Biblical Storytelling INTRO for Church Leaders ★★★★★

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(Got a Space for 20 People? Call Rick. Thx!)

Mooresville, NC 28117

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"in 100+ countries and still expanding"
(just since March 2004)

Biblical Storytelling INTRO
for Church Leaders
Thursday, January 11
(Venue: TBD)

See how Jesus reached the highly learned and the common man and how it can help you in your Corporate and Personal Ministry.

No cost
2 hours

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Reiny Koschel
Certified Lead Instructor (and Pastor)


"I'm bringing in out-of-state Certified Lead Instructors for this special meeting." - Area Coordinator


  • A lot of buzz currently on "storytelling." You might have heard that coursework has been offered for years at the Seminary level. That aside, maybe you have started to read some books on the subject but you are skeptical? Great! Come.

  • Our Creator made humanity to receive faith by hearing and books are a technology that reach only a tiny segment. Have you considered that there might be a God given way that essentially reaches all? Don't know? Come!

  • Rather than a technology, concepts or gimmicks, could there be a natural way of sharing God’s Word that touches hearts with His Scriptures that accurately reproduces? Not sure? Come!

  • Would you like you and your whole congregation free to be Disciple Makers as a natural part of daily life like the Disciples of Jesus the Christ, the Son of the Living God? Of course! So Come.


  • When was the last time you had a warm bible centered conversation with an ardent Athiest or just an everyday non-believer? If not recently, why not?
  • Imagine non-religious, religious, man, woman, young, old, highly learned, non-literate, blind and even atheist all receiving God's Word together.

  • Why imagine when its happening in the USA and around the World...

This biblical way results in transformation because people accurately eXperience God's ancient Word in their own modern contexts which naturally creates Disciple Makers at home, school, work and places of play.

To paraphrase the ancient Greek Archytus, "They can't help but want to tell others." (In my business seminars, I call it the Wowhey effect.)


  • How it restores a High view of the AUTHORITY of God and His Word.
  • How Scripture ACCURATELY REPRODUCES GENERATIONALLY at home, school, work and places of play.
  • Learn why it REACHES 100% much like the first century in contrast to 13% of the modern/western way.
  • See if it will help you in your ministry.

TEXT or Call me for more info.
Richard M. Carangelo 1962, MDiv 2009
Met Jesus May 9, 1995. (ex-OP Orthodox Pagan)
Advanced Storyteller, STS 2012
Area Coordinator

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Date and Time



(Got a Space for 20 People? Call Rick. Thx!)

Mooresville, NC 28117

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