Beyond Safety Compliance Monthly Series

Beyond Safety Compliance Monthly Series

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Beyond Safety Compliance will be running webinars monthly (3rd Wed) with guests, breakout rooms, and prizes!

About this event

After the Let's Take a Look at Work series, Joe Drago suggested that the webinar continue in a slightly different format. This is the result of this collaboration!

On the 3rd Wednesday of each month for 75 min, Beyond Safety Compliance will partner with a speaker and each will present their perspective on an aspect of work for 15 mins. Breakout rooms will follow, wrapping up with collective sharing and door prizes!

Make sure you sign up for an experience that is sure to enhance your learning, expand your network, allow you to engage in meaningful discussion, and perhaps win a prize. Treat yourself mid-week once a month to learn, participate, and root for your name on the wheel!

Current Partner: Margaret Dennis

Topic for Sept 21 2022: Grief

Grief follows when we encounter loss of someone / something precious to us, yet we all experience grief differently. It can be very awkward to encounter someone who has grief, as we are often at a loss for words, and are tempted to give advice akin to “you’ll get over it”. Grief is a human experience we find difficult to navigate when we are in it, and prickly to deal with when someone else is experiencing it. Come, learn and share a few different perspectives on grief.

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See what others have said about Let’s Take a Look at Work:

This series balanced humor, logic, and new directions of thinking with multiple examples and sources that added to the validity of the topics. The icing on the cake was the conversations after the presentations, with many participants engaging with the group by adding their personal takes and experiences to the conversation. I came out of the experience with new connections, new knowledge, new resources, and a new perspective in several areas of thought. Looking forward to the next one!

- Andy Stevenson

Your session was interesting and cannot wait to attend the rest. I am so glad I got to know about this and yourself as well :) You should do these trainings in Universities and Collages (maybe one day!).

- Zara Hafid

Great presentation. I always find nuggets of gold in every talk you give. Thanks for sharing your considerable knowledge.

- Jason Hunter

Sending a big thank you! I got so much out of the session. I’m looking forward to the next one!

- Laura Faccone

Thank you Tanya, really enjoyed the presentation and I look forward to looking deeper into the links you provide as well.

- Gordon Walsh

Thank you very much, Tanya! Really enjoyed your presentation and yesterday and the discussion. I thought it was a wonderful overview and explanation of several key topics, and I learned some new things along the way. You’re a great presenter – it’s clear you are really passionate about these topics!

- Esteban Tristan

I really enjoyed your talk today. I admire and appreciate your enthusiasm and passion for the topic. You are an incredible communicator! I am looking forward to next week's talk. Great job!

- Mike Phillips

Thanks Tanya. I really appreciate this session and keeping people engaged. Your enthusiasm is fantastic.

- Travis Robertson

Thanks again for this wonderful session! Highly recommend others to sign up, and scratch beyond the surface of typical compliance-driven thought processes.

- Spiros Lenis

So very thought provoking Tanya! 4 really good sessions delivered with passion. Each of the 4 session took a different look at work, not your normal look at work but very different perspectives. Each session left me with much to reflect on. Thank you Tanya!

- Phillip Harris

This is a thought provoking presentation to help you self assess.

- Anonymous

Thanks for hosting this event. Thanks again for being a thought leader in this area and taking the time to share your experiences and findings. Enjoyable.

- Hans Loeffelholz

Very worthwhile sessions and good information! Thanks Tanya!

- Paul Hader

Thank you - it was a great session x

- Lynne Williams

Thank you Tanya for all of the great presentations, especially the cool videos today! I got so much insight that has allowed me to engage in continuous learning and growth these past few weeks. Looking forward to seeing your content in the future!

- Shelja Garg

Tanya Hewitt is prolific online presenter who churned our 4 amazing sessions in 4 weeks!! WOW!!!

- Robert Manolson

You did another great job on this presentation Tanya. It was my pleasure to attend. All the very best.

- Stephen Whiteley

Thanks Tanya, The series was time well spent. I truly appreciated your insight into what makes people and organizations tick. Knowing this is key to being able to influence change.

- Jean Pierre Mainville

Once again another jam-packed session filled with thought-provoking insights. Look forward to future endeavours put together by Tanya!!!

- Robert Volkman


Thank you for your extensive research and power-packed webinars! And I connected with several like-minded, passionate safety professionals who participated in your webinars via LinkedIn.

Most appreciative,

- Joe Drago

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