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Big Blue Chicago Tailgate Party - Giants vs Bears (BUS & TAILGATE)

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Sports Corner Wrigley Bar & Grill/Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Drive

Chicago, IL 60605

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Refund Policy

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A coach bus trip to and from Soldier Field for the Giants vs. Bears game that includes a full tailgate party with your fellow Big Blue fans.

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Our Big Blue Chicago (formerly Chicago New York Football Giants) group has done road trips to games annually since 2008 traveling all over the country. It has become one of the highlights of our football season regardless of how good or bad the Giants are doing at the time.

For 2019, we are back on the road once again. Only this time, we are the ones hosting the party. We will be utilizing a Coach Bus for our annual "Big Blue Road Trip" to Soldier Field for the November 24th game between the New York Giants and the Chicago Bears. Our last game here in Chicago was in 2013, a long, long time ago.


This trip is limited to those 21 years of age and over. Once a ticket is purchased it is NON-REFUNDABLE. However, tickets are transferable if you cannot make trip and want to sell to someone else.

We have introduced a tiered pricing method for the trip. The "Super Early Bird" cost for a bus/tailgate ticket is $50 for the first 20 people who pay for their tickets. The next 20 people who purchase a ticket afterward, the ticket cost is $55 ("Early Bird"). For the next 15 people ("Almost Early Bird"), the cost is $60 if you order your ticket before September 16 at 12:00 AM.

After September 16, the cost will raise to the general admission price of $65 through November 18 at 12:00 AM. After that, our "Last Minute" price will be $70 through November 23 at 12:00 AM. That will be followed by our "Last Second" price, which will be $75.

Super Early Bird ($50) - First 20 people

Early Bird ($55) - Next 20 people

Almost Early Bird ($60) - Through September 16 at 12:00 AM

General Admission ($65) - September 16 to November 18

Last Minute ($70) - November 18 to November 23

Last Second ($75) - November 23 to November 24

(NOTE - For group orders of 15 or more, please contact us via email: info@bigbluechicago.com)

The Coach Bus will pick all of us up on Sunday, November 24, 2019 from Sports Corner Wrigley (956 West Addison Street) in Chicago at 7:30 AM and will take us to Soldier Field for the game. From there, our Tailgate portion of the event will begin. The kickoff for the game is scheduled for 12:00 PM.

45 minutes after the conclusion of the Giants-Bears game, the bus will take us back to Sports Corner Wrigley. Everyone must be on the bus by that time or will be left behind and will have to find their way back.

There will be restrooms available on the charter bus along with electrical outlets for you to charge your portable devices.

You are responsible for your own items that you bring on the bus trip. Please ensure anything you bring is protected, safe and secure.

You may bring a cooler that includes beer and food onto the bus. DO NOT BRING GLASS BOTTLES. Please stay in control of your game and drink responsibly.

If it is determined that you are either causing problems with other people in the group to harm their experience and enjoyment or are excessively intoxicated, we reserve the right to not allow you back on the bus returning.


7:00 AM – Meet at Sports Corner Wrigley (956 West Addison)

7:00 AM to 7:25 AM – Check-in at Sports Corner Wrigley (will make sure those on our roster are the ones boarding the bus)

7:30 AM: Departure time to Soldier Field! (7:30 AM sharp, WE WILL NOT WAIT FOR YOU)

7:35 to 8:00 AM: Travel time to Soldier Field

8:00 to 11:30 AM: Big Blue Chicago Tailgate Party (specific lot for the tailgate will not be revealed until one week before the event)

12:00 PM: New York Giants vs. Chicago Bears at Soldier Field

3:30 PM: End of game*

4:15 PM: *Departure time from Soldier Field back to Sports Corner (Bus will be there to wait for us no longer than 45 minutes after the game is over. Make sure you are there at the bus in that time or you will have to contact Uber, Lyft or make a long walk to the subway station. However, if your hotel is close by, you do not have to travel back with us if you don’t want to. Just let us know in advance so we can track our attendance roster)

4:45 PM: Arrival to Sports Corner Wrigley

*The end of game and bus departure back to Chicago is estimated based on the game lasting precisely three and a half hours. Get some sleep the night before. It will be a long day ahead.


