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Boss Babe Exclusive Summit

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The Village

4039 Brentwood Road Northwest

Calgary, AB T2L 1L1


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Self Love Renovation Boss Babe Exclusive Summit Women In Business Motivational Speaker Event

About this Event

Welcome to the first annual

Self Love Renovation Boss Babe Exclusive Summit!

Saturday January 11th 2020

8am to 5pm

location: 4039 Brentwood Rd. Calgary NW


$150.00 early bird pricing til November 1st 2019

$200.00 Admission after November 1st 2019

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What is a Boss Babe Exclusive Summit?

The Summit has created as a event that creates the opportunity for all women in business to join in on a full day of Motivational and Educational Speaking Engagements. Throughout the day our goal is to Uplift, Inspire, and Empower you to become one step closer to living your best life.

This will not just be a speaking engagement; this will allow you to learn from some amazing women in business but also gives you the opportunity to build new relationships with other mind like women.

Expanding our network is so important in this day and age when it comes to creating a successful business. Allowing the opportunity to create more relationships to support your success journey is so important to us. By also allowing you to receive tips and training to for personal growth but for your business as well.

As busy women in business when tend not to take time for ourselves we have create an elegant environment and entertaining series of events. So we recommend you take this day to enjoy yourself.

We will also be including a copy of our Social Media training Manual valued @$100

What will be included in the summit ?

The Summit Includes the following:

Swag Bag

Table gifts

Coffee & Bottled Water

Social Media Training Manual

Event Training Manual



Who Are the Guest Speakers?

Jenny Baroll - Jenny YYC Leadership Development Coach

Jennifer has had the great privilege of living, working and traveling all over the world to see and experience many cultures and different ways of life. Her work in business, marketing, program development, public speaking, and teaching has reached across cultures and stretched around the globe over the past 15 years. She has had the privilege of teaching and working with people in the Philippines, Budapest and across North America in various programs and organizations. The collective theme of her work is consistent: Encourage, inspire and support individuals in doing their thing: helping them discover and use their unique gifts and talents to shape amazing lives full of purpose.

In 2018, Jennifer resigned as the Program Director for the award-winning program, “In the Lead”, where she pioneered a leadership development program for at-risk-youth and grew the program over 8 years of success across Calgary schools and businesses.

She has now ventured out on her own as a speaker, entertainer and leadership development coach for organizations small and large working with teams to empower and inspire growth in all areas.

Jennifer can be found online at and on social channels as jennyb_yyc

Ash Ahern – Brand Development Expert For Online Entrepreneurs and Emerging Influencers

Founder/Owner of Soulwork Studios

Ash Ahern is a Speaker, Certified Holistic Business Coach and Branding Expert from Calgary, Canada. She is the Founder of Soulwork Studios; a world class creative team dedicated to co-creating soul-aligned brands with Online Entrepreneurs and Emerging Influencers. Her radical methods have led her to have spoken on over 50 podcasts and stages in the last 12 months. A mom of 3, Ash is passionate about grace over hustle and tuning in to the unique divine design within every client.

Lucy Dunne – Founder/ Owner Dunnebells Certified Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach

After losing over 65 lbs myself it was time for me to step into the spotlight and pave the way for others. Talking about all the "off the cuff" things like eating disorders, hormone imbalances and why diets actually do not work.

Leaving a comfortable full-time career to become an Entrepreneur relying on a personal brand is filled with many highs and lows and I know the audience will be on the edge of their seat throughout this very special presentation at the Summit.

Candice Munro – Founder/Owner of Buttercream Clothing

Candice is the owner of Buttercream Clothing. As the name describes, Buttercream Clothing is made of luxurious, soft fabric that feels like butter on your skin. Every garment is locally and ethically made in Canada. Candice has grown this business over the last six years from her kitchen table to a successful, well-known brand with a strong social media following. Candice speaks of the wins and hardships in business, whether it is adapting to what the market demands, gaining momentum on social media or balancing budgets, Candice has done it all.

