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Boston Beer and Cheese Fest

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539 Tremont Street

Boston, MA 02116

United States

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Dear Craft Beer Drinkers,

Throughout our 14 years of running Drink Craft Beer and all of our associated events we’ve always maintained that the experience of our attendees, our volunteers, and our vendors are our top priorities. If we can’t deliver a top notch experience for everyone, we won’t compromise.

With the recent events around COVID-19 and the current public health situation, we can’t in good conscience hold a food and craft beer event. These conditions prohibit us from delivering the experience that you’ve come to expect and we refuse to compromise our standards.

More importantly, due to this situation, we can't fully ensure the health of attendees, volunteers, and vendors. That’s not acceptable to us.

With this in mind, we are cancelling Boston Beer & Cheese Fest 2020. There is no reschedule planned. All tickets will be refunded to the original purchaser*. We’re working with Eventbrite on the operations of the refund, which may take up to 14 days.

We’ll have more information shortly on the situation. Please reach out with any specific questions, but please be patient if we do not respond immediately. There are a lot of details to work out at this time.

Jeff & Devon
Drink Craft Beer

*All customers who purchased tickets will receive a refund (including fees) directly to the account used to purchase.

If the original card used for purchase has expired or been updated, the refund should still be processed through the account used to purchase. No additional action is needed by the original purchaser. If your credit card used for purchase has been canceled or is now expired, the bank or credit card company will normally reroute the credit amount issued to the current account or card for use. Please do not send any credit card or account information via email to us or to Eventbrite.

Only primary ticket purchasers will receive a refund. We apologize for any inconvenience, but if you did not purchase your ticket directly through Eventbrite, we can not handle refund requests. Please contact the person / party you purchased your ticket through if you did not purchase your ticket directly through the official Boston Beer and Cheese Festival ticketing site.

Boston Beer and Cheese Fest is back for it's 6th year! Join us March 27th and 28th to sample local craft beer, cider, cheese and charcuterie. The fest will feature:

  • 25 NorthEast breweries
  • 12 cheese makers
  • Charcuterie and specialty food vendors
  • 25 beer/cider & cheese pairings

Your ticket includes unlimited sampling of beer, cheese and charcuterie.

If you’re in the know, you realize that beer and cheese go together in ways most people wouldn’t believe…if you DON’T think that beer and cheese are a magical pairing, then the Boston Beer & Cheese Fest 2020 will be a wake-up call that you can’t miss! Last year sold out over two months in advance, so get your tickets early.



Please Note:

  • There are no refunds OR exchanges.
  • All attendees must be 21+ with a valid ID. Nobody will be allowed into the building who is under 21 or who doesn't have a valid ID, this includes toddlers and infants.
  • Tickets will be emailed by Eventbrite. You must bring this ticket to the event where it will be scanned.
  • You can transfer tickets using Eventbrite.
  • We give no entry guarantee if you buy your ticket from a reseller.

Boston Beer & Cheese Fest 2020
March 27th & 28th
The Cyclorama - 539 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

Session 1 - Friday, March 27th: 6-9:30pm
Session 2 - Saturday, March 28th: 1-4:30pm
Session 3 - Saturday, March 28th: 6-9:30pm

Why Join Us At Boston Beer & Cheese Fest?

It’s craft beer, cider and cheese…what more do you need to know?! If you do need more info, though, Boston Beer & Cheese Fest focuses on NorthEast-made craft beers, ciders and cheeses. By attending you’ll have access to over 80 craft beers and ciders from 25 local brewers/cideries, as well as tons of cheese from 12 local creameries. If that’s not enough, we’ll be pairing a beer/cider from each brewer with a cheese from each creamery…that’s 25 beer/cider and cheese pairings! Oh yeah, and charcuterie! If that doesn’t make your mouth water, we don’t know what else to say.

How Much Does It Cost?

For only $65 you’ll get admittance to one session which includes:

  • Unlimited 2oz samples of 80+ NorthEast craft beers & ciders from 25 breweries/cideries
  • Unlimited samples of cheese from 12 NorthEast creameries
  • Charcuterie samples
  • Biodegradable tasting cup
  • Fest Guide

Which Breweries Are Coming?

We'll have 25 NorthEast brewers and cider makers in attendance bringing 80+ beers and ciders. Some of our brewers include the following (NOTE: This is only a partial list. We'll continue to announce more of the brewers and beers in the coming weeks; Brewers and beers are subject to change and availability; All pours are 2oz or less per MA State Law):

  • Aeronaut Brewing (MA)
  • Allagash Brewing Co. (ME)
  • Abandoned Building Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Amherst Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Artifact Cider Project (MA)
  • Bantam Cider (MA)
  • Beer'd Brewing Co. (CT)
  • Brewery Ommegang (NY)
  • Burlington Beer Co. (VT)
  • Channel Marker Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Definitive Brewing Co. (ME)
  • Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Far From the Tree Cider (MA)
  • Foundation Brewing Co. (ME)
  • Idle Hands Craft Ales (MA)
  • Kent Falls Brewing Co. (CT)
  • Lamplighter Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Notch Brewing (MA)
  • Redemption Rock Brewing (MA)
  • Relic Brewing (MA)
  • Remnant Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Shacksbury Cider (VT)
  • Springdale Beer Co. (MA)
  • Stellwagen Brewing Co. (MA)
  • Widowmaker Brewing (MA)

What Creameries Will be Joining?

