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Blockchain Course Botswana

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Satoshi Centre

Gaborone, South-East District 502296


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Linum Labs - Blockchain Course Botswana

A specialized training for a combination of Ethereum beginners and experts that has been perfectly created to develop all of your blockchain skills from the ground up - choose to attend only the days that suit your skills best or attend the full course for a deep technical understanding of the Blockchain. The first day is open to all individuals interested in learning more about Blockchain whereas the 2nd and 3rd days take a deeper dive into the technology and how to develop on the blockchain.

*Note: We advise signing up for the full 3 day course in order to establish development upon a solid foundation of blockchain understanding.

Day 1 - Introduction to Blockchain and Ethereum

This training rapidly introduces participants to blockchain technology, its use cases and

technological impact on various industries, focusing specifically on Ethereum. In the morning, we provide you with a profound technical understanding of blockchain, cryptography and economic consensus, without requiring programming skills or prior knowledge of the blockchain. The course then dives into the practical (d)applications and use cases, the Ethereum community, cryptocurrency exchanges with practical examples where users interact with live smart contracts.

Audience: Individuals interested in blockchain technology, no previous knowledge is required. Business executives, managers, CEO’s, founders, investors, auditors, business analysts.

Requirements: No prior knowledge of blockchain or Bitcoin is required. This course is also a perfect pre-cursor to the Blockchain Developers course for Developers with limited knowledge of blockchain.

Course Modules:

Day 1 - Ethereum Network and Smart Contract Ecosystem

  • Blockchain overview and fundamentals

  • Merkle trees, cryptographic hashes, consensus networks

  • Proof of Work & Proof of Stake

  • Ethereum network characteristics, account types and contracts

Exercise: creation of a personal account on Ethereum and live transaction auditing

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine

  • Ethereum’s community and information exchanges

  • Oracles and off-chain interaction

  • The state of dApps – Ethereum’s nascent decentralized application landscape

  • Smart contract complexity: The DAO case study and Hardforks

Exercise: interacting with a live smart contract & analysing a smart contract’s transaction history

Day 2 and 3 - Blockchain Developers Training

This 2 day course rapidly introduces participants to the full design and capabilities of the complex Ethereum blockchain and other enterprise protocols. We equip participants with the necessary tools to configure and deploy a private blockchain, compile smart contracts and build decentralized applications. Developers are also guided into the online blockchain community to learn how to find additional resources, tools, live support and engage with fellow blockchain developers.

The course content is practice orientated and supplemented with exercises by the course instructors. Participants will interact with the live Ethereum blockchain, deploy and validate their own private blockchain, design an enterprise use case and write and deploy a smart contract.

Audience: Software developers, Systems Architects, Software Engineers, Innovation Officers, Technology Officers, Devops Managers.

Requirements: Prior knowledge of blockchain technology is required. Knowledge of object-orientated programming languages (Javascript, Python) is advantageous for day 2 and 3.

*Note: If you are a software developer interested in this course but have very little or no understanding of blockchain then it is highly recommended that you opt for the full 3 day package in order to reap maximum benefit from this course.

Course Modules:

Day 2 - Hands-on Ethereum Go Client and Tech Stack

  • Introduction to the Go Ethereum Client (Geth)

  • Client variety and history

  • Light clients

  • Geth Developer Environment and Console

  • Ethereum Technology Stack (Whisper, Swarm, IPFS)

Exercise: deploying a private blockchain among participants

Day 3 - Software Clients, Contract Coding and Deployment

  • Practical introduction to Solidity using the Solidity Browser

  • Solidity overview, history and development

  • Programming environments with Truffle

  • Smart contract security and best practices

Exercise: coding a smart contract to deploy a digital assets/token

Learning Outcomes of Full 3 day course:

Module 1: Blockchain Basics

  • Basic design of a blockchain

  • Basic cryptography and how it relates to blockchains.

  • Transactions, blocks, hashes and Merkle trees

  • Understanding public and private keys

  • Understanding Peer-to-Peer systems

  • The Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)

  • The Ethereum ecosystem, Decentralized Applications and DAOs

  • Ether: A currency and commodity

Module 2: Ethereum Smart Contracts

  • How to install, run and configure a node

  • Understanding the different stages of contract deployment

  • Compile, deploy and interact with contracts

  • Setup process for a private network or testnet

Module 3: Solidity

  • Intro to strongly-typed languages and overview of Solidity Documentation

  • Inheritance and abstract contracts

  • Library-driven development and upgrading smart contracts

  • Browser solidity and different deployment options

  • Re-entry and safer smart contracts

Module 4: Toolkits for Dapps and Web3

  • Programming environments with a specific focus on Truffle.

  • Configuring a UI to interact with smart contracts

  • Compiling functional and manual tests for smart contracts

  • Instantiate web3 communication with a contract from an HTML page

  • Web3 and truffle interaction with React and Redux.

At the end of the training each participant will be provided with a certificate on the blockchain.


  • Breaks: Snacks and Lunch will be provided
  • BYOD: Participants should bring their own devices.

Terms and conditions

A minimum of 10 participants per course are required. There is a maximum class size of 35 people per course.

Note: The contents outlined above are subject to change and should not be construed as a commitment by Linum Labs Pty Ltd.


Andrew Tudhope

Andrew is the Lead Architect at Linum Labs and heads up all of the blockchain product development and systems architecture for the company. Andrew got interested in cryptocurrencies while completing his Masters degree at the University of Oxford. He approaches decentralized networks with a deep focus both on how language can be used to program incentives into the application layer by utilising the underlying cryptographic properties of the available protocols, as well as how this kind of programming can effect the social and political dimensions of our lives. He is involved with a proxy voting project in South Africa, as well as working closely with the South African Financial Blockchain Consortium.

About Linum Labs

Linum Labs is a Blockchain production studio with a focus on blockchain consulting, training and community aggregation. We strive to be at the forefront of Blockchain thought leadership and development in Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe with our HQ located in the beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa.

While being Blockchain agnostic in our development approach and utilizing both public, private and sidechain solutions, we specifically have strong capabilities with the Ethereum platform, with which we are also currently offering training to our corporate clients. Our training ranges from beginners Ethereum training through to enterprise development understanding for CEO’s and the more advanced technical training for developers.

Besides assisting corporate entities with Blockchain solutions and developing our own products, we host the Ethereum Meetups in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Prague and Dubai – as well as participate in hackathons, organize community- and industry specific events and engage with incubators and universities.

More information is also available at: http://linumlabs.com/courses/

Contact the course convenor in Africa for additional queries or course information.

  • Devon Krantz

  • Head of operations

  • devon@linumlabs.com

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Date and Time


Satoshi Centre

Gaborone, South-East District 502296


Refund Policy

Refunds up to 7 days before event

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