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LUÍS VICENTE and VASCO TRILLA invite MARINA DŽUKLJEV. Concert Dinner event...

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Art Loft Lisbon

Praça do Príncipe Real


1250-096 Lisbon


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Welcome to Art in Action House!!!

Enjoy an Exclusive and Private CONCERT followed by DINNER in our ART LOFT in Lisbon's center - Príncipe Real.

"For the purpose of bringing true SOUND experiences to people PRIVATELY!

... from the gallery to the NEW FORM OF GALLERY through common gathering and eating together!"

For Jazz and Art Lovers. PRIVATE CONCERT Dinner WITH:


It's a TRUE PRIVILEGE for ART LOFT LISBON to share this performance privately with YOU!

Come to our Private Art Loft and enjoy a PRIVATE CONCERT folowed by DINNER in a unique and intimate artistic experience!!! Dive into over 200 original contemporary art pieces in our gallery

  • TICKETS INCLUDE: The CONCERT, the Portuguese beverages - craft beer, wines, ginginha and the always surprising DINNER. Please drink in moderation.

  • In respect to the musicians and to the public. DOOR CLOSES AT 9pm and the bell is turned off.

  • ART & CONCERT EVENTS are limited to just 40 people.

LUÍS VICENTE and VASCO TRILLA released this year their debut album

"A BRIGHTER SIDE OF DARKNESS" on the portuguese acclaimed Clean Feed Records having a very warm reception with several positive reviews.

They've been playing intensely all over Europe during the last two years.

This time they invite the talented creative serbian pianist MARINA DZUKJEV for a unique concert, their first time playing the three together.

Looks promising, don't miss it!



Marina Džukljev (Serbia) is a pianist, educator and active performer in the fields of free improvisation, classical, contemporary and applied music.
She collaborates with wide range of multimedia artists across region and further such as: Diatribes, Franz Hautzinger, Tomaž Grom, Joel Grip, Szilard Mezei, Noid, Vasco Trilla, John Dikeman, Isabelle Duthoit, Tristan Honsinger, Bertrand Denzler, Hans Koch, Jonas Kocher, Korhan Erel and many others.
She is a member of the quartet, septet, tentet and the large ensemble of the composer and violist Szilard Mezei, with whom she has recorded and published music over the many years of collaboration. Her music was broadcasted on many national radio stations all over Europe, and she performed on many festivals and venues in Sweden, Slovenia, Croatia, Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany ...

She is an active member of duos Noid/ Džukljev, Jaka Berger/Marina Džukljev, Porteleki / Dzukljev and trio Mezei /Trilla / Džukljev. Schellander/ Noid/ Džukljev, Fresh Dust Trio as well as international ensemble Šalter.

Marina is a curator and the organizer of Improstor - improvised music concert series in Novi Sad.

"Still Now (If You Still) is music of furious virtuosity. It is an album that makes you hold your breath as you listen. It is sound rushing into a vacuum. It is also “an activity which requires the presence of others.” Still Now brings into the cerebral realm of chamber music the emotional, gut-reaction heft of free jazz, and maybe just a touch—true to Trilla’s roots—of the relentless, hypnotic intensity of heavy metal".

Dan Sorrels freejazzblog


"Luís Vicente has spread his talent in collaborations with numerous national and international musicians. The trumpeter, composer and improviser has collaborated on projects such as Fail Better !, Clocks & Clouds, Frame Trio, Vincent & Marjamaki, Twenty One 4tet, In Layers, Deux Maisons and What About Sam?, Among others.

Most recently he joined a quartet that brought together historical names of free jazz, William Parker and Hamid Drake."

A FORMA DO JAZZ -Parallel Harvesting -2019, by Nuno Catarino

"With over twenty albums already in his discography, many of which are edited by labels from other countries, Portuguese trumpeter Luís Vicente is experiencing the best moment of his career. Now, it was the Polish Multikulti Project that launched, almost simultaneously, two more titles with its name in the foreground."

In Luís Vicente - Em topo de forma - Multikulti Project, by Rui Eduardo Paes

“The component manifests most obviously in Vicente's trumpet, (...) Of course, the trumpeter also splutters and exclaims explosively. But whatever he does packs charge.”

