Boston Real Estate Minefield (Live Seminar)

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Financial District

50 Congress Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1022

Boston, MA 02109

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“Boston's Real Estate Minefield” Seminars and “Pilgrimage to America” Tours

A HEADS UP! To Successful Real Estate Professionals of the Greater Boston and NYC Markets

Real Estate Professionals – Join Robert Antonellis for his riveting “Boston's Real Estate Minefield” Seminar, with your choice of walking tours, webinars and live presentations, where you will gain unique, cutting-edge, and potentially lucrative, fresh insights into commercial, residential, academic and government buildings in Boston, Harvard, Cambridge, and NYC. Equip yourself with a new “filter” to help identify which properties may prove to be overvalued, which could be destined for a price collapse, and which may be genuine bargains. Each event reveals a wealth of eye-opening discoveries and a hidden underbelly to real estate in Boston-Cambridge and NYC.

After years of steady growth in the Greater Boston and Manhattan real estate markets, property values may be heading for volatility. If location, local history, and proximity to safe places for children to learn and play are amenities that drive values up, the introduction of newly discovered hidden history and hidden underbelly about a number of Boston's and NYC’s most valuable properties can impact prices in various ways.

Robert Antonellis, an engineer, historian, author, and investigative researcher, has cracked the code and connected the dots between real estate markets in the Northeast and America’s darkest historical events, including a British stronghold in Boston, Harvard and Cambridge, and uncovered occult-influenced architecture dating from the early 1600’s through the present day. He makes an astonishing case, points out the 'mines' in the 'minefield', and helps you identify specific architectural designs you may wish to avoid. So, as real estate markets head into a period of price “fluctuation”, you’ll know a safe haven when you see one!

Many know it is, in part, the fascinating living history of the Greater Boston and Manhattan real estate markets that has long drawn prospective property buyers to these unique history-rich regions. Yet, few are privy to the knowledge that there are hidden layers to this rich history! As savvy Real Estate Professionals, you have a vested interest in ensuring that, as these secrets emerge, you are one of the first pros to know, and not the last.

Real estate agents armed with this essential knowledge can:

  • Reinvigorate inactive clients
  • Attract new clients, and,
  • Best of all, cash in.

Will it be you with the edge, or your competitor?

As Real Estate Professionals, this is your industry Head's Up! Your opportunity to harness these new pearls of hidden history, as selling tools, and to proactively frame and market these secrets to your prospects to boost sales. As we know, market churn generates sales commissions on both the buy and sell sides. Example: People who learn that their condo building is not what it seems may choose to move out. While, others may wish to move in.

At first, the author’s chance discoveries of occult signatures, hidden in plain sight, inspired him to write the chapter, “Devil’s Architect” in his book, Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank for Royal Revenge. But now, after months of driving, road by road, neighborhood by neighborhood, Antonellis has found that these esoteric signatures are far more pervasive than first imagined.

As part of Antonellis’ “Pilgrimage to America” Tours, you’ll be surprised to learn of the hidden nature of the dark plans waged by the court of Queen Elizabeth I of England, in the 16th Century, well before the Pilgrims' voyage to the New World. You’ll be amazed at the organizations still meeting and safekeeping these secrets, to this very day. How has the centuries-long glaring omission of such hidden history from public school textbooks affected our perceptions of America? How might such secret activity have stained your region’s most marketable real estate properties?

Antonellis’ “Pilgrimage to America” Tours and “Boston's Real Estate Minefield” Seminars are no boring history class!

You'll be further rocked to discover there are numerous 9/11's in America's hidden history, such as:

  • The British invitation of Ben Franklin and John Adams to the Staten Island Peace Conference on 9/11/1776, where the British demanded that they revoke the Declaration of Independence, declared just 69 days prior. It was a “Your Money or Your Life!” ultimatum. Yet, they resolved to fight on…
  • The British retaliated and attacked again on 9/11 - This time, on 9/11/1777, at Brandywine, PA, as enemy British General Howe came to collect on his threat, made one year prior.
  • The British Red Coats routed Gen. George Washington and sent him and his Colonial Army limping to Valley Forge to lick their wounds.
  • The British then seized control of Philadelphia, including the Pennsylvania State House, where the Declaration of Independence had been signed.

Revenge is sweet! But, did this second 9/11 assault make revenge even sweeter for the Brits?

Is there an unknown connection between these earlier 9/11 events and 9/11/2001?

Antonellis has been busy preparing his vast catalogues of Boston area real estate photos, maps, 9/11 research, and historical charts specifically for Real Estate Professionals, an audience already comfortable with detailed discussions about property and architecture, and will share his hypotheses surrounding the more sordid history and dark symbolism behind buildings he deems “Monuments to Murder.”

A leading expert in 9/11 research, as the discoverer of the "9/11 Blood Trail Pattern" in history, who now brings it to light, Antonellis caps his breadth of revelations about what has been hidden in plain sight with satellite photos, which, remarkably, reveal that the designs for the 9/11 Memorial Park, in Greenwich Village, NYC were finalized BEFORE the ground was even broken for the first World Trade Center Towers, on August 5, 1966! So, as we see, answers are hidden in plain sight.

So, come join a “Pilgrimage to America” Tour! Attend one of Antonellis' “Boston's Real Estate Minefield” Seminars, or join them all! You will find out what’s just over the horizon for real estate prices in Greater Boston, NYC, and beyond. Then, once you’ve joined in, it will be YOU in the driver’s seat with this powerful information! YOU, with the Real Estate Edge, and not your competition.

Live seminar wrap-up includes, time permitting:

An Open Forum to discuss the potential impacts of greater industry and buyer awareness of these hidden layers of history and esoteric designs on market pricing, and a quick GroupThink around the question, “Where do we go from here?”

Live seminars also include:

Take-home materials, including an autographed copy of Fortress Harvard – ThinkTank for Royal Revenge and materials you’ll want to have on-hand to begin communicating key topics to colleagues and clients.


What time should I arrive?

You should try and be there as much as 15 minutes before the start of the seminar.

What are my transportation/parking options for getting to and from the event?

You can use Uber, public transportation or local parking, all of which can be investigated via the web or app download. For example, check out: https://mbta.com/ or the SpotHero app which helps you find nearby lowest cost parking.

Please allow enough time, considering traffic and walking distances.

What can I bring into the event?

  • Your undivided attention, a pen and pad of paper

How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

What is the refund policy?

  • Tours and seminars are non-refundable. However, if you need to postpone, please provide several days' notice, and you may reschedule for a future seminar or tour with no additional charge.

Thanks, and see you soon!

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Date and Time


Financial District

50 Congress Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1022

Boston, MA 02109

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