#BIZOFWE Mastermind Kickstarter

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#BIZOFWE Mastermind Kickstarter


By The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs)

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August 5, 2020 · 4pm - December 6 · 5pm PDT



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We Invite You To Join Us At A Complimentary Virtual Event, and Experience the Power of Masterminding! First Wednesday of every month at 7:00pm via ZOOM.

Hello my NYC entrepreneurs!

Whether you're looking to be part of a sisterhood and tribe, where there's awareness, acknowledgment, and accountability, and/or ready to step up and show up as the entrepreneurial woman that you are ...community is always where it's at!

Learn more about this tight-knit, highly interactive, diverse and dynamic group of women (based in NYC), and experience the Power of the Mastermind! Come connect, collaborate and confidently communicate your goals, projects and bigger vision for 2023 and beyond...

Spend an evening with us from the comfort of your home (glass of wine or cup tea in hand) and meet other like-minded, action-driven entrepreneurial women. An intimate space, exclusive gathering and unique opportunity to share, be heard, learn, grow and be supported in your success building efforts, in this unique Mastermind setting!

FREE RSVP: Event is for newbies and first-time guests only.

Please Note: Cybersecurity and protecting our online events from hackers is very important to us! This complimentary workshop is intended to be an interactive and collaborative experience for all participants. To respect the privacy and confidentiality of other participants, we reserve the right to remove non-interactive participants with their cameras off, and not participating in the discussion or activities, and such decision will be made at the discretion of the host.

We’ve designed our signature events to support women just like you to express yourself authentically, and navigate through business and professional challenges using the collective intelligence of others. We are confident that the powerful conversations created between like-minded women who are committed to growing, evolving and manifesting greatness for themselves and others, will catapult us all to new heights of achievement!

No matter where you’re at in your personal and/or professional journey, The Business of WE is where intentions are strengthened and WE take inspired action. Where meaningful connections are made and collaborative partnerships are born… Where uncertainty and fear perish and together WE RISE and THRIVE! A tight-knit group that stands firmly behind you, holds you accountable and encourages you to just "go for it."  We promise you will leave equipped with information, resources and a new sisterhood of like-minded professional women.



First and foremost, we believe in the advancement of women’s entrepreneurship by investing in women, plain and simple!  For many women there are simply not enough mentors, role models or community, professional networks available to strategically guide them through entrepreneurship and business growth — especially in under-served communities or in less formal businesses.

Our vision is to bring together the tri-state area's growing community of energetic and passionate women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are ready and committed to unlock their fullest potential with industry experts – trailblazing women who are truly pioneering progress and who understand what it takes to break-through the barriers to business growth.

As women entrepreneurs acquire the tools and resources, gain experience growing and expanding their businesses, their confidence and aspirations grow, and we want to be at the forefront of that transformation.  By providing a sacred space to foster organic and authentic connections, business relationships and collaborative partnerships that would serve as a catalysts for making women more effective and successful as entrepreneurs and leaders.

For more info on the Business of WE and the #WEThrive community, please visit: www.bizofwe.com

About the organizer

The Business of WE (Women Entrepreneurs) believes in the positive impact of women in business and their potential to change lives and become key drivers of economic growth in their communities. Committed to professional and personal growth, our mission is to help women unlock their full potential and advance in their pursuits by providing essential strategies, innovative resources, fostering collaborative connections, inspiration and empowerment.


We invite you to join a community of like-minded, passionate and supportive women with a MINDSET FOR SUCCESS!


Committed to elevating each other through education, inspiration and meaningful connections, WE Thrive is a vibrant community of like-minded, purposeful women entrepreneurs, professionals, small business owners, leaders, innovators, thinkers and doers on a mission to do what they love, relentlessly pursue their passions, and take their business to the next level. The best investment we can make is in our growth.  Together we create a positive and encouraging environment for women to grow, thrive and prosper in all areas of our lives.  


Be part of a tight-knit, intimate, sacred space where you can learn from industry experts, find inspiration and fresh ideas, celebrate your accomplishments, and network with other like-minded women entrepreneurs and small business owners who are READY AND COMMITTED TO UNLOCK their fullest potential!

A successful, thriving business requires you to continously be moving forward, setting goals, making plans, taking action, following through, experiencing results and MONETIZING! You MUST be on mission, day in and day out!  Consistency is key… Who else is supporting you in staying fired up, focused, driven and committed to be your ABSOLUTE BEST!?


JOIN US TODAY! http://bizofwe.com/