Embodying Ecological Stakes of our Time in Urban Contexts

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This open seminar will be devoted to climate change. How can we design embodied experiences likely to make visible, sensible this stake?

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Our urban lives are mainly indoor, immersed in closed and vertical landscapes (putting us aways from an ecological consciousness), and wrapped into a temporal acceleration that fosters a focus on present time (far from anthropocene's durations).

This new open seminar will be an opportunity for four short online workshops in English and in French:

4 PM-4.30 PM: workshop I (in English) by Sharon Sharon Prendeville (Loughborough University). "Design Frames: Democratic Dialogues in the Urban Commons". Interactive session with the audience.

4.30 PM-5 PM: workshop II (in English) by François-Xavier de Vaujany (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine) and Aurore Dandoy (PSL, Université Paris-Dauphine). "Walking in the City, Embodying Ecological Stakes of our Time". Short presentation and co-creative exercises focused on the design of a collective walk for each city represented by the participants to our session (trajectory, story-telling, experiences, mediations).

5.PM-5.30 PM: workshop III (in French) by Promising ( "Co-concevoir un atelier expérientiel sur les enjeux et transitions écologiques : processus et éléments de méthode". Methodological workshop for citizens, politicians, managers, entrepreneurs, interested in organizing workshops focused on ecological stakes.

5.30 PM-6 PM: workshop IV (in French) by Olivier Piazza (Université de Cergy Pontoise) and David Vallat (SciencePo Lyon). "Quand l'art et la pratique artistique explorent l'anthropocène : l'art peut-il sauver notre planète ?".

Everything will be on line via zoom. The event will be live streamed on Youtube, and live tweeted and posted on Facebook.


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