Brand Safety Training for Ad Ops Professionals

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The Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

80 Fifth Avenue at 14th Street, 17th Floor PH

New York, NY 10011

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The Brand Safety Training Workshop is the only class ever to focus 100% on the operational issues related to brand safety.

We’ll discuss how brand safety is under attack from multiple directions and how legitimate companies unknowingly contribute to the problem. Fake news, malware, fraud, privacy, viewability are among the topics covered. Outsourcing brand safety to partners isn’t enough and the workshop will get into specific tactics used to protect one’s own brand or a client’s brand online.

The workshop is designed for:

  • Ad operations and programmatic-focused professionals from publishers and agencies
  • Brand marketers who oversee media buying and want to learn more about making brand safe digital investments
  • Managers and Specialists with 3 to 5 years experience responsible for overseeing systems and processes that can be compromised by fraud, malware and brand safety.

The instructor:

Rob Beeler has been focused on publisher ad operations for over 20 years (see Rob Beeler's experience) and has long waged the war against the fraudsters in digital advertising. Rob will tap into his extensive network of experts in the space to craft a class that not only educates but will provide specific recommendations on practices and policies to help insure brand safety.


The Morning Sessions 9am to 12pm: The Bad Guys

Intro - How big is the problem?

Forrester puts the amount online advertising fraud cost advertisers at $8.2 Billion. Industry leaders like Rob Norman dispute that number and we’ll discuss why. More importantly, what could fraud be costing your organization?

Part I - Who the bad guys are

Advertisers, publishers and consumers are continually under attack from “the bad guys” – those that perpetrate fraud, spread malware, pirate content, etc. Learn who these bad guys are and why brand safety is an arms race against a mighty opponent.

Part II - An Overview Of How Fraudsters Infiltrate The Ad Ecosystem

Understanding how fraudsters get into the digital ecosystem is the first step in understanding what can be done to combat it.

Part III - Forming Alliances With Partners In The Space

Fighting the bad guys isn’t something you want to do alone. This session will help you understand who the players are in the space and how they can help you protect brand safety.

Part IV - Brand Safety Best Practices

While partners may do the brunt of the fraud detection, brands, agencies and publishers must do their part to help fight the bad guys. We’ll share current best practices.

Lunch will be provided on-site.

Afternoon Sessions 1pm to 5pm: What the good guys get wrong

Part V - Overview of a Leaky Ecosystem

Digital advertising has some problems that could be corrected, but not everyone is doing their part. We’ll cover how even those with the best intentions allow the problems to persist.

Part VI - Viewability

It’s hard to argue that an ad that isn’t seen by a human is a wasted impression. But are all parties from brands to publishers doing everything they can to insure that is the case? This session will be a discussion of best practices to improve viewability across the industry.

Part VII - Context Matters

Good ads show up next to the wrong content. How can we prevent this from happening?

Part VIII - Our Partner’s Partners

Most companies don’t knowingly do business directly with the bad guys – they just do business with companies that do work with the bad guys. Understand the importance of transparency to brand safety and how to uncover which of your partners is putting your business at risk.

Part IX - Cleaning House

This session will take a look at the best practices on how to be a part of the solution and not part of the problem.

Part X - Industry Trends to Follow

The fight for brand safety will continue into 2018. What trends should you be aware of (mobile fraud, A.I., rendered impressions, TAG, regulation, etc.)? What are the organizations to watch and work with? We’ll cover this and more.

Part XI - Wrap Up

As a group, we’ll share what we learned from the day and how we're going to implement these learnings into our current roles.

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Date and Time


The Manhattan Penthouse on Fifth Avenue

80 Fifth Avenue at 14th Street, 17th Floor PH

New York, NY 10011

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