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Learn about the power of Real Estate Investment and Community support...Come find Out!

By Mary Weatherington

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October 26, 2022 · 9pm - June 17 · 12pm EDT


BOSTON- Link will be given with confirmation ONLINE BOSTON, MA 02113

About this event

Hello: This is the beginning of an exciting experience for you and me.

An hour and half long Introduction into the education of real estate investesting will deep dive into who we are, and what we do, and how we do what we do.

Following: Will be other events such as Velocity Banking, IOS, a systems tool, and the hands-on property tours where you will meet and see firsthand what real people, like you and me, have done through belonging to this community, you will hear their stories, see their success.

After: We will ask you some questions to find out where you see yourself fitting into our group and how we can help.


Here’s the plan in a nutshell! It depends on what you want to accomplish first. Save on Taxes, get out of Debt, pay your Mortgage off early.

We market an educational program that’s taught by practitioner instructors, that is, people working in the field currently and earning 6 to 7 figures each year, who know and understand the current trends and strategies of the Real Estate Investing Market.

Should You Join Our Community, your time with us will look something like this: We suggest these six classes below.

First 30 days .................... ....First 60 days ...................First 90 days

Velocity Banking...................Tax and Legal 2 ................Fix and Flip 1

Tax and legal 1......................Investor I.D. .....................Fix and Flip 2

What's your 1 year goal, your 3 years goal, your 5 years goal?

5 deals ? 3 deals ? 1 deal ?

Taking these classes allows you to decide what strategy you want to work on in your business of Real Estate Investing. The first 30 days to 90 days are the hardest as you are starting and getting educated. Deals start when you are ready. Everyone’s timing is different. This is a five-year plan to change your life.

Classes available for Real Estate Investing:

Managing Property Management, Contract for Deed, Buy and Hold Day 1 and 2, Tenants and Rental Agreements, Title and Escrow and closings, Short Term Rentals, Seller Financed Notes, Multi Family Property, Auction analysis, Short Sales, Understanding Your Investor I.D., Negotiations, Commercial Real Estate, Integrated Business, Understanding Mortgages, Foreclosure, Creative Acquisitions, Build Your Business, Commercial Analysis, Real Estate Foundations, Private and hard Money, Financial Strategies, Market Analysis, Commercial Leases, Short Sales, Wholesaling, Auctions , Lease Options, 1031 Exchanges, Due Diligence, Business Automation, Raising Money and Partnerships, Commercial Lending, Tax Liens and Deeds, Deal of the Decade, Rehabbing Day 1 and 2, Team Up With Tenants, Land Development, Seller Financing/ Subject-To, Contracts, Home Inspections.

How often should I watch my classes you might ask? I would answer How soon do you want to reach your GOALS?

There are Two ways to make money. Real Estate Investing and The Community Builder Plan which costs $197 annually. You can earn from $300 per sale to $11,200 per sale. We will talk about both options during the meeting. Also, during the first meeting, you will learn where to get the Knowledge you need to succeed. Where to get the Money you will need. How to find the Time you will need. How to overcome the Fear of something new. Where to get the Support you need to succeed.

Once the meeting concludes you will be asked to register for the Follow Up, the second meeting, that is where you will be able to ask your questions and get answers as it will be open mic. Everything will be made clear for you, so you can make an informed decision. This is not for everyone, we understand that. We ask you keep an open mind to the end, ask questions and then make your decision to join us, or not.

Where Is YOUR DREAM Now? Up front and clearly visible or tucked away? You may have forgotten it, but it's still there, YOUR DREAM! It's a powerful longing to do better, have more, care for family and loved ones. This event could change your life! We'll present an educational program everybody needs. Without it what you have now may well be what you'll have forever! I ask you is it enough? Are you willing to work for YOUR DREAM to become a reality? Where is YOUR DREAM now?

We are sharing knowledge and providing support helping others grow and succeed. This is Why We Are Different! Your success is our success!

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Mary Weatherington