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Welcome to Art in Action House!!!

Enjoy an Exclusive and Private CONCERT DINNER in our ART LOFT in Lisbon's Center!!!

"For the purpose of bringing true SOUND experiences to people... PRIVATELY!!! ... from the gallery to a NEW FORM OF GALLERY through common gathering and eating!!!"

For Jazz and Art Lovers. PRIVATE CONCERT dinner WITH:


ART LOFT LISBON is thrilled to host this legendary most complete ARTIST known as "ZÍNGARO"!

Carlos "ZÍNGARO" is not only known as an always innovative musician but in visual arts too. In the 80's he founded one of the most "outofthebox" galleries in Lisbon ever, gallery Cómicos alongside with Luis Serpa, besides his own amazing cartoons/ comics/ illustration works mostly seen on record sleeves throughout the past 40 years.

And for you, for us, he's bringing us another stunning cellist and improviser - MITZLAFF - for our PURE DELIGHT!!!

Come to our Private Loft and enjoy a PRIVATE CONCERT DINNER having the amazing opportunity to listen/watch/eat/drink/gather WITH THEM PRIVATELY in a unique and intimate artistic experience.

Dive into over 200 original contemporary art pieces from our collection, and lets hope, we can see some of the old records sleeves in a rare precious moment...

  • TICKETS INCLUDE Portuguese beverages: craft beer, wine, ginginha AND a always surprising hearted DINNER. Please drink in moderation.
  • DOOR CLOSES AT 9pm. In respect to the musicians we do not open any exceptions. ART & CONCERT EVENTS are limited to just 40 people.


The so-called "real time composition" is the foundation of this duo, formed by violinist Carlos "Zíngaro" - free jazz and European exploratory music central figure, with Ulrich Mitzlaff, German cellist with multi-dimensional collaborations in various categories.

The musicians develop their expression from this initial premise, creating diverse sound spaces that not directly refer to specific languages, won’t be unrelated to the trajectories and influences of each musician.

In that sense, it will be predictable in this duo presentation, the existence of an intense and diverse musical interaction. From "free jazz" to many other approaches, through the most random aspects of contemporary music.

Carlos "ZÍNGARO" - violin

In 1967 he formed Plexus, the only Portuguese group at the time to have developed a new musical approach based on contemporary music, improvisation and rock… in 1979 he won a Fulbright Grant and was invited by the Creative Music Foundation in Woodstock, New York to participate in meetings, classes and performances with such composers as Anthony Braxton, Roscoe Mitchell, George Lewis, Leo Smith, Tom Cora and Richard Teitelbaum (a regular collaborator). He also gave lectures on New Notation Concepts, Movement and Sound, and the inter-relationship of Improvisation and Body Attitude. As a soloist, or with other musicians and composers, Carlos Zingaro has performed at many of the most important new music and improvising festivals in Europe, Asia and America.

...A substantial level of Carlos Zingaro's musical activities are associated with theatre, film and dance.

in 1988 he worked with the Italian theatre director Giorgio Barberio Corsetti on his Kafka Trilogy. He has also been stage and costume designer for several other theatre productions. He has produced several film scores and worked extensively with dancers and dance companies such as the Gulbenkian Dance Company, the Opéra de Genève Dance Company, Michala Marcus, Aparte, and Olga Roriz.

He has a record production, in his own name or in collaborations with other musicians and composers of more than thirty titles, with editions in Portugal, France, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, Italy, UK, Japan, the Netherlands or USA. He has been awarded the "Chock de La Musique" award twice by the French magazine Monde de la Musique, as well as his work being recognized as the best records of the year in Wire Magazine (UK) and Coda (Canada) ).


It's too long… and he's enchanting… just DON’T MISS IT!

You have a fabulous opportunity to meet him personally… AND with Mitzlaff, we’ll only be forty people!!!

Ulrich MITZLAFF - Cello

German cellist and composer, Ulrich Mitzlaff is living in Portugal since 1996, working in the area of contemporary and experimental music, free jazz, improvisation and sound-art. He also collaborates with some of the most innovative Portuguese artists and participates in several multidisciplinary projects. With Carlos “Zíngaro” he performed in many different constellations and formations that had a significant impact on his playing.

Ten Sonic Miniatures about Edvard Munch´s “the Scream”

Ulrich Mitzlaff has published two records on Edvard Munch’s “The Scream”.
After his first solo project “X-RUN-4 PRISMATIQUE”, launched in the format of a digital album at the label Crónica Electrónica in 2016, Ulrich Mitzlaff edits ten sonic miniatures, inspired by the famous painting of Edvard Munch “The Scream”. All miniatures are created and played in the moment, following the concept of real time composition.

Visual art converted in music by the expressive possibilities of the sonic resources shaped like a dialogue between the music of Ulrich Mitzlaff and the painting of Edvard Munch.

This is a ONE-OF-A-KIND experience ...

How it started... our hidden "museum"

An old stable converted into a house/studio by an artist couple as a jewel/ sculpture.
The artistic adventure started in 1996 creating the architectural solutions.
In almost 3 years enthusiastically the contemporary art collection climbed its walls, took its ceilings, spread all over the floor filling up these 230m² x 5 high and 15 x 2m sculpture garden.

Discover a private loft house/gallery, full of stories and history from the past 20 years.

Dive into over 200 original contemporary art pieces surrounded by books and catalogues.

The full address will be provided after your BOOK IN.

Just like you, we prefer intimate moments: ART & CONCERT DINNER events are limited to 40 people (subject to availability).

Our idea is really to keep the intimacy so ONLY 40 people.

We'll EAT, DRINK, MEET THE ARTISTS in a comfortable inspiring environment and above all... LISTEN TO THE BEST MUSIC.

If you're vegan, don't worry. If you have any other food restriction, just let us know.

- Don't miss it !!!

-Let’s celebrate. With ART MUSIC… It’s ALL WE NEED!


-Are there any ID or minimum age requirements to access your event?
NO, but we don't serve alcohol to minors.

- What's included in the price?
Portuguese bevarages: craft beer, red/ white wine, ginginha and DINNER are INCLUDED in the event's price. We are here to share good moments with best of music while admiring beautiful paintings and sculptures works. Please drink in moderation.

-What are my transportation/parking options to get to and from the event?
Easier is TAXI or UBER, Underground METRO RATO. Parking should be in the street behind or nearby but it's NOT EASY TO FIND.

-What can I bring to the event?
Open mind, JOY and Happiness.

-How can I contact the organizer if I have questions?
You will receive the email address and the phone number of the organizer after buying your ticket.

-What is the refund policy?
Full refund until the day before 12am.

-Should I bring my printed ticket to the event?
YES please or on your smartphone.

-Can I update my registration information?

-Is my registration, fee or ticket transferable?

-Is it okay if the name on my ticket or registration does not match the participant?

. We speak English, Spanish, Catalan, Italian, Portuguese, German and little French.

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Full address will be provided after you BOOK IN.

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1200-280 Lisbon


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