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ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, Lisbon, Portugal - Auditorium Mário Murteira



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BGI would like to invite you to a Cocktail on Friday, 3rd of November 2017.

This is a networking event concluding the second bootcamp of BGI's 8th edition & CLIMATE KIC 2nd edition acceleration program.

The event will have 16 start ups pitching for 5 min pitch followed by 5 mints Q&A.

Schedule for Friday 3rd November 2017

15h00/15h15 - Welcome Note, BGI
(Executive Director - Gonçalo Amorim)

15h15/15h35 - KeyNote on Open Innovation
(Former Director for Sales and Marketing for EMEAR (Europe, Middle East, Africa and Russia) at Cisco Capital -Carlos Brazão)

15h35/17h00 - BGI Start-ups Pitch + Q&A

17h00/17h10 - Break

17h10/18h30 - Climate-KIC Start-ups Pitch + Q&A

18h30 - Networking Cocktail

  • BGI start ups

Body O: BodyO is the next generation online health and wellness planning and tracking solution proven to help end-users.

Delox: Hospital acquired infections are a huge burden for society. Current sterilization techniques are insufficient to solve a problem that affects 1 in 14 patients in the developed world. After five years of research, Delox created a new technology – dryVHP - that reduces sterilization time by half and supports portable, non-electric sterilizing machines. Delox provides better health care for a patient, whether in a hospital or in a catastrophe situation.

Fi-Sonic: FI-Sonic, projects, research and development, audio acoustic engineering

FuelSave: Technology that allows road transportation companies, or road freight companies, save 20 % in fuel and gas emissions only by retraining their drivers for better performance. It uses the driver’s truck telemetry that is connected “live” to its cloud, reporting 30 different data points of the truck running conditions. It can help companies double their EBITDA. The key innovation is in performing live training using telemetry that is captured at the moment, creating an action-reaction and very practical training program

Innovation Cast: Leading-edge end-to-end innovation management software and consulting to support you all the way. Be an innovation management game-changer.

Sheapping: We will provide the logistics and transportation sector with more efficiency by bringing small businesses and the C2C market.

Spero: The New paradigm in urban space management. It calls for citizen engagement as “living sensors” of reality through an App which allows immediate reporting of problems in the urban space, supporting connection to the IoT - Internet of Things. It provides management entities (municipalities, contractors) a powerful web-based tool, with decision support algorithms, which enables optimized prioritization of interventions and continuous feedback to citizens. Spero.City also integrates social networks, communities, and gamification, making it possible to award prizes to citizens and best cities.

Straight Teeth Direct: Technology platform enabling at home cosmetic teeth straightening with no visits to the dentist and no ugly braces. Invisible aligners are delivered to the user by post at a cost saving of up to 70%. This revolutionary teledentistry solution is a game changer for the 77% of Generations X,Y,Z who have crooked teeth but can't access or afford current orthodontic treatment options.

Orthodontists get to leverage their time, work flexibly and earn more money supervising new patients through a scalable virtual clinic on the app.

Viable: There is a perfect investor for your startup, our goal at Viable is to help you find it. A correct match is often times the crucial point that allows for a startup to survive and move successfully from one investment round to the next.

  • CLIMATE-KIC start ups

Aquaponics: Aquaponics is the food production technique that combines aquaculture with hydroponics (plant cultivation on water), in a closed and dynamic system where fish waste nourishes plants, which in return purify water for fish to grow healthily.

Black Block: Black Block is a system that collects temperature and humidity data through sensors. This data is analyzed in real time, by an automatic program that controls all the equipment, in order to stabilize the drying environment parameters at optimal levels and thus achieve a quality drying performance with maximum energy savings, it IoT and saves all drying data for later analysis

Go Parity: GoParity is a platform for sustainable energy projects investment (renewable and energetic efficient) that promote the access to opportunities and shared benefits.

Pavnext: PAVNEXT consists of an equipment to implement in the road pavement surface of speed reduction areas, where vehicles need to dissipate energy to reduce their speeds, that is able to harvest vehicle’s kinetic energy and with a very high conversion efficiency transforms it into electrical energy, which can be injected into the grid or used locally in electrical applications as road illumination or traffic light signs, being more relevant if connected to the urban micro grids.

Optishower: An Integrated solution that helps hotels achieve operation excellence, decrease water and electricity consumption, and ensuring the highest levels of guest satisfaction. For more information visit the company’s website.

Space Layer Tecnologies: is a sensor observation of urban life project, that s based on reliable, inexpensive and georeferenced air quality sensors. The boxes sensors are installed in moving vehicles, mapping dynamical the city.

Go Clean - Talent Molecule: is a filtering unit as a product for water purification. Unlike the traditional water cleaning technologies, this filtering unit is optimized for lowest cost, zero energy consumption, no water waste and high speed.


Mário Murteira Auditorium is in Building 1 (Sedas Nunes) of ISCTE, floor 0, rigth next to AE (Student Union) Bar.

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ISCTE - Lisbon University Institute, Lisbon, Portugal - Auditorium Mário Murteira



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