Blower Door and Pressure Diagnostics (C745)

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Building Performance Center

3406 Redwood Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98225

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A Note About Ticket Types:

There are three different Ticket Types. You will need to choose the appropriate one in order to register.

WA State Weatherization (WX) Agency, Tribal, or WA State Department of Commerce Staff:
Those who are employees of a Commerce-recognized WA State Wx Agency, a staff member of one of WA State's Tribes (with approval by Commerce), or Commerce staff. The list of Commerce-recognized WA State Weatherization Agencies can be viewed here.

WA State Wx Agency-Associated Contractor:
Contractors working under one of the WA State Wx Agencies (see above). At registration, you will be required to list the WA State Wx Agency(ies) you are associated with.

General Public/Non-Associated Contractor:
Those who neither work for nor under (as a contractor) one of the WA State Wx Agencies (see above).

Session Description:

Blower Door and Pressure Diagnostics

8 hours

Cost: $350

BPI CEUs: 3.25

Prerequisite: Some previous experience using the blower door. Session Description: 8 hours (1/4 day classroom, ¾ day laboratory), bring a calculator.

The Blower Door and Pressure Diagnostics one day class is designed to provide new and current Building Analysts with the information needed to complete building envelope diagnostics in accordance with, the BPI Building Analyst Technical Standards and the Washington State Department of Commerce Weatherization Specifications.

Each attendee will participate in classroom work and hands on work in the lab using blower doors and manometers to complete building envelope diagnostic testing. Each attendee will participate in the diagnostic testing in order to complete a Diagnostic Test Report (required by Washington State Dept of Commerce) for the test house.

Attendees must come prepared for classroom work and for crawling and climbing in confined spaces. Please bring your calculator and flashlights.

Specific tasks in the classroom will include:

1. Review Basic Building Science Principles

2. Review the use of manometers and pressure.

3. Learn about what information a blower door can provide.

4. Understand how the blower door relates to the ventilation standards, ASHRAE 62.89 and 62.2010.

5 Be able to turn a CFM50 into ACH@50, ALA and CFM”n”.

6. Be introduced to the house depressurization chart and learn how to use it for predicting outcomes of house tightening.

Specific tasks in the Lab will include:

1. Using a manometer to measure pressure.

2. Using a blower door to measure house leakage.

3.Using zonal pressures to determine zone connectedness to inside and outside.

4. Use a pressure pan to determine duct system connectedness to outside.

5. Take dominant duct leak test and all doors closed effect test to determine HVAC interaction with the building envelope.

6. Measure fan flows to determine ventilation effectiveness in relation to building tightness.

Date and Time


Building Performance Center

3406 Redwood Avenue

Bellingham, WA 98225

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