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Big Blue Chicago Tailgate Party: Giants vs. Bears (TAILGATE ONLY)

Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
We are sorry, but sales are no longer taking place at this time. To inquire on potential options, email us at info@bigbluechicago.com

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Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Drive

Chicago, IL 60605

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Refund Policy

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Sales Have Ended

Ticket sales have ended
We are sorry, but sales are no longer taking place at this time. To inquire on potential options, email us at info@bigbluechicago.com
Event description
A tailgate party on site at Soldier Field for the Giants vs. Bears game that includes a full tailgate party with your fellow Big Blue fans.

About this Event



Our Big Blue Chicago (formerly Chicago New York Football Giants) group has done road trips to games annually since 2008 traveling all over the country. It has become one of the highlights of our football season regardless of how good or bad the Giants are doing at the time.

For 2019, we are back on the road once again. Only this time, we are the ones hosting the party. We will be utilizing a Coach Bus for our annual "Big Blue Road Trip" to Soldier Field for the November 24th game between the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. Our last game here in Chicago was in 2013, a long, long time ago.

Due to overwhelming fan response, we sold out our 55 person bus trip to the game back in the middle of September after only having it on sale during the middle of the summer. So, to help allow fans that contacted us to let us know they missed out on that part of our experience, we are allowing fans a second option to meet us on-site at the game and enjoy the tailgate with our Big Blue fans.


Once a ticket is purchased it is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, tickets are transferable if you cannot make trip and want to sell to someone else.

We have introduced a tiered pricing method for the trip. The " Early Bird" cost for a tailgate ticket is $40 for the first 20 people who pay for their tickets. The remaining tickets are at a cost is $45 ("General Admission") until November 18. Whatever tickets remain, if you order between November 18 and November 23, the cost will increase to $50. If you wait until the day of the game (why wait so long?) and want to purchase on-site, the cost will be $60.

Early Bird ($40) - First 20 people

General Admission ($45) - Price until November 18

Week of Game ($50) - November 18 to November 23

Last Second ($60) - November 24 (on-site at our tailgate location)

Our bus is expected to arrive at Soldier Field for 8:00 AM when the lots open. We will be in the ADLER PLANETARIUM LOT. That is when our Tailgate portion of the event will begin. The kickoff for the game is scheduled for 12:00 PM.

You are responsible for your own items that you bring to the tailgate Please ensure anything you bring is protected, safe and secure.

If you want to bring additional food and drink to contribute to the tailgate, that is encouraged. This is something we have done on the tailgates we have been invited to in our cities in our travels and so we want to allow the same here. You may bring a cooler that includes beer and food. If you have raw food that needs to go on the grill, we can accommodate.

Please stay in control of your game and drink responsibly. If it is determined that you are either causing problems with other people in the group to harm their experience and enjoyment or are excessively intoxicated, we reserve the right to remove you from the tailgate.


8:00 to 11:30 AM: Big Blue Chicago Tailgate Party (Adler Planetarium Lot)

(NOTE - We will slowly begin to pack up some things up just after 11 AM to allow everyone to be ready to head into the stadium at 11:30 as the security lines there are usually long. We all want to be in our seats for the start of the game.


1. How much is the ticket for the tailgate?

Answer: The Early Bird cost is $40 for the first 20 people who pay for their tailgate. The cost then goes to $45 for the remaining tickets until November 18. Afterwards, the price increases to $50 the week of the game and then $60 on the day of the game on-site if you meet us.

2. Do you have tickets for the Giants-Bears game for sale?

Answer: We do not. However, StubHub and TicketExchange does. We advise buying your tickets there in addition to Ticketmaster.

3. I have a last minute emergency and I cannot attend! Do you offer refunds?

Answer: No refunds will be given.

4. I cannot or do not want to go to the tailgate anymore! Can I transfer my ticket to someone else who wants to attend?

Answer: Yes, you can. All you have to do is let us know the name(s) of who you are transferring your tickets to so we can update our attendance list accordingly. We don’t want to have someone show up claiming to have tickets when they are not on our purchased list. as they will have to check-in with us so we can mark them down.

6. Where at Soldier Field will the tailgate be located?

Answer: The official location will be revealed on our website, BigBlueChicago.com on the week of the game with a map of exactly where we can be found.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - As of 11/7/2019, the tailgate will take place in the ADLER PLANETARIUM LOT on the Museum Campus at Soldier Field. We have included a picture of the location in the description to help further show where we will be located.)

7. What will you be serving at the tailgate?

Answer: Right now, our initial outline includes burgers, hot dogs, brats/sausage in addition to beer and well drinks. There are some additional food items we are working to hammer out such as ribs, chicken and pulled meat.

(EDITOR'S NOTE - As of 11/7/2019, we have removed Brooklyn Brewery as our sponsor due to their inability to meet the demand that they initially committed to. We will have beer at the tailgate, but it will be variety of different beers.

8. I would like to contribute and bring a personal dish to serve at the tailgate. Can I bring some food to add to the spread?

Answer: Absolutely! In our most recent Giants road trips to Atlanta, Tampa, Houston and Denver, even though there was a cook and spread already laid out, many of the fans brought meat, liquor, and additional items for the group to enjoy just to add. We welcome folks doing the same in this case as well.

9. What is the age limit?

Answer: All ages are welcome.

10. Can I purchase more than one ticket? What if I am not sure of how many tickets I need to buy?

Answer: Yes, more than one ticket can be purchased. It is recommended that if you are going to purchase, you order them all at once. If you purchase at the Early Bird $40 price and then later want to get additional tickets and those Early Bird tickets are sold out, you will have to pay the next tier $45 price. That process would then be followed for the other tiers.

13. What is the deadline to purchase tickets?

Answer: The current deadline for final purchase is Sunday, November 24, which we have classified those purchasers as "Day of Game" tickets.

14. What happens if the NFL changes the start time of the game (currently 12:00 PM) due to flex scheduling?

Answer: If that happens, we will obviously have to adjust our tailgate times since we are currently setting these times on a projected 12:00 PM start. Our research tells us that 7:20 PM would be the alternate game time. But we won't know that officially until two weeks before the game.

15. Can I bring a Bears fan to the tailgate?

Answer: Of course. While we would love to have all Giants fans as part of the tailgate, we know relationships where the husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend of one of our Giants fans might be a Bears fan, so we will not turn them away as long as they have paid too. We are not Eagles fans, where we would throw batteries and beer cans at them. Just have them watch their behavior and have a good time.

16. How can I contact you if I have a question or want to be a sponsor?

Answer: Simply drop an email to Carl at info@bigbluechicago.com

Email us with any questions (info@bigbluechicago.com) and we hope you can join us for a weekend of fun that will begin on Friday, November 22.


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Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Drive

Chicago, IL 60605

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