John Sharpe, All About Jazz

“One of the joys of listening to him play: he’s got an undeniable ear for melody, but he’s also not afraid to draw all of the primal physicality out of his horn - sometimes he sputters, sometimes he spits out lines with acerbic intensity, but he always keeps your attention.”

Derek Stone, The Free Jazz Collective


Prolific Catalan (but with strong Portuguese roots) drummer-percussionist-improviser Vasco Trilla has released more than 15 albums since the beginning of 2018, all of which highlight his idiosyncratic conception of time, pulse and space.

His recent solo project and collaborations with like-minded improvisers offer insights to his masterful, brilliant work, and his unique ability to transform all objects into percussive machines.

"Vasco is really one of the modern masters of a new 'free sound approach' to drum set and percussion. Defying the accepted conventions of speed, and 'flashy' drum set playing, he makes an incredible musical statement here, taking us through a myriad of tones and emotions along a varied and tonally hybrid journey. A 'must have' for all drum set players who want to add something a little different to their sound world".

Pete Lockett - London 2016

"The Thriller Comes to Town

What determines a successful performance in free improvisation? Is it the level of empathy in the musician-musician relationship? The untraversed deposits of synergy resulting from the collective fusion of musicians improvising within a limited number of participants? Or maybe it is the musician’s craft itself, because when you are capable of playing anything, you can only play what you wish.

What determines such a performance in the case of the Portuguese/Catalan drummer, percussionist and improviser, Vasco Trilla? In this case, the key attributes of success seem to consist of the three factors – firstly- imagination, secondly – transgenre experiences in performing music and finally, thirdly, the diligence!...

...If the imagination of the improvising musician – undeniable in the case of Trilla – is a derivative of musical experiences of a nearly 40-year-old musician’s life, the evidence to support such thesis may be found effortlessly:

Etho-jazz? Boi Akih!
Avant Rock? October Equus!
Jazz-Core? Outerzone!
Progressive Jazz-Rock? Planeta Imaginario!
Black Metal? Triplezero!
Improvised music?


...Vasco Trilla. The Catalan citizen of the world. He performs and records on every continent. Every day, every hour. "

in VascoTrilla.com

This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND experience ...

... ART IN ACTION gives YOU the amazing opportunity to listen/watch/eat/drink/gather with them PRIVATELY !!!

How it started... our hidden museum

An old stable converted into a house/studio by an artist couple as a jewel/ sculpture.
The artistic adventure started in 1996 creating the architectural solutions.
In almost 3 years enthusiastically the contemporary art collection climbed its walls, took its ceilings, spread all over the floor filling up these 230m² x 5 high and 15 x 2m sculpture garden.

Discover a private loft house/gallery, full of stories and history from the past 20 years.

The full address will be provided after your BOOK IN.

Just like you, we prefer intimate moments: ART & CONCERT DINNER events are limited to 40 people (subject to availability).

Our idea is really to keep the intimacy, so ONLY 40 people.

We'll EAT, DRINK, MEET THE ARTISTS in a comfortable inspiring environment and above all... LISTEN TO THE BEST MUSIC.

If you're vegan, don't worry. If you have any other food restriction, just let us know.

- Don't miss it !!!

-Let’s celebrate. With ART MUSIC… It’s ALL WE NEED!


-Are there any ID or minimum age requirements to access your event?
NO, but we don't serve alcohol to minors.

- What's included in the price?

The Concert, the Portuguese bevarages: craft beer, red/ white wine, ginginha and the DINNER are INCLUDED in the event's price. We are here to share good moments with best of music while admiring beautiful painting and sculpture works. Please drink in moderation.

-What are my transportation/parking options to get to and from the event?

Easier is TAXI or UBER, Underground METRO RATO. Parking should be in the street behind, or nearby but it's NOT easy to find.

-What can I bring to the event?
Open mind, JOY and Happiness.

-How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?
You will receive the email address and the phone number of the organizer after buying your ticket.

-What is the refund policy?
Full refund until the day before 12am.

-Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?
YES please or on your smartphone.

-Can I update my registration information?

-Is my registration, fee or ticket transferable?

-Is it okay if the name on my ticket or registration does not match the participant?

We speak Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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Art Loft Lisbon

Praça do Príncipe Real


1250-096 Lisbon


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