Black Women Yoga Retreats- June 12-June 19 2017
Black Women Yoga Retreats- June 12-June 19 2017

Black Women Yoga Retreats- June 12-June 19 2017

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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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Black Women Yoga Retreats is the first international yoga retreat dedicated to black women who are passionate about their love of yoga. It is a space where black women can grow, practice and learn yoga and meditation in a community environment and safe space. It is a space located outside of the United States, in the middle of nature, so that Black women may be able to connect with their minds, bodies and spirits through their yoga and meditation practices. For many around the world, Yoga is an ancient healing practice that connects us with mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a calling that goes beyond our physical; when we answer, we wake up to our higher selves. Black Women’s Yoga Retreats will provide a safe space for cooperative healing of our bodies, minds, and spirits through the revolutionary practice of self enlightenment. Black Women Yoga Retreats, WOCHR is a space for all black women who practice, whether this is the beginning of your journey or you have been practicing for years. Let us guide you to your inner light.

Brown women, all religions, languages, shapes, sizes welcomed

Mission Statement
Women of Color Healing Retreats and Black Women Yoga Retreats was created out of the desire to connect women with nature and seeks to provide a space of learning, healing, and nurturing for the practice of enlightenment through yoga that so often alludes black women. In order to build sustainable communities that value the intersections of cultural identity, women of color must first rediscover who they are outside of a society that wishes to stunt organic spiritual growth and self-love. Women of Color Healing Retreats and Black Women’s Yoga Retreats is a space for all black women as they fully honor the diversity of a black spiritual identity by connecting with their bodies through the ancient practice of yoga. It is a space that welcomes all bodies, all sexual orientations, all socioeconomic statuses, all political ideologies, and all levels of traditional or radical thought and yoga practice

Black Women Yoga Retreat Includes:


Decolonizing Yoga: Daily morning, afternoon, and evening yoga classes (3 daily yoga classes). Our classes are a variety of Vinyasa, Kemetic Yoga, Yin Yoga/Restorative Yoga, Fire Flow, Hatha, and more.

Daily Silent and Guided Meditation: Our guided meditations are designed to bring you into the liberating experience of complete present awareness. With a group of like minded women of color, we will explore self enlightenment, freedom and inner peace. Our meditations are there to guide you to a higher level of consciousness that promotes the recapturing of a youthful spirit filled with vitality. We want you to vibrate higher into a space of creativity that is motivated by the calmness of the true treasure of yoga: the controlled breath. By entering into a daily meditative practice, we hope to guide each other away from the myopic shackles of a modern racist societies and into the peacefulness of the spiritual knowledge that awaits us through the gates of our practice.

A Conversation about Yoga (workshop): In this workshop, participants will have a chance to sit directly with their instructors, and the yoga community at BWYR, to discuss their yoga practice. Whether it's your first time doing yoga, or you have been practicing for years, we will make space to discuss what happens to our minds, bodies, and spirits when we enter into a relationship with yoga. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a bond with your yoga practice that can you can rely on to keep you healthy, grounded, and enlightened no matter where you are.

Sauna Sessions: Though western society teaches us that sweating is a sign of social weakness and lack of hygiene, it is a very essential part of our health. Here at BWYR we readily encourage you sweat out your “kitchen” in order to rid the body of the toxins that lie in our shampoos, makeup, food and air! Our skin is our largest and most essential organ. Without it, we would have no home to live in and no place to experience the wonders of the universe. Sweating is a testament to the wonders of our skin! It has been proven to increase circulation to our organs as well as clear our airways for proper ventilation. This is why at BWYR we have incorporated the sauna into our yoga experience. We want you to “sweat it out” in a healthy way. Saunas can help open and stimulate our endocrine system after it has been battered though the environmental degradations so common the west. This means that saunas can be an essential part of a healthy life by promoting an active metabolism and an energetic sex life. They can help us stay connected with our internal well being through our skin.


Lodging: 5 days / 6 nights shared accommodation at a beautiful eco-friendly lodge located in the rain forest.

Breakfast: Vegan and Vegetarian Breakfast. Healing vegetarian and vegan meals made with local Caribbean fruits and vegetables will be provided.We developed these meals for anyone who is currently a vegetarian and for those interested in exploring a vegetarian lifestyle. Also offered: pure coconut juice, herbal teas, juices, superfoods, and smoothies to nourish, balance, and heal our bodies.

Lunch: Healthy and balanced Vegan and Vegetarian lunches. Delicious meals prepared just for to elevate and fuel your practice.

Dinner: Fill your belly with delicious vegan and holistic Afro-Caribbean meals to nurture the mind, body, and spirit.

Other Events

Additional Meditative and Restorative Services at Black Women's Yoga Retreat (at an additional cost): Black Women’s Yoga Retreat will have a Reiki Practitioner and Massage Therapist to provide Deep Tissue, Swedish and Holistic Massages. We will provide our yoginis with an incredibly meditative and restorative massages and reiki sessions.

Private Yoga Sessions: We also provide private classes where an instructor can focus on your practice and together you can create a personal program that works anywhere you are.

We encourage relaxation: In your free time, you can read a book in a hammock, visit a cacao farm to learn where chocolate comes from, and check out the Jaguar Rehabilitation Center where local animals are rescued. We want you to experience the great snorkeling or scuba diving experiences Puerto Viejo has to offer along with its national park.

If you would like to know about more activities or are interested in the listed activities, feel free to contact us and we will let you know how to book it!

Additional Activities include:
• Surf Lesson
• Kayaking
• Swim Lesson
• Scuba Diving
• Tour of a Cacao farm to learn where chocolate comes from
​• Afro Costa Rican
​• Cultural Tour
• Zip Lining

Our yoga classes are for all levels and provide a restorative and meditative experience tailored to black women.
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Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica

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