Boost Your Performance and Productivity (Coaching with Tatiana Indina)

Boost Your Performance and Productivity (Coaching with Tatiana Indina)

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Boost Your Performance and Productivity (Online Coaching Session with Tatiana Indina)

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Boost Your Performance and Productivity

Online Personal Coaching Session with Tatiana Indina

The majority of senior leaders receive little to no professional development each year.

Yet, it is their skills, behaviors, and decisions that directly affect their business - and will ultimately make or break the company.

If you are the leader of your company, how many of the following statements do you agree with?

  1. “Because I spend so much time running the business and managing my direct reports, I’ve had very little time for my own growth and development.”
  2. “I’m inconsistent in finding time in my schedule to evaluate my performance and find ways to improve my productivity.
  3. “I often feel lack of energy, thinking I work so hard that one day I might just burnout”
  4. “I wish I had more time and more energy to live a better life and do all the things I want while getting business results I aim for”

    If one or more of the challenges rings true and you believe you can improve, then you may find value in my this 1 on 1 performance and productivity coaching for business owners and executives.

    In the course of 1-hour session, you will get an evaluation of your current level of performance and productivity level on the scale of your highest potential.

    Then together we will identify the distractors that are holding you back from being more productive.

    And put together an action plan of what and how needs to be changed in your everyday routine, your habits and your schedule to boost your productivity.

    Starting from reevaluating your health habits and your work schedule and ending with inserting new activities and activities your need to prioritize in order to achieve the desired results.

    This Personal Performance and Productivity Session will:

    • Provide you with useful information and feedback on your current level of performance and productivity and your patterns and habits that are holding you back.
    • Give you a safe space to “think out loud” about the thinks you normally wouldn’t discuss with your colleagues, your partner or your friends.
    • Give you a better understanding of the specifics of how your brain and your body work : what are the things in your daily routine that take away your energy and what are your individual ways to recharge your energy and get more motivated, more inspired.
    • Give you an action plan of new habits and routines that will make you more productive and improve your quality of life.
    • Give you new insights about your inner resources to help you achieve your goals in your business and your personal life.

    Book your 1 hour “Boost Your Performance and Productivity Session” with Tatiana Indina today to supercharge your life.

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    Tatiana Indina, Ph.D. - is a business trainer, leadership & team coach with over 10 years of experience of working with global and international leaders, C-level executives of Fortune 500 companies, and founders of disruptive Silicon Valley startups.

    Dr. Indina is an acknowledged Social Scientist and a high-level expert in leadership and organizational psychology.

    She holds her Ph.D. from the Psychological Institute, Russian Academy of Education in Moscow, where at the early years of her career she worked as a senior researcher in the Lab of Behavior Self-Regulation, studying the mechanisms of leaders’ performance in productivity in various professional activities (business, politics, sport), human behavior in crisis and emergency situations).

    For many years Tatiana worked as a coach and a business trainer with corporate organizations in Russia and former Soviet Union countries.

    Her expertise covers a wide range of areas, including the development of 50 soft skills for business leaders (emotional intelligence, motivation, stress-management, time-management, personal performance and productivity, teamwork, problem-solving and decision making, strategic and creative thinking etc.)

    Tatiana Indina is also a well-known business trainer of executive education and MBA programs in the USA, Western, and Eastern Europe, where she taught business communication, leadership, and entrepreneurship classes and provided executive coaching.

    Tatiana’s work was internationally recognized with many prestigious professional awards, grants, and fellowships (Fulbright Fellowship (2011), Harvard Berkman Center Fellowship (2014). She is a regular speaker on Psychology and Management at international conferences worldwide, including the World Economic Forum in Davos, the Ditchley Foundation, the United Nations, and Taskforce for G20.

    Tatiana is an author of 5 books and over 50 research papers in social psychology. Her latest book "CEO 2.0" - is a training course for the next generation of leaders to help them successfully run their business in the digital age.

    Learn more about Tatiana:



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    "I worked with many sucessful Silicon Valley and global CEOs and founders and will be happy to share my expertise to help you grow and achieve your goals."

    Tatiana Indina

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