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Full Life Chiropractic

153 Madison Avenue

Haworth, NJ 07641

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Bellydance and Herbal Wisdom for Cultivating Creativity

Once a Month Bellydance and Herbal Wisdom Mini Workshop for Women

March Theme is Balance

This is a event donation to benefit the Oasis.
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Bellydance Creative Infusion is a two part evening. The event starts with movement and ends with an herbal wisewoman talk. Learn simple practices that anyone can infuse into their daily routine. Charge your internal batteries and support your regenerative healing with Bellydance movements that EVERY Body can do then sit in circle with a cup of herbal infusion and meet herbal allys for vitality and creativity.

Secrets from Behind the Veil Bellydance is a unique dance experience, blending movement from Bellydance, Taoist energy healing techniques and interpersonal communication theory. Each class is about nurturing individual self mastery at listening to our own INNER knowing, self healing practices through energy moving techniques and functional movement. Learn how to listen to what your body is telling you by opening up blocks. Be more in tune with your own rhythms through the practice of movement and dance for your own pleasure. The movement part of the evening will include a combination of solo exercises, partner and group exercises and plenty of opportunity for spontaneous personal expression.

The second half of the evening, sip herbal infusion and introduction to plants that support and inspire each theme. Learn how to recognize the plant in the wild, the physical and emotional healing benefits and what the WiseWoman means when she speaks about a plant ally. Nature is a great teacher. This class will be an interactive lecture and demonstration introducing you to the practice of communicating with nature through the everyday alchemy of herbal infusions, tinctures and healing salves.

When life is full and the "to do list" keeps you busy, it is easy to become rundown and tired because we forget to put ourselves on the list.

Admit it, it is hard to feel creative when energy is low and we are looking to that cup of coffee to give us that boost of energy.

Secrets from Behind the Veil Bellydance is a unique dance experience, blending Bellydance moves with Taoist energy healing, functional movement and improvisational movement. These methods work in concert to develop mastery of INNER knowing.

Keeping our internal batteries working to maximum capacity for ultimate health to live our lives to the fullest takes on going daily practices. Learn skills and practices that you can take with you and add into your day.

Secrets from Behind the Veil gives you practical knowledge that you can easily apply to your daily routines.

In addition to improving grace, balance and self confidence, this interactive movement experience will introduce you to the core of pelvic self care and simple practices that anyone can add to their wellness routines to enhance vitality, reduce stress, and smile more.

The evening will include:

- Language of body movement

- Posture and alignment for the spine

- Core practices to connect to intuition

- Bellydancing for strengthening the core and pelvic floor

This class is appropriate for all ages and stages.

Workshop content is appropriate for age 18 and up.

Dress comfortably for movement. Bring a mat or pillow to sit on

$10.00 Suggested Donation

Donations will benefit the Oasis-A Haven for Women and Children, located in Paterson NJ.

Lisa Myla Sandhusen, Community Herbalist and Professional Bellydance instructor, shares with you the insights that she has gained from dancing through two pregnancies, illnesses, life changes, and menopause. Lisa lectures at conferences and brings the joy of dance to all ages and stages. Learn how this art form can add to your own wellness practices in simple, functional ways.

Dr. Victoria Dubin-Master

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Date and Time


Full Life Chiropractic

153 Madison Avenue

Haworth, NJ 07641

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