Boniato Career: 1:1 Career Coaching
$670 – $2,030
Boniato Career: 1:1 Career Coaching

Boniato Career: 1:1 Career Coaching

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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Advance your career & career skills exclusively from Meg! Boniato's immersive 1:1 program is designed to help you secure and solidify your professional goals and trajectory. Our aim is for you to achieve and exceed your desired career goals. We are located in San Francisco Bay Area, but welcome requests for travel to any location (or we welcome you to come to us!).

Hands-on 1:1 coaching provides more directed energy and support, requires more commitment and time, which in turn produces quicker results. 1:1 coaching is an exclusive experience for custom and personal needs. A free consultation is required to enroll in this service.

Group boot camps are available and are recommended for most people as they are less intense.

Privacy and confidentiality is respected.

Get your dream job, update your skills, or start a new business. Whatever your career needs, for those who don't have time or resources to learn it all on your own - Boniato is here to help. We enable you to update your knowledge base and skills faster so you don't have to compromise your personal life or current career.

Check us out:

Our proprietary methodologies are backed by strong data in the areas of professional development and self-optimization. We work with professionals to recalibrate their career trajectory and to identify the optimal means of goal achievement. Our program was founded by top researchers in behavior science from Yale and Columbia Universities. Coupled with best practices and learnings from leading Fortune 100 and top tech employers, we bring the most comprehensive career & social skills advancement program to the market.

Our exclusive programs enable you to achieve results quickly. The programs are manageable, yet intense. In a matter of several weeks, you will find yourself positioned amongst the top performers in your profession.

How We Are Different

Existing methods/ways of learning:

  • Trial and error (self-learn)
  • Advice from friends and family
  • Career programs offered by your company

Boniato is the leader of the self-engineered lifestyle movement which incorporates positive aspects of the above methods with a digital analytics and metrics platform and human adviser which makes it easier for you to quantify and track your progress. Our hybrid programs combine traditional and modern tools unlike all other programs.

We make self-learning easier by providing direction to save time, avoid development of bad habits, and to prevent you from being stuck with learning by just trial and error.

Advice from your friends and family can be biased based on what they want for you or is limited to what they can envision for themselves. We offer completely unbiased support and are just as invested as a friend or family member would be in working towards goals you set for yourself.

The Difference Between Us and Other Career Programs

  1. Full report with comprehensive analysis of image, identity, habits, and current status
  2. Boniato platform to record and track progress
  3. Human guidance every step of the way that improves ALL life and skill arenas
  4. Catered and recommended advice
  5. Easy process through a systematic and honest approach
  6. Connection to vast network of professional and trusted partners & experts

MOST IMPORTANTLY: We want YOU to improve skills you want for YOURSELF. Not be limited by what your company wants you to improve for their benefit.

How We Achieve This

  • Evaluate current time commitments, lifestyle, and goals
  • Change undesired habits
  • Encourage introspection
  • Establish a support group
  • Execute step-by-step process proven to pave way for people to understand their assets and best present themselves
  • Exhibit how changing certain things and skills can improve your career success and life
  • Improve overall quality of life and life satisfaction
  • Increase wellness
  • Make introductions to applicable connections
  • Pinpoint and target items from other areas of your life that may be affecting your overall success

What You Get

  • Weekly 1:1 private advising sessions
  • Other types of sessions can include: mock interviews, appearance feedback and revamping, job search, etc.
  • Extensive workbook with useful tips and information
  • Unlimited reasonable email, phone, and text consultation in between sessions
  • Personal adviser to answer any and all of your questions
  • Crucial outside perspective and affirmation

For those interested in group boot camps, please visit our website for our schedule:

Topics Covered

  1. Self-Inventory
  2. Establish Your Career Vision
  3. Professional Identity - Digital and Physical Presence: LinkedIn, Resume, Presence
  4. Positioning, Casting & Approach
  5. Skills: Evaluation and Identify Skills to Upgrade
  6. Leverage Your Experience & Skills
  7. Value proposition
  8. Optimization
  9. Setting a Course: What do I Want Out of the Next Phase of My Professional Life?
  10. Putting It Together
  11. Negotiation
  12. Closing on a Dream Job

Leading Yourself:

  • Career Thesis
  • Your Mission Statement
  • Career Roadmap
  • Ethics, Principles, Execution Plan
  • Presentation Skills
  • Writing Skills
  • Etiquette
  • Drive and Motivation
  • Discipline
  • Negotiation
  • Closing

Leading Others:

  • Delegating
  • Developing a Team
  • Developing a Digital Team
  • Difficult Interactions
  • Meeting Management
  • Persuasions
  • Change
  • More Change and Dynamism
  • Entries and Exits

About Meg

Meg possesses more than 15 years of experience with data and wellness platforms. She has a deep and abiding belief in the potential for people - individuals, to improve their lives and heal themselves through meaningful interventions and technologies.

She has worked with many product launches and initiatives targeting quality of life improvement. She has won numerous awards for her contributions in these initiatives.

Meg's career began in genetic and scientific research and discovery at the Medical College of PA. During her research efforts, she discovered the impact of data centric interventions towards the improvement of people’s lives. She completed her graduate work with honors and has since worked intimately with technology and global teams as a product manager, developer and architect deploying technologies that improve people’s lives. She has worked extensively with top biotech firms, clinical trials and the quantified self ecosystem.

To further the vision of improving people’s lives, Meg has worked with numerous NGO's including the UN, Kaufman Foundation, The City of NY, NYU and Stanford University. She was relocated to Silicon Valley in 2011 to work with digital health start-ups and has continued working in this arena.


Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

You may reach us at or 650-260-8788.

Is my registration/ticket transferrable or may I purchase for someone else?

Yes - please email us at to start a registration transfer.

What is the refund policy?

Refunds are accepted within 24 hours of ticket purchase - please contact us with your request.

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San Francisco Bay Area, CA

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