Benefit Coaching Call for Pulse Shooting Victim's Fund

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Soul of Selling - How to invite people into your big, beautiful purpose.

A Benefit Coaching Call for the Pulse Shooting Victims Fund with Andrea Leda and Michael Knouse

During this 90-minute call, we want you to step into your brilliance! And we will coach you through it.

  • How do you sell your purpose?
  • Are you allowed to?
  • What good can earning more money do for others?
  • How do you approach sales and receiving money?
  • How do you move fear aside and made bold requests of your clients and customers?
  • Is money spiritual? Can it be?
  • How can you feel worth what you want?
  • And more.

Let Andrea Leda and Michael Knouse support your vision and help you play big and in doing so we can give support to the families affected by the recent events in Orlando, Florida. Now is the time for heart-centered leadership to take hold and for business to be an amplifier for good!

Please note: This is a GROUP coaching call. Once registered you will receive a confirmation with the call details.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to the Pulse Shooting Victim's Fund + Equality Florida.

If we raise $500, Andrea will match it!

About Andrea Leda

Andrea Leda is a sought-after coach, teacher, intuitive, and spiritual leader. She specializes in shifting inner limits and removing negative patterns that keep one from success and joy in both their life and purpose. She leads her clients through experiences and methods to reach their fullest potential, and to own the mantra, “We don’t interact with our world by watching it, we create our world by how we see it.”

About Michael Knouse

Michael is the founder of The Startup Sessions podcast and coaches brilliant entrepreneurs who are ready to take off and soar with ease. In his own words – “The Startup Sessions is dedicated to the art of aligning meaningful and purpose-driven work with financial security. This idea was born of my own desire and interest to create a meaningful project outside of my day job. It’s really about exploring the possibilities of creating your life’s work…and doing it in a way that’s sustainable and gives you the greatest chance at succeeding.”

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