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Capital of the Nazis in World War 2, Berlin still holds many scars, buildings, and historical sights from the worst war the world has ever s

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Join our expert guides on our Berlin Third Reich Tour: Sites & History of World War Berlin.

When you consider the turbulent history of Berlin, considering its relatively young age, none of the chapters of its story are darker than that of the Nazi Period. And on this Unique tour, we will cover it all, pre-war Nazi Berlin and the events in Berlin coinciding with the ebbs and flows of the Second World War, Hitler’s dream for Berlin, the Germania Project and the shattered reality of the city post-war.

Visiting one of the still extant Hoch Bunkers we will learn about the Heavy Bomber air-raids raids on Berlin and how the nazi authorities and military countered it. And we will retrace the footsteps of the Soviet Soldiers as they raced to raise the Soviet Flag above the Reichstag under a hail of fire.

Our Berlin World War Third Reich Tour Visits:

  • Brandenburg Gate & The Reichstag
  • Air-raid bunker
  • Moltekebrücke
  • Soviet War Memorial in Tiergarten
  • Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe
  • Luftwaffe HQ, Hitlers Bunker, & SS Gestapo HQ
  • Battle Sites, Hidden City Scars
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