1. How much is the ticket for the bus trip?

Answer: The Super Early Bird cost is $50 for the first 20 people who pay for their bus seats. The cost then goes to $55 for the next 20 people, followed by $60 for the next 15 people. That will fill all of the seats for one bus.

After the initial bus has reached capacity, a waiting list will be started for a second bus. If we reach the minimum requirement to run the bus, the cost will be $70, with those who purchase in the final week (November 18 to 23) as "Last Minute" ($80) and (November 23 to 24) "Last Second" ($90).

2. Does the bus trip include a ticket to the Giants-Bears game?

Answer: No. You must purchase your own tickets for the game separately.

3. I have a last minute emergency and I cannot attend! Do you offer refunds?

Answer: No refunds will be given.

4. I cannot or do not want to go on the bus trip anymore! Can I transfer my ticket to someone else who wants to attend?

Answer: Yes, you can. All you have to do is let us know the name(s) of who you are transferring your tickets to so we can update our attendance list accordingly. We don’t want to have someone show up claiming to have tickets when they are not on our purchased list.

5. I woke up late! Traffic is backed up and I may not get there for 7:30 AM when it is time to leave. Can you wait a few extra minutes for me?

Answer: NO! The bus is contracted to leave at 7:30 AM. Please plan to arrive early to be checked in and on the bus ready to go by our scheduled departure. If you are late, you are out of luck and no refunds will be given. We will not stop the bus for you. Set that alarm earlier.

6. I purchased the Bus/Tailgate package, but I do not need to utilize the bus portion for variety of reasons (lodging, late night out, etc). Can I just meet you all at the tailgate site? Will you discount the ticket price if I don't use the bus?

Answer: You can meet us at the tailgate site. It's likely you will have a Saturday night that goes longer than you expect and you might wake up a little late on Sunday morning, so we understand. However, the cost of the ticket package will NOT be discounted.

7. What is the age limit?

Answer: 21 years old and up. No exceptions will be made. Please be mindful of this before purchasing.

8. Can I purchase more than one ticket? What if I am not sure of how many tickets I need to buy?

Answer: Yes, more than one ticket can be purchased. It is recommended that if you are going to purchase, you order them all at once. If you purchase at the Super Early Bird $50 price and then later want to get additional tickets and those Super Early Bird tickets are sold out, you will have to pay the next tier $55 price. That process would then be followed for the other tiers.

9. Can we make one stop at a place on the way to Soldier Field? Will you be making any stops?

Answer: NO! This is a non-stop trip from Sports Corner Wrigley to Soldier Field and back. No stops will be made in between. We want to get to our tailgate as quickly as possible. Please don’t ask if we can make a stop to see The Bean. We will not be doing that.

10. Can I purchase a ticket that just includes the tailgate only at a reduced price?

Answer: That will not be determined until we have sold our allotment of tickets for our bus first. This is an event that we have designed for those who have purchased the ticket package that included the bus, so we are giving preference to those purchasers. However, if we see that we can open it up to others based on their lodging situation, it is something we will consider and we would create a separate order section to indicate "Tailgate Only" at a price to be determined later.

11. What is the deadline to purchase tickets?

Answer: The current deadline for purchase is Sunday, November 24 at 6:30 AM.

12. What happens if the NFL changes the start time of the game (currently 12:00 PM) due to flex scheduling?

Answer: If that happens, we will obviously have to adjust our departure and arrival times since we are currently setting these times on a projected 12:00 PM start. Our research tells us that 7:20 PM would be the alternate game time. But we won't know that officially until two weeks before the game.

13. Can I bring a Bears fan to the tailgate?

Answer: Of course. While we would love to have all Giants fans as part of the tailgate, we know relationships where the husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend or just a friend of one of our Giants fans might be a Bears fan, so we will not turn them away as long as they have paid too. We are not Eagles fans, where we would throw batteries and beer cans at them. Just have them watch their behavior.

14. How can I contact you if I have a question?

Answer: Simply drop an email to Carl at info@bigbluechicago.com

Email us with any questions (info@bigbluechicago.com)


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Date and Time


Sports Corner Wrigley Bar & Grill/Soldier Field

1410 Museum Campus Drive

Chicago, IL 60605

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