Brittany Kolba – Co-founder/Owner Hoola Life CBD & Wellness MLM company

Brittany Kolba hails from Calgary, Alberta and deems herself a social media maven who’s passionate about helping others level up and rise. After almost ten years in the oil and gas sector, Brittany took a sharp left turn into an international beauty organization, leading hundreds of women globally, speaking at conferences, sharing trainings with the field and using social media marketing to elevate her brand awareness while creating authentic relationships with both her team and her customers. Top in sales, recruiting and leadership in Canada, and reaching the highest executive rank company wide, Brittany chose to break away and seek more. Brittany is now the Co-Owner and Founder of Hoola Life, a CBD & Wellness MLM company. She thrives in diversity, authenticity and creativity. Brittany is most passionate about empowering entrepreneurs to find their calling and do scary things to reach their dreams.

Meagan Fettes – The Joy Coach International Best Selling Author

Meagan is known as the Joy coach, teaching world-wide tools that people can use to access greater joy, abundance and success in their lives. She breaks down the science and fundamentals of our mind, holding patterns and vibrational shifts to support people in stepping into a higher potential and live with more fulfilling relationships and work life. Meagan’s teachings come from a deep understanding of Yoga Philosophy and embodying the skills of balancing our lower and higher minds to live a life with ease, balance and abundance.

For over 15 years Meagan has taught and coached others how to live from a heart space and utilize the skills of visualization and manifestation to create the life they desire. She is a highly sought-after teacher with Yoga and Philosophy and continues to share her passion while empowering others to see what is possible for them in their lives.

Meagan is invested in the lives of others and feels incredibly fulfilled to guide and hold space for the growth of people around the world. After years of challenges from drug abuse to financial struggle, she made the decision to change her life through understanding the body, mind and spirit and through the power of implementation and consistency shifted many things in her life.

Currently living in Alberta with her two young boys and husband, Meagan is currently expanding her business as an international best-selling author and creating online and audio programs to offer the skills from The JOY Approach and Yoga Philosophy to support the evolution and growth and generate more accessibility to people around the world.

Candice Bell – Founder of Self Love Renovation

Let me introduce myself and a little bit of my journey leading up to the creation of Self Love Renovation and the Women Empowerment Movement.

I was born and raised in Vancouver British Columbia to a family like most accept we were quite poor, and my parents were quite broken. I started my journey into this world two and a half months premature fighting for my life. After my parents separated at the age of 5 years old, I remained with my mother like most children do. My mother due to her own childhood experiences was a broken being with a prescription pill addiction. She also expressed the inability to share love or to even receive love. She was very emotionally and physically abusive and never showed any kind compassion or nurturing behavior. She instilled belief systems that were harsh and unsupportive to say the least, expressing her opinion that I was an overwhelming, intolerable and merely unwanted child. When the reality was, I had nothing but the want and need for love, compassion and a connection with my mother. Something I believed all kids got from their parents but that my mom was incapable of expressing in the perception of a young child’s mind.

At the age of 9 years old, I had made the decision to not stay in my mother’s care but to continue my journey with my father. My Father was far from prefect, in fact he had struggled with his own addiction to alcohol. His beliefs systems and deep expression of love, compassion, empathy and connection is why I was so excited to have the opportunity to live with my father.

Being a young lady raised by a single dad was not easy to say the least, but a constant adventure. We experienced many struggles throughout the years from no school lunches, to line ups at the local food bank, utility disconnection notices and evictions. To the point where we had to consistently stay with friends and family while my dad would seek a new rental place for us to live in. I have been to a total of 15 schools in a span of 12 years up until graduation.

