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Blockchain for Business Professionals Course

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Refund Policy

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This 1 day course is an excellent opportunity for business professionals to better their understanding of blockchain technology, and how it can be best put to use in their industry.

About the Course

You will learn about the differences between various blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, as well as the underlying market dynamics and considerations for tokenized blockchains (e.g. cryptocurrencies). Additionally, you will learn about the business architecture of existing enterprise blockchain applications, which will help you formulate a coherent plan of how blockchain technologies could be applied to your industry.

About the Instructor

A former management consultant, Bryan founded IMIT as a platform for growth-oriented organizations to accelerate their strategic projects using templates and detailed project methodologies. Bryan’s experience spans the entire spectrum of industries, from establishing Scotiabank’s first energy derivatives desk, transforming several US Health and Human Services departments to expanding affordable care to its citizens, to developing a global consolidation plan for Magna, the world’s auto-parts manufacturer.


This course is specifically designed for business and technology professionals looking for opportunities to adapt blockchain/distributed ledger technologies within their industry or company. This course does not have any pre-requisites and assumes little to no technical experience or familiarity with blockchain technology nor distributed ledger technologies.

Course Agenda:

10:00 - Breakfast and Networking

10:30 - Introductions

11:00 - Morning Session 1 – Blockchain Fundamentals
Learn about the various blockchain structures and existing applications.

  • An introduction to key blockchain concepts, blockchain architectures, and components of a functioning blockchain network.
  • INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Value Transfer using a major blockchain
  • Introduction to cryptocurrencies
  • Blockchain constructs – Decentralization and Consensus validations

12:15 - Networking Break & Refreshments

12:30 - Morning Session 2 – Blockchain Ecosystem and “Smart” Contracts
Understand the blockchain ecosystem within an enterprise and consumer context

  • Infrastructure, Middleware, and Application Participants
  • Sidechains and other Participants
  • Smart Oracles
  • Digital assets and smart property
  • Business logic and Smart Contracts

13:30 - Working Lunch

2:30 - Afternoon Session – Blockchain Architectures and Real-world Examples
Learn to how to apply blockchain within any industry.

  • Important considerations for enterprises
  • Public Blockchains
  • Private Blockchains
  • Consortium Blockchains
  • Business Architecture of existing and commercially-viable Blockchain Infrastructures

3:45 - Networking Break & Refreshments

4:00 - LIVE DEMO of a Permissioned Blockchain


  • Business Opportunities for Digital Transformations with Blockchains

5:30 - Summary

*Meals and refreshments will be provided

Financial grants will be available to startup members. For further details on funding opportunities, as well as a full course outline, please contact Robbie at

Date and Time

Refund Policy

Refunds up to 30 days before event

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