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Behavioral Marketing


Author of the ebook The Awakened Brand, Virginie Glaenzer is a transformation tech marketer and innovation thought-leader with 15+ years of industry experience. Virginie is passionate and curious about humans and why we do what we do, and she is also a painter and a poet using the pen name Silomene. Connect with Virginie on LinkedIn and Twitter.


This workshop is created for leaders, entrepreneurs, and aspiring game changers. It is intended for individuals with a strong desire to discover their genuine expression voice and who possess an appetite for change.


Combining the latest neuroscience discoveries, behavior reprogramming, philosophy, and cutting-edge brand strategies, this seminar will transform the way you see your “reality”. It will help you break away from your current way of thinking and open your mind to innovative possibilities; resulting in freedom to experience and choose a different path for yourself, your brand and your business.


Innovation requires us to go beyond our current knowledge and beliefs. In order to expand our mind and generate new ideas a personal and deep dive is required to revisit our current matrix and reality which we have created for ourselves.

This workshop will trigger personal and business insights. Prepare yourself to go beyond what you have considered as the truth and feel your brain firing like never before.


A- How Our Brain Resists Change

- What causes us to change?
- 2 hacks to create space in our mind

B- The Creative Process
- Stepping outside our social story
- Understanding our conditioning

C- Brand Innovation

- Introduction to a new shift in building a brand
- How to lead a team into a change

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I loved that Virginie's workshop delved into how much transforming our thinking requires breaking away from what may be comfortable, into an uncomfortable, yet magical space. I particularly enjoyed her exploration of the neuroscientific research that shows the correlation of calm and creativity, and her suggestions for how to achieve a state of creative bliss. This workshop empowers your own agency to assert your personal truth - which fosters the highest level of creativity, in a world that often pushes its own version of it. I have been thinking and creating differently and more openly since that day. I would highly recommend Virginie's workshops.”

Aisha C. Mike-Odimayo, Personal Image Coach. Founder, Perfectly Claire.

"The Brand Innovation Workshop by Virginie Glaenzer provides a fresh take on brand transformation. The workshop leverages both fact-based studies and enlightening real-life examples to drive home key points. I especially liked how Virginie took us out of our comfort zones to think of new ways of conveying our brands and our selves. The workshop helped me improve my brand's identity by getting unstuck from previous paradigms and focusing on the mind of the customer."

Stephen Stanczak, Founder & CEO of Ondyr Consulting

"Virginie is able to explain breakthrough through strategies for personal brand innovation that can be applied again and again. I find myself reflecting and using one or two simple techniques to bring me back to center and clarity.“

Louis Corso, President, USuggestIt, Inc.

"I found this 2-session workshop to be logically organized and skillfully presented. The first session offered well-supported concepts about our resistance to change and ways to free our creativity. The second session built on those ideas by applying them to consumers’ perceptions of brands and what marketers can do to embrace them. Virginie’s deep knowledge and passion were truly inspirational. I highly recommend her to firms and entrepreneurs seeking to enhance their innovation and brand development."

Lori Schwebel, Vice-President Operations

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