We’re working with local cheese experts to get a great, diverse selection of local cheeses that will pair excellently with beer and cider. Some of our creameries include the following (NOTE: This is only a partial list. We'll have 12 creameries/affineurs in total. Creameries/cheeses are subject to change and availability):

Bell & Goose Cheese Co. (South Hampton, NH)

  • Cheese Curds- Cow’s milk, fresh and squeaky, like popcorn but cheese
  • Flora Hayward- Cow’s milk, semi-firm, aged 8-10 months, toasty and buttery
  • Quarry Stone Tomme- Cow’s milk, aged 3-6 months, bright and nutty like our favorite people

Chase Hill Farm (Warwick, MA)

  • Tomme de Normande - Raw cow's milk, semi soft, aged 3-4 months, buttery and earthy
  • La Familia - Raw cow's milk, firm, aged 6-7 months, creamy, tangy and slightly sharp
  • Herdsman - Raw cow's milk, semi hard, aged 1 year, grassy and nutty

Cricket Creek Farm (Williamstown, MA)

  • Maggie's Round - Raw milk cheese, semi-firm, aged for 5-9 months. Gently sharp, sweet, bright and fruity, with notes of citrus
  • Maggie's Reserve - Same recipe as Maggie’s Round, but aged for 12-24 months. Savory richness, flavors of caramel and pineapple in a still-moist, fudgelike paste
  • Tobasi - Raw milk, aged for 2-4 months. Custardy texture, aromas of mushrooms, garlic and peanuts, w/ sweet and sour cream flavors

Grace Hill Farm (Cummington, MA)

  • Valais- Raw cow's milk, semi-firm, aged 6-8 months, smooth, tangy, grassy
  • Wild Alpine - Raw cow's milk, firm, aged 8-10 months, nutty and buttery
  • Hilltown Blue - Raw cow's milk, semi-soft, aged 4-6 months, a creamy, smoky blue

Grafton Village Cheese (Grafton, VT)

  • Clothbound Cave-Aged Cheddar - Unpasteurized VT premium cow’s milk, grassy, nutty, long savory finish; aged minimum of 8 months
  • Smoked Garlic Cheddar - Unpasteurized VT cow’s milk aged 3-6 months; smoky (cold smoked over smoldering maple wood), sweet, buttery, real garlic- tastes like German Salami
  • Truffle Cheddar - Unpasteurized VT premium cow’s milk aged 3-6 months; aromatic and buttery body with earthy aromas of black truffle

Grey Barn & Farm (Chilmark, MA)

  • Prufrock - Pasteurized cow's milk, washed-rind, aged 1 month, apricot, mixed nuts and carrots lead the way in this deliciously stinky cheese
  • Eidolon - Pasteurized cow's milk, bloomy-rind, aged 1 month, bright and grassy with hints of apple and celery that give way to mushroom and toasted pie crust
  • Bluebird - Raw cow's milk, blue cheese, aged 3 months, pleasantly salty with hints of butter. At times it boasts strong yeast notes like a good sourdough
  • Bon Anniversaire - Raw certified organic cow's milk, washed-rind, aged 6 months, Funky. Bold. Oozy. Stinky. Buttery.

Jasper Hill Farm (Greensboro, VT)

  • Bridgman Blue - A new cave-aged, French-style blue made with a blend of raw cow and goat milk.
  • Cabot Clothbound - A mature bandaged cheddar with a crystalline texture and sweet, nutty character.
  • Winnimere - A raw, winter Ayrshire milk, spoonable washed rind cheese wrapped with a strip of spruce bark.

Mystic Cheese Co. (Groton, CT)

  • Finback - cow's milk, aged for 4-6 months, brown butter, stone fruit
  • Melinda Mae - cow's milk, aged 30 days, custardy and clean with notes of scrambled egg and flan
  • Sea Change - cow's milk, aged 35 days, biscuity with a blueish mottled rind

Narragansett Creamery (Providence, RI)

  • Atwells Gold - Italian-style, aged nearly 1 year. Nutty with sweet caramel
  • Ciliegine Fresh Mozzarella - Buttery aroma & feathery finish
  • Grilling Cheese - Cyprus style grilling cheese similar to a Halloumi

Parish Hill Creamery (Putney, VT)

  • Hermit - Raw Cow Milk, semi-hard, 10 month, 10 pound wheel, monastic tomme
  • Idyll - Raw Cow Milk, hard, 3 1/2 year, 40 pound drum, mountain cheese
  • Jack's Blue - Raw Cow Milk, semi-hard, 8 month, 4 pound wheel, blue cheese

Smith's Country Cheese (Winchendon, MA)

  • Farmstead Chili Pepper Cheddar - Raw cow’s milk cheddar; firm, aged 9 months, infused with chili peppers for a spicy, smoky bite
  • Farmstead Dill Havarti - Raw cow’s milk Havarti; semi-soft, aged 3 months, very creamy; infused with dill and garlic
  • “Everything Bagel” Gouda - Raw cow’s milk Gouda; semi-firm, aged 3 months, rubbed with everything bagel seasoning

Twig Farm (Cornwall, VT)

  • Winter Wheel- Raw goat's milk, semi-soft, aged 2 months, tangy milky/creamy
  • Goat Tomme- Raw goat's milk, semi-firm, aged 4-5 months, earthy, peppery
  • Old Goat- Raw goat's milk, firm, aged 10-12 months, nutty rich, long


For the last few years we've also included charcuterie sampling and it's been so popular there's no way we couldn't do it again.

  • New England Charcuterie (Waltham, MA)
  • Short Creek Farm (Northwood, NH)


While we'd all like to, we sadly cannot survive on cheese and beer alone. So, with that in mind, we've got a couple great food vendors as well:

  • Smoke & Squeal BBQ (Food for Sale)
  • The Burgundian Waffles (Food for Sale)
  • Q's Nuts (Samples available & retail)
  • Taza Chocolate (Samples available & retail)