BIOXENO  by Ce Quimera and Gaia Leandra

BIOXENO by Ce Quimera and Gaia Leandra

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Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory

52-54 Jägerstraße

1200 Wien


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Ce Quimera and Gaia Leandra propose to collectively explore the diversity of organisms in an ecosystem.

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Nothing is more queer than nature.

– Brigitte Baptiste

In this workshop, Ce Quimera and Gaia Leandre propose to collectively explore the diversity of organisms in an ecosystem. Through biological and artistic practices, we will question how different microorganisms live and co-exist interacting with the environment. We will address ecological communities: how to define an ecosystem, how different communities maintain and generate themselves, and why the human body is an ecosystem and not an individual. We will shift our anthropocentric vision, conditioned by the belief that humans are the measure of all things, to a worldly outlook that introduces the invisible: all surfaces are covered with life.

"Bioxeno project has had the support of the “Premios Barcelona 2020” Grants from the Barcelona City Council and with the support of for our two-year residency at the Wetlab (Gaia Leandra + Ce Quimera 2020-2022)."


FWF | The Austrian Science Fund, BMKÖES | Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Arts Culture, MA7 | City of Vienna Culture Department, FFG | The Austrian Research Promotion Agency, Institut Ramon Llull and the Government of Catalonia (Delegation to Central Europe)

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What is a wetlab? What bodies inhabit it?

If we understand biology not only as a discipline of the natural sciences that studies life and living organisms, what is bio?

If bio is life and technologies operate at the level of life management, how would we define these technologies?

If technologies build and shape our identities, can we think of bio as technologies operating at the same level as a synthesizer?

What kind of technologies do we work with in a laboratory? Are they the same ones we work with in the wetlab? Do these technologies, which we call living technologies, have a specificity of their own?

If the wetlab generates knowledge, practices and experiences from a transhackfeminist point of view, how do we understand transhackfeminism?

If what matters to us are the ways of doing things, and we understand transhackfeminism as a multiplicity of methods, how do we manage the care in these practices? How do we manage the links between human and non-human beings? How do pollution and the transmission of knowledge operate in this ecosystem?

With the idea not to answer but to put in dialogue these questions, we activate a series of artefacts and actions that give content to this container called "wetlab".

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Artist and researcher, born in Argentina and resident in Europe since 2000, living between Barcelona and Bourges. She studied Social Anthropology in Buenos Aires, while doing internships in performing arts and in 2008, together with Kina Madno, she created the lab, Quimera Rosa. From this point on she focused her corporal and investigative work on post-identity gender policies and corporal, identity and technoscience experimentations from a trans*feminist perspective.

Her work currently focuses on the development of performances, transdisciplinary projects and interactive installations, elaborating devices that function through corporal activity and experimentations in biohacking. Her work includes long periods of research/experimentation, generally in residences. In 2016, she began working with Quimera Rosa on the project Trans*Plant, carried out and produced by Ars Electrónica and the European Media Artists in Residence Exchange (EMARE), Hangar and the Barcelona Biomedical Research Park (PRBB), the University of California in Davis and L'Antre Peaux. In 2019, she participated in Acá soy la que se fue: relatos sudakas en la Europa fortaleza, a pioneer collection of real stories of and for migrants to Europe from Abya Yala and the Caribbean. She is a resident artist together with Gaia Leandra at the Hangar Wetlab (2020/2022), where she carries out projects of investigation and experimentation in art and science from a transhackfeminist vision. Most of her work is collaborative and free of patents and ownership codes and has been presented in streets, galleries, universities, freelance spaces, okupas, art centres, festivals and museums.

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Gaia Leandra holds a degree in biology. She worked at the Institute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (IMM) of the Italian National Research Council CNR. After university education, she started artistic collaborations with Paula Pin within the project »Fotosintetika«. She participates in the Maker Faire (Rome). She exhibited sound work at the Flussi media arts festival in Avellino. She also collaborates with the collective »Riot Studio« doing DIY biology workshops and works with Mary Magicc’s project »Hormons«. Together with the artist Oskar Martin she offers workshops on sound biology and electronics. She is part of the Italian collective »Merda Elettronica«. She teaches DIY synth workshops with the artist Corazón de Robota. She curates independent music festivals such as FTS, Multiversal, Ràdio Black Out and TPA I 76A Napolitan squatt. From 2020 to 2022 she is part of the resident collective in Wetlab at in Barcelona.

Feminist Hardware Festival

16th of May - 14th of June 2022

Queer, non-binary and female-identified media artists come together to rethink the notion of hardware from a feminist perspective. They extend the ethics of feminist hacking to ecological circuits. By using decentralized, fair-traded, modular, renewable, non-toxic materials they speculate upon future alternative technologies: they create hardware made from water, air, bubbles, waste, body-liquids, microbes, glass, soil or plants.

We proudly present a diverse selection of local and international artists who generate empathic, eco-sentient and anti-racist soft/hardware. They investigate the use of organic, biodegradable, microbial matter for creating ethical technology that helps to unpack the late capitalist industrial complexity of the high-tech.

Building their artistic circuits the artists are learning from biocultural, reciprocal restoration, feminist data science and environmental movements. By doing so, the artists prototype models of generative and subsistent commons with human and non-human agents.

Through workshops, talks, performances and exhibitions we will debate artistic, anti-colonial alternatives to sexist, toxic and extractivist commodity chains. This way we propose the term feminist hardware as a vehicle to diffract gender equality with sustainable and healing ecologies.

The 1st Feminist Hardware Festival is a synergetic extension of Feminist Hacking: Building Circuits as an Artistic Practice international 3-year art-based research project (PEEK AR580) conducted by Stefanie Wuschitz, Patrícia J. Reis and Taguhi Torosyan at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna in collaboration with Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory.

Participating artists

Arianna Forte / IT

Ce Quimera & Gaia Leandra / Wetlab / CAT

Giulia Tomasello / IT

Irene Agrivina / HONF / ID

Ioana Vreme Moser / DE

Marcela Suárez / US

Mary Maggic / US / AT

Mirjana Mitrović /MX / DE


BMKÖES | Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Arts Culture, BMUKK | Federal Ministry Republic of Austria Education, Science and Research, Civil Service and Sport, FFG | The Austrian Research Promotion Agency, FWF | The Austrian Science Fund and MA7 | City of Vienna Culture Department.


Barcelona City Council, Hangar Barcelona | Catalan Center of Artistic Research and Production, Government of Catalonia | Delegation to Central Europe, Institut Ramon Llull, Istituto di Cultura Italiano and Wetlab Barcelona


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Mz* Baltazar’s Laboratory and AIL - Angewandte Innovation Lab.

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Mz. Baltazar’s Laboratory

52-54 Jägerstraße

1200 Wien


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