bring their manifestation to fruition.


Sexual energy is creative force energy, without it we would not even exist. Having a positive sexual relationship with yourself and learning how to cultivate your sexual energy is one of the first steps to activating your Natural Woman.


Learning how to make your business enhance your environment

Are You Ready to Create Reality on your terms?

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