Book Club! The Moon and You: a Womans Guide to an Easier Monthly Cycle

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9:00 Mountain, 10 Central, 11 Eastern

your favorite comfy chair

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"Womb Wisdom" Book Club!

A 5-week introduction to The Moon and You: a new way of thinking and being with our bodies and our cycles.

Receive your own copy of this charming, award-winning book, and prepare to finally get comfortable with the meaning and power of your monthly rhythms!

Each week we'll get on the phone and share our thoughts about a chapter, get familiar
with the material and what it means. Tell our stories. Learn from each other.
This is where we really get to realize HOW DIFFERENT OUR CYCLES COULD BE!

This is ground-breaking material, and it's something we've been trained not to talk about -
even with each other! Usually we speak about our cycles as either a joke or a burden. Here's your chance
to speak about your cycle with curiosity. To share the pain but also realize the potential.

~ You’ll begin to sense your connection to the moon and your own internal phases…
~ You’ll realize WHY you feel the way you do at different times of month…
~ And WHAT to do about it!
~ You’ll get resources for your health, both inner and outer, with many ideas for self-care.
~ You’ll understand the history of women’s bodies and abilities in a new and deeper way.
~ You’ll consider how to create personal ritual and renewal, in a way that works for YOU!

You'll receive 5 weeks of guided instructions and calls with the author (that's me!), as well as a free hard copy of the book mailed to you.* You'll also receive the PDF soon after you enroll, so you can get started reading right away. (*Book can be mailed within the continental US only.)


I had so many women show interest in what I'm doing with this fascinating topic, that I really want to create an introductory event, as a time for you to get comfortable with this material and understand how to "step into your cycle." It's a new way of being. It's a different way of relating to ourselves...like a new language. It is a way to become more fully embodied and fully self-loving! This subject had been misunderstood for far too long!


"This is the most important thing I have ever learned." Amy


We'll go over the 5 chapters of the book, with activities for you to do during the week.

The chapters are:

The Cycles of Nature and You: ( Compare your own cycle to the moon cycle and the seasons; PMS and what it means with this new understanding. )

Caring for Your Inner Life: Developing Your Rhythm ( Creative activities, keeping a journal and calendar, understanding your needs at different times of month. )

Caring for Your Outer Life: Nourishing Your Body ( Foods, environment, self-care treatments. )

The Big Picture: The Beliefs that Shape Cultures ( Cutures both ancient and modern; their beliefs and effects on women. )

Welcoming Yourself into Womanhood ( Your first period; what to say to your daughter. )


"Your book has revolutionized my periods, I can't thank you enough!! I plan accordingly and in doing so, am able to feel more intuitive and insightful rather than unproductive and annoyed. By slowing down and honoring my body, I have had zero cramps and little discomfort. I only wish I had known about this easy system sooner!" Missy

Each chapter of The Moon and You represents an aspect of ourselves that has been ignored by modern culture - which wants us to be always busy, always available and agreeable.

But our cycle calls us inward as well as outward. This is where the wisdom and the transformation are born.

Each chapter has a summary and an activity. I’ll have some questions for you to consider each week.
You’ll get to explore this material with the support of the group - to make it a focus during our 5 weeks together -
so you get to spend some time exploring these ideas and beginning to see how they could fit into YOUR life!

Can you feel what an exciting 5 weeks this will be? These are really not new concepts, but rather ancient, timeless traditions that are being brought forward again into modern life. Welcome to the new paradigm!


"All this is completely new to me. To honor my cycle is something that really resonates with me. It feels right, like something I was yearning for, but didn't even know. I have a daughter, and when I teach this to her, she can start out with the empowerment that I never had." Lynn, Book Club Participant, Week 2


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Date and Time


9:00 Mountain, 10 Central, 11 Eastern

your favorite comfy chair

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