Stability and foundation were definitely not something I had the opportunity to experience growing up and to be honest that is ok. It allowed me to see things from a different side then most creating a huge part of who I am today. Reason being is because what I did experience are some of the most important values one can learn. I learned the definition of genuine connection over material things, unconditional love, empathy, compassion and learning the difference between a want or a need. It allowed me to recognise at a young age that life was never created to be about things, life was created to experience genuine connections, life experiences, and most importantly love for not only others but ourselves.

Throughout my teen years, being raised by a man was sometimes difficult, which resulted in me being a content tom boy. With finances being a constant downslide, I did not have much and was far from up to date on all the current trends and labels. This clearly created the prefect “bully and teasing “magnet effect which resulted in me being the prefect candidate for high school bullies. As we have all experienced high school bullying at some point or another in our life, mine seemed to never end. Moving forward a few years later at the age of 16 years old my father had a massive heart attack at 42 years of age.

Losing my best friend and in my eyes my only support system, my life as I knew it crumbled beneath me. After the passing of my father I spent the next year floating around from family member to family member. I was refusing to return to my mother’s care as she had become a stranger to me. At the age of 17 years old the struggle could no longer go on, and I returned to my mother’s care to complete my high school education. I had made several attempts to rebuild a relationship with my mother when I returned, but it seemed that she would never change. I completed my schooling and started my young adult life off into the world.

Fast forward to the age of 27 years old a few months after I separated from a long-term relationship of 8 years with my 5 year old daughter. I was a single mother in college when one morning after a serious dental surgery I had an abscess at the base of my tongue rupture. This created a large whole in the back of my throat, which then created the inability for me to eat without it going directly into my windpipe making me choke. This continued for 23 months, after dozens of invasive tests, three surgeries when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I was then diagnosed with stage two Thyroid Cancer. Which with a grateful heart I stand here today in remission and have the opportunity to eat food again.

During my experiences of extreme struggle and illness I desperately researched information on how to heal myself and my life anywhere I could. Naturally I was drawn to the metaphysical realm and alternative medicine, as it had resonated with me since a young age. I started reading every hay house publishing book I could get my hands on and participating in as many workshops as I could afford to attend. After working with Louise Hay’s book “You Can Heal Your Life!” which was shown to me by a craniosacral practitioner that had been working with my throat for quite some time. I begin intrigued by the concept that you could create your own reality through how you felt emotionally and vibrationally, but even more mind blowing that you could do so by changing how you processed your thoughts. I continued with “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, after that the law of attraction, manifesting with the universe, mindset and emotional programing became my obsession. I took as many certification courses that were available to me to help create this amazing foundation on how to recreate my reality of tomorrow today.

Over time I seen the greatest results when I made myself a priority, when I became aware of my emotions, and present to my thoughts or as I call inner chatter. For the first time I made the choice to get to know myself, who I truly was and learn to love every part of her. Finding time to honor who I was, where I had come from, and all I had been through. I was finally creating the relationship with myself, that I had been trying so hard to create within all my outer relationships and experiences. I started to notice more of a consistent result in my health and wellbeing, when I created a present positive intention throughout my mindset. I became more aware and in control of my own reality, I knew who I was and where I was going with a grateful heart. As my journey was definitely a constant battle, I made the choice to stay as positive and forward moving as much as possible not only for myself but for my daughter.

Here is where I reaped the most results and realized how powerful my mindset was, once I made the decision to create a relationship not only with myself but with my thoughts and emotions. I had come to terms that my past experiences were behind me and I had discovered my passion while rising above from my darkest experiences. I was so grateful to then turn that passion into my purpose, I wanted to share my journey and all I had learned with as many women as I could. Expressing that no matter where you come from, what you have experienced or where you are today in your life, that you have the power within you to decide to create your reality of tomorrow starting today with your mind. This is what created the foundation to the publishing of the Self Love Renovation Women Empowerment workbook series and the Women empowerment movement!

Love Yourself First & The Rest Will Come!

Self Love Renovation

Candice Bell

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Date and Time


The Village

4039 Brentwood Road Northwest

Calgary, AB T2L 1L1


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