Blue Sky Farms: A Flagship Regenerative Farm for California
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Blue Sky Farms: A Flagship Regenerative Farm for California

Blue Sky Farms: A Flagship Regenerative Farm for California

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Blue Sky Center

1000 Perkins Road

New Cuyama, CA 93254

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About the Blue Sky Center

Located in the high-desert Cuyama Valley in the Central Coast, we are a growing and evolving 501c3 rural impact center focused on regenerating the land, economy, and community through equitable partnerships.

Our vision for Blue Sky Farms is to co-create with our partners a revolutionary flagship 300 acre regenerative farm that will serve as a model for California’s Central Valley and beyond.



The next evolution in modern agriculture is moving from organic to regenerative. Moving beyond doing less harm to doing real good. It all starts and ends with soil health and vitality. Regenerative agriculture builds top soil, sequesters atmospheric carbon into durable carbon, increases the soil microbial health, preserves and enhances agricultural land, and provides increased diversity of crop production.


Bounded by the Sierra Madre and Caliente Mountain Ranges the Cuyama Valley is geologically rich and scenically stunning high-desert region of the Central Coast. High altitude and dry conditions allow for ideal organic growing conditions and the unique climate allows for a diverse group specialty crops including pistachios, dates, ancient grains, stone fruits, apples and more.


Blue Sky network, current farmers (millenials, gen X), current farmers (experienced, near retirement), educators/thought leaders in regn ag, local community members, working profressionals in regen agriculture/food systems/ food justice (philanthropy/non-profit, business, food entreprenuers, government, academia)


Blue Sky Farms Vision

Three separate but interrelated components

5-15 Acre Community Farm

60 - 100 Acre Production Farms

20 - 30 Acre Resarch Farm

Focus & Happenings of the Regen Convergence

CULTIVATING & CONNECTING THE NEXT GENERATION OF REGENERATIVE FARMERS: Blue Sky Farms is designed to offer land, resources, and a compelling vision to the next generation of farmers, food entreprenuers, and educators. With the average age of farmers pushing 58 there is a need to transfer knowledge, land, and resources to the next generation. We will be connecting regional farmers to the Blue Sky Farms opportunity and will link mentors to support these new farmers.

STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIPS: We have the land and vision but require strategic partnerships and planning in order to manifest the vision of a flagship regenerative farm. It will be critical to define roles and support from partners across agriculture, business, academia, government, philanthropy, and the local community.

FARM DESIGN AND PLANNING: Pooling from the extensive local knowledge of growing conditions and crop selection together with knowledge of emerging regenerative farming best practices we seek to develop a master plan for Blue Sky Farms that identifie timelines and priorities for all three components of the farm and identifies critical infastructure, equipment, and human resources needed.

EQUITABLE BUSINESS STRUCTURES & GOVERNANCE: Blue Sky Center is a 501c3 non-profit and will remain the owner of the Blue Sky Farms land. Blue Sky Center intends to seed the Blue Sky Farms entity and provide a long-term lease but will remain involved to ensure the long term purpose and vision of the land is sustained. Blue Sky Farms is intended to form an equitable and social/environmentally driven business structure as a B-Corp or Worker Owned Cooperative. We will be discussing innovative models of governance, namely sociocracy / dyanmic governance.


Out of the farm planning and business structure process we will identify specific capital requirements for seed funding and impact investment. Blue Sky Center will provide many start-up resources and in-kind support but it is likely that Blue Sky Farms will need to raise additional capital for the first several years of operation.



For the attendees of the three days we will identify a 1/2 day group team building exercise such as tree planting, gabbion wall construction, berming / mulching. This group activity will provide immediate and lasting benefits to the Blue Sky Center and will help forge connections and synergy.


Evenings will be spent around the fire enjoying good conversation and music.


For the three day attendees, we will have some fantastic cooks attening and we will all assist with meal prep and cooking.


What can/can't I bring to the event?

Dogs should be okay if they are well-behaved and quiet. Please do not bring

Where can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Please contact Philip by email: or via phone (310) 977-7984 (text preferred)

Will it be cold in Cuyama, what's the weather like in November?

Please come prepared for cold temperatures 30-40 degrees overnight. During the day temperatures should be anywhere from 60-75. It is a great month for Cuyama!

What should I bring to camp? Should I be self contained?

Yes, please be self contained for camping. We have showers and restrooms on site. You may tent camp, van/car camp, or bring a trailer.

What should I bring to contribute? Are there other ways to contribute other than the suggested donation?

Yes. We will be planning meals and coordianting contributions. If you work on a farm or have access to fresh produce or beverages we welcome contributions that fit into meal planning. Alterntively you could arrive 1-2 days earlier to volunteer for set-up. Please email for more info with the subject line: REGEN CONVERGENCE CONTRIBUTOR

What are the rules for camping?

Quiet time begins at 10:00 PM and will be enforced. Blue Sky Center abuts a residential zone and we must be respectful. For late night discussion/brainstorming we may elect to open up some buildings.

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Blue Sky Center

1000 Perkins Road

New Cuyama, CA 93254

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