BHAVA: An Exclusive Wellness Experience in Colorado

BHAVA: An Exclusive Wellness Experience in Colorado

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South Wind Ranch

Cottonwood Creek Road

Crawford, CO 81415

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Experience a sense of peace and safety during this weekend retreat with experienced supportive facilitators, horses, nature and art.

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The North Fork Valley of Western Colorado is the perfect setting for this unique Wellness Retreat. The abundant valley is home to nine vineyards, acres of cultivated organic produce, many orchards and rolling farm land. Surrounded by the Grand Mesa and West Elks, the incredible majesty of nature is palpable. It is within this setting we offer an opportunity to regain your footing, breathe again and experience a renewal of mind and spirit.

You know you want to slow down, to be able to breathe again, to be present in each moment. You want to reawaken your senses and allow your mind to be where your body is. You want to fully experience every moment, see colors brighter, taste food in new ways, feel joy, and notice your surroundings.

What if I told you this is all possible? Attending our innovative Wellness Retreat in beautiful western Colorado is the answer you've been searching for...

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This wellness retreat will open up hearts to experience the journey of finding peace right where you are right now. Humans are spiritual, biological beings with intellect, and we must intentionally seek healing through understanding that we must tend to every part of our being.

In addition to work with horses, participants will experience mindful movement, creating beautiful original pieces of art and walking in nature. Rhythm is a huge part of what helps our bodies experience peace and safety and so participating in our simple engaging activities and exercises unlocks our brains so that we can be immersed in the right here and right now.

  • Be Renewed
  • Be Joyous
  • Be Peaceful
  • Be Calm
  • Be Still
  • Be YOU!
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Accommodations and Meals are included in this exclusive wellness retreat. Retreat participants will stay at the famous Bross Hotel in Paonia, Colorado. A shuttle will pick up participants at the Montrose Airport on Thursday, and return to the airport Sunday. All meals are included as well. Participants will have the opportunity to shop in Paonia and we will go to several local restaurants and a winery. We will also have a personal chef preparing lunches and guiding through preparation of a tasty meal Friday evening, consisting of locally sourced meat and produce. All meals will offer gluten free and vegan options.

All activities will take place outside weather permitting, other than the meal preparation. We will provide options for VIP packages including personalized coaching sessions before and after the retreat for deeper processing and integration, a therpaeutic mounted equine session during the retreat and a personalized Bhava bag with mindful tools to take home.

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It can seem like peace is just beyond our grasp. But that joyful light is right there, within each of us. The beauty of this realization comes with surrender and humility, a learning of authenticity and being still. This is where horses come in, to introduce into our lives the slow down…the stop and pay attention. Integrate senses…sight, sound, sensation, smell, taste. Wake Up and live right now!

No experience is expected or required with horses. We welcome everyone and this experience is powerful and life-changing no matter where you are in your journey.

Quiet the Mind

Wake Up the Senses

Calm and Reconnect the Nervous System





Connect to Others

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A sense of belonging, of being loved...that is what we all desire and long for. This four-day three night retreat will guide participants to remember at the heart of everything is love. A setting aside of ego and setting forth of experiencing this life in a beautiful and connecting way through intentional time together.

Mindfulness is defined as actively seeking an awareness of the present moment and acknowledging physical sensations we are experiencing inside our bodies in real time, as well as current feelings and emotions that are related to those sensations.

A recognition of these sensations brings presence and connection to self, which then in turn allows us the opportunity to connect to others and to be engaged in a vibrant and empowered life.

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Retreat: a place of privacy or safety - a refuge.

Safety, refuge. How do those words impact you?

Human beings are a beautiful weaving together of three centers of intelligence: Intellectual, Emotional and Physical. These are separate but interrelated systems of intelligence and when they are all online we begin to see the world in a whole new way.

Shift from fear and helplessness to curiosity and calm.

Learn to Be Still in the silence, calm your mind, wake up your senses and intentionally stay present and engaged in the here and now.

Increase your Emotional Intelligence.

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Engage with our experienced team to create expressive art and spend intentional time with horses to experience true connection to your higher self.

“Thr Body Knows” is the language of sensation and being engaging in the present.


Connect to your inner vitality, wellness, and peace

So you can bloom with joy

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Arrive Thursday Evening, Check-In and Dinner with Ice Breaker



Mindful Movement and Meditation/Grounding

Mindful Walk and Introduction to the Herd, Equine Coaching

Work with Personal Energy and Physical Center


Equine Encounter

Time of Silence and Free Time, VIP Activities

Closing and Meal with Personal Chef

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Gather, Grounding, Mindful Movement

Art on Canvas

Equine Coaching


Discovery Discussion

Equine Coaching

Free Time

Winery Tour

Dinner at a Local Restaurant

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Breakfast and Check Out

Gather, Meditation, Art

Equine Coaching


Free Time, Airport

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The North Fork Valley includes the towns of Paonia, Hotchkiss and Crawford-as well as the surrounding mesas. It’s named in recognition of the North Fork of the Gunnison River, which runs east-west through the valley from the mountains to the east of Paonia to the ‘dobie’ deserts west of Hotchkiss.

The physical setting of the Valley – tucked between the West Elk Mountains to the east, the Grand Mesa to the North and the canyons and high desert of the south and west portions of the county make this a distinct sliver of paradise and one with its own identity.

A longtime home to the Ute Indian people, the first Anglo settlers of the valley immediately recognized its agricultural promise. With its potential for irrigation, rich bottomlands and mild climate, they set about planting extensive orchards. The first fruit trees were planted in the early 1880’s and by the 1892 Chicago World’s Fair, Paonia fruit was already winning top prizes.

While much has changed in the past 130+ years, the importance of “the land” remains a constant. As with the early settlers, those pursuing agriculture today pay close attention to what best “fits” the land…the determining factor, often being altitude, soil quality, terrain and the availability of irrigation water.

Since the 1880’s, agriculture and animal husbandry have been not only a means of making a living, but have become an important part of the communities identity. While cattle and sheep still dominate, some diversification is taking place into Buffalo and Elk. Along with the expansions in livestock ranching, there’s been a strong trend in crop and fruit farming towards “organic” methods. Early settlers would be surprised to see the quickly growing local wine and organic fruit & vegetable operations. Though the changes in agriculture are significant, the spirit of creativity and determination remain strong in the valley. A proud tribute to our predecessors!

- North Fork Visitors